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    Lol I don’t think that will happen, but yes some of us are vampires 😂
  3. What We're up to

    If they don't give us something I think there will be riots in the streets.....I hope it doesn't come to that, most of us don't get much sun and might catch fire if we go outdoors lol
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  5. What We're up to

    E3 is like two weeks away..hopefully we get something good as we’ve been very patient for a year now. Thanks for the update though
  6. What We're up to

    To stream a live event like that requires a very professional set up. You need to capture live audio, multiple video feeds and multiple cameras. By no means easy. We're still working out the details.
  7. New mounts

    For me it would be a no. I kind of like the fact that its animals that can be ridden in real life that are used for mounts. I think more creatures would be a little overkill,
  8. New mounts

    I think it would to add some more mounts like wolves, big cats, some sea creature etc. If yes, what would you like to see?
  9. Costumes?

    How do costumes work and do they enhance gameplay?
  10. Swimming?

    Can you swim in bdo?
  11. What's your favorite class and why?
  12. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    I doubt it will hurt them, the place they are having the presentation at is right next to the e3 venue. I know Nintendo have used the same venue in the past at e3
  13. Will there be hard copies for sale?

    If BDO is even trying to compete with ESO as the better console MMO they'll more than likely need to have hard copies to boost sales. Alongside needing to have as many regions aa possible available at launch. That's just my view on it though.
  14. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    I hope MS not actually having an e3 venue doesn't mess up the amount of people that attend their showcase. As long as BDO gets another reveal with more details I'll be pleased.
  15. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    No but I know they have a booth at e3. It’s on the e3 website with their floor plan. They are in the concourse hall. It’s confusing though because Microsoft doesn’t even have a floor at the e3 venue. I heard they are having their show at the Microsoft theater this year. Hopefully they have a trailer like last year during the Xbox show and a release date at the end of it. And then the meet and greet to discuss anything
  16. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    PA confirmed for being there? If so awesome!
  17. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    The Xbox briefing is on the 10th so only 14 days away
  18. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    16 days til e3 we will see
  19. The back and forth has gone on for quite a bit without anything really being said.
  20. Yesterday
  21. It will because its a online mmo and people would use it for the wrong purposes. If it was a single player game then it would just pause the game. Imagine you going ham on someone and they just pull out their batteries
  22. meh you know that my post never centered about batteries i came up with it cos the controller lost the signal to the console even with full battery it appears rare but if its happening in the wrong moment youre screwed you wont get anything out of it by telling your guild to disconnect their controllers tho cos they will just stand there idle gettin farmed like manshas and than dc after 10 sec also solo grind > group grind cos you dont share the exp and keep the trash loot for yourself (unless you p2w into t4 pets and vacuum it all) but this is my opp ofc is it rly that hard to approve of a feature you can ignore by leaving it deactivated in options that causes no harm to your gameplay experience which offer players who enjoy playing with wireless controller a safer way of grinding having to explain the same stuff over'n over again is tiring
  23. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    I meant sadly in your case since you don’t know if you’d be able to download it/buy it in Australia
  24. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    "The game is not going to be FTP sadly" that's a good thing not sadly
  25. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    The game is not going to be FTP sadly, a benefit of an MMO costing money is that there would be a reduced population in bots
  26. Will there be hard copies for sale?

    I don’t see a reason why they wouldn’t have a hard copy of BDO, even ESO had a physical copy you can buy. It’s not like its a free to play game.
  27. HP REGEN LMAO. also.. hes not considered the worlds best sorc at all... thats your opp. Why waste time grinding solo when he barely has gear and its 10 times slower? lol. Its a group area, first one in bdo. Its designed for the adds to die within seconds and loot drops for everyone. Why would you expect to survive? Also your gear is VERY low so of course youll die fast.. your barely geared for Valencia, only efficient to do half of it. xbox doesnt use bluetooth... Either way, if your not smart enough to change your batteries when it pops up then die. Youll learn next time to be better prepared. Games all about risk vrs reward. If you find you have issues... stay at sausans. even in tri you wont die ina battery change lol. Also, if this is ever implemented im having my entire guild unplug controller between pas... js.
  28. Best solo and group pvp class?

    Ranger not so good anymore as it struggles desperately since the nerf. Mystic is weak, sustained damage and tanky but very low damage. And the poor valks... they have no damage at all after last patch lmao. Strikers are jokes pretty much now to, theyve been nerfed so hard. DKS need 520gs and above to be relevant. Of course everything matters less with class choice after 240-250 ap
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