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  2. Finishing first part of Valencia quest like will grand you few 20 fail stacks, few 30 fail stacks, and one 50 fail stack. Every time you do it on another character.
  3. Yep were always looking for more people to join our community. It's been a good run so far, we've been running guild missions every day and bosses a couple times a week trying to get livertos to as many of our ppl as possible. Lots of new members recently too, so let me just say, welcome all! Also, Windo is crazy.
  4. I don’t see a single good reason why you would pick up on my English. If you are too lazy to google “cron stone price change” then why the F are you even still on it? I have stated a fact, truth, and you are still being a little bit** trying to prove people wrong. Can you please stop?
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  6. PS4: EU Sever Character Name: Meetra_Surik Family Name HereToPumpYa Purchase and payments have been made but have not receive my pearl box and have check all inventorys.
  7. The lie detector test determined this was a lie....
  8. We have had an awesome start to the game! Welcome to all our new members. Come join a great community and have fun times!
  9. Yeah mate reblath is a total joke. The amount of times it pops under 5fs is a complete joke. Is the item you're enhancing a boss item?
  10. We're on PS4 I sent you a message on PSN
  11. I dont use cron stones so I always have to keep doing g 20 stacks back up to duo on alts which is no problem. I just feel like using crons before tet or pen is redundant and a waste even in my situation. I'm saving crons for tet and pens. Also when I see my failstack alt hit +15 reblath with a 2% 0 fs and I have done 5 on 40%+ on tri. Teeth grind.....cry..
  12. Henlo, I am WindoLickingGood, and you should join us, we have the tastiest windows to lick.
  13. I would definitely be keeping that stack mate you'll regret using it further down the line. I know how frustrating it can be though and I've actually used high stacks when I should have probably saved them. I've gotten 2x120 stacks doing TETs. In hindsight I should have saved them I think, but I was always just like okay 1 more try and if it fails I save it.
  14. Once you hit 55 you can do the Valencia questline. It has 2 parts, but you only need to do the first part which takes a few hours (first time doing it takes longer, but then you skip a lot of quests doing it with alts). The questline will reward you with various nice things such as concentrated stones, awakening blue weapons, weapon force enhance stones, gold & the most important thing valks scrolls. You get 1x50 3x30 5x20 for doing the quest line. When you click on the scroll it adds 50 fail stack on your character assuming you have 0 fail stacks. You can add 10 more by using valks cry if you have them giving you a 60 stack. This is the method most people will use to do TET attempts. The best thing about it is that you can do it as many times as you like. Best thing is to make a load of alts of the same class as you main character. During events and stuff you can get combat XP books or you can buy them from the loyalty shop. Put the book on all characters (book doesn't run out when logged out)and try to do at least 1 a week and stock up the scrolls. Once they're all 55 you can just delete them and start again. You'll probably be getting some decent XP events soon which is really nice when you combine all other available XP buffs in game. It makes lvling alts to 55 really fast, like just over 2 hours solo or approx 1 hour if you get a friend to boost you to 55.
  15. Also I lucked out got 35 on reblath used 10 valk crystal to get to 45. The rest is all concentrated weapon stones
  16. Although we don't have t8's in game the CM were under the impression that we did have them awhile back but we came to find out they are in game but only disabled due to optimization issues. I've never gotten a breed result low enough to confirm a multiple that low. From all my breeds it appears to be around 12. T5s can yield a t8 at multiple 13 or 14 and that's my main concern right now. I have a bunch of t5s I want to breed but don't want to if it's a little higher than I think it is.
  17. Right now I'm at 48.75% as now I'm at 68 fail stack now because I tried it a few more times. Thank you for the info it's just hard looking at a solid stack and it keeps failing rng aside bad luck
  18. I had same issue, was my controller. The sensor inside got dirty.
  19. Can make a ticket on the black desert + app I found that easier.
  20. Troxx

    Witch is best

    Is wizard not good ?
  21. i know how they work, but this isn't it [wish our boats came with lanterns]
  22. Bumpasaurus Rex: Room for a few more. Experienced or not, come get in on the action.
  23. Ah, I've not played other versions. Didn't know about that Valencia loop. So if I am taking your meaning, part of that loop gives a high Failstack? Sounds reasonable to run it then.
  24. I even stated on the original post that I wasn't sure if this change was already implemented on PS4. It was only to highlight the fact that the material value of a costume doubled. You specifically stated that the price has always been 2m on PC when it obviously hasn't. Maybe it's always been that price since you have played, which now makes me think you actually have no solid PC experience, as that patch was implemented in January this year Since you're so adamant on wanting evidence about this change here's a link to a response from a community manager on the forum's discussing the change with a direct letter from Black Desert executive producer. https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/dev-letter-cron-stone.382091/ It's a forum mate not a university thesis! If all you have left is to nit pick at peoples grammar then you've obviously lost this discussion yet again. You're a f**king noob and nothing is going to change that. You can pretend all you like that you know everything about this game but it's been proven time after time you know nothing & all you do is give arrogant responses that hold no value.
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