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  2. Sounds like you made yours first 😁 They both look great so hopefully we both win.
  3. サーバー:AS 家名/キャラクター名:NO_RE /Gamira スクリーンショットを共有しましたSNSのURL https://twitter.com/no_re1007/status/1280827944336646145?s=21
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  5. made mine right after servers went back up but couldn't be bothered posting it straight away lol definitely.
  6. Omg! We’re definitely on the same wavelength, I didn’t copy I swear 😁 I actually created it a few days ago but couldn’t figure out how to post the pic 😂
  7. Region: NA Family/Character Name: Snowlike/Askaari Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Post Link:
  8. yeah either that or he took a look at the forums beforehand lol. 2-3day difference between post anything can happen 😅
  9. EU Family Name: Alco Character Name: ItzAsh https://twitter.com/Itz_Alco/status/1282818076615094272?s=20
  10. Character Name: CrossTail Family Name: Untold Region: EU https://twitter.com/MythicOrHardy/status/1282827394508890121?s=19
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  12. Server: NA Family name: ThePotato Character name: ImHo_Tepp
  13. Bueno, does the devs even check this forum?
  14. Region: EU Family Name: Vaal Charakter Name: Zoorb Twitter Link:
  15. Region : EU Family/Character Name : Tsamp / Venant Twitter link:
  16. Region: EU Family/ Character Name: Kar/ Shahriyar https://twitter.com/te1itsa/status/1282775934630801413?s=20
  17. Region: NA Family/Character Name: Thoreaux/Nathyla Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Post Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCl67f9HmRo/?igshid=1ghc43j7o331z
  18. We have cron meals yet... What can we now complain about... 🤔
  19. Thanks for the help! I can do Text in game now!~
  20. Still have not had a reply This Service is a joke
  21. Haha o.o you and @Setherax must been on same wave of creation haha. scary!
  22. Premature farm reset. My bf farm reset prematurely he missed one day and ot was gone.
  23. Hi, i just came back to the Game 3 days ago, and i've been killing kzarka since then without getting any Loot (4 times now tbh).. Ive never had this problem before (i used to play before crossplay), not playing on crossplay Servers ATM, but still not getting anything from the boss, not even the fragments.. i'll post a video of it as proof.
  24. How do I enter into General Chat using an Xbox One? Is there a guide or tutorial for using Chat in Black Desert when playing from an Xbox One? I cant even find/figure out how to open the chat box to begin to type anything! Help! Thanks!
  25. Region: NA Family & Character Name: Jinchurukii/SixthKazekage https://twitter.com/xAzgardXx/status/1282470582949478403?s=20
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  27. Región : PS4 EU Family : TryHardGoPro Mane Char : ThN_Karma
  28. Look's like pc Shai are having the same issue. Just going to post what pc shai have been saying. Pretty sad that both platforms are seeking help for shai but am unsure if we will see a change Current Issues as a Shai Player: -Being labelled/forced to be a "life class" is quite insulting. The class has no relevant life skill bonuses. -Being "forced" into building DP for pvp just to function, because of lack of comparable damage and very slow animations is annoying. Shai is currently the only class all but forced into building 2 sets of gear to play the entirety of the game. There isn't much relevant pve where a support is super necessary, so limiting shai in pvp arbitrarily is just unfair. We'd all like to experience the game as much as everyone else. -Being bullied off of spots or simple out of gathering, for no fault of our own, is also not fun. -Limited overall speed and mobility is incredibly annoying and holds the class back from doing the most mundane content. -Limited active impact of buffs and actions in general, outside of a few niche things, makes the class feel less important than it is/should be. What I'd like to see design wise: -Overall speed/flow/mobility DRAMATICALLY improved. -Slightly more pvp damage, while still being considerably lower than other classes. Something like 75% of their DPS, with the caveat of requiring a few songs rolling. -More felt impact of actions, less passive effects. Even as little as just more movement would help that a ton, more trickle healing, more short term impact. As a player I want to KNOW I'm doing something. -Heals Standardized to scale more like Casters/Valk heals I think we are on the same page, that shai is NOT a simple Life Skill character that has no business being anywhere near anysort of combat. The only skills that have anything to do with lifeskill are: Gathering/Alchemy Whiz and Joy of Gathering/Alchemy. And we start with Prof. 1 in Gathering and Alchemy. So that means we get 5% more Gathering/Alchemy EXP and gain 300% Combat EXP from those Lifeskills. And there is “Gather Around! which is a PvE pull and most likely designed for pulling animals to her, so she can gather them better. (But that's not an exclusive Lifeskill skill) All of those EXP Buffs are rather small and insignificant. On the other side we have quite a few PvE skills that deal a good amount of dmg to mobs and make us decent grinders in most endgame spots. For the PvP Part. If Shai was merely a Lifeskill exclusiv Character and not meant for PvP (as the PvP dmg reduction may suggest) then why do we have only Combat Skills/Buffs/Debuffs in our Talent kit? As Buffs we have: Do it Better!: +30 AP for 30sec, +5%dmg on all special attacks to max 10 allies Sun, Moon, Stars: +5% (+10% when maxed) Attack/Casting/Movement Speed for 30sec to max 10 allies Time to Shine!: +3% (+4,5% when maxed) Black Spirit Rage Recovery Shout to the Sky: +700 max HP (+1500 when maxed) and +40 (+500 when maxed) HP recovery to max 10 allied. Summer Rain: +20% (+40%) All Debuff Resistance to max 10 allies As Debuffs we have: Misty Haze: -10% Evasion and -10% DP for 20s to nearby enemies Delusive Light: -50% Critical Hit Rate and -10% Movement Speed for 20sec to nearby enemies As Attack Skills we have: Forest’s Echo: Stiffness Field Sun’s Fury: 1093% x7 Dmg and -20% Attack/Casting/Movement Speed for 10sec (on Tet sol) Earth's Tremble: 1003% x7 Dmg and Stun on good hits So nothing in out whole second skill kit is for any sort of lifeskills. Its all combat skills and concentrated around supporting your allies with buffs and weakening ur enemies with debuffs. So if you look at all the skills of Shai you will see one thing: In Florange stance she is a PvE with a speciality in Lifeskills. But her Talent kit is a mostly PvP focused style with small Buffs for PvE. Shais Problems in PvP I am sure there are AP Shais out there that do small scale and 1v1 with their Shai, but that's not I am concentration on. Let's look at the problems DP Shai get to face in PvP. She is slow. Sure, we have Hop III and can cancel it with LMB to get a lot faster, but not for long. We run out of stamina fast with that way of movement. There is no normal way to sprint if you don't want to put away your weapon and we don't have any other movement skill. This leads to Shais running after their team unprotected and slow after stamina runs out. Or even worse, running into a fight without any stamina left. No engagement/disengagement skill. If your Team engages into an enemy zerg its hard to follow up without just running unprotected to the enemy and then starting with your protected skills. But even more problematic is, that there is almost no way to get out of a fight, if you team is dead or disengages. If you are in one of the Drum Skills you can't move and as soon as you drop the skill you are on the ground because the animation is long and unprotected. If you were in a Lute skill you can try to walk out but that's to slow and will get you killed. So you can only use Tuc-and-Roll (SA) and Hop III (I-frame) to try to get out far enough and then sprint away. Not a good way to survive. You could also use the skill “Play Dead” and hope that the enemies think you are a graphical glitch, because the skill may have an i-frame in the animation, but not on the ground. The music animations are slow. If you try to buff your team before you engage and want to use all the buffs (all 4 talent buffs and Do it Better!) you would need around 12-15 sec to get them all out because the animations take forever. You can try to rotate the Buffs all the time so you only need to use the AP buff before an engage, but when you are on the move its almost impossible to get them out, because the animation is even slower when you move. The animations of the lute skills are unprotected until the moment music plays. Also a slow animation especial when you need to use the skill close to the enemy because you move to slow while playing the lute to get into debuff range without getting CCed. The chances to get CCed before the SA effect applies or beeing way to far away and to slow moving to apply the Debuff to your enemies. Her heals are bad. Shai is a Supporter in a Zerg. She is supposed to heal. Her “big” heal is +700 x3 tickes (2100 HP in Xsec) with 1m30s CD, her small heal is not even a heal, but +200 HP recovery over 60sec and her Rabam heal heals 350 HP every 7 seconds and follows allies around (and is killable pretty fast). Also, all of those heals are unprotected. If you look at the heals from wichards you look at % heals. One 20%x3 heals with only 30sec cd, the same again as rabam heal and another smaller single heal with 20% with 10s cd. No block. Shais don't have a Q or a S Block. So while waiting to use our protected Lute skills (you don't want to have CDon those when you need them) they can just stand around, buff unprotected or spam Florang skills with FG/Sa. With our bubble skill we have most likely have the job to guard a bottleneck and the timing needs to be right. That's kinda hard if you need to spam protected skills, don't want to be stuck in a music animations or can hide behind a wall. The bubble. Its literal the only skill that has friendly fire on it. So you can not only block the enemy with it, but also your own team. That would be ok, if the bubble was more visible. But atm you cant even see the effect. So, are you in a bubble or is it just rubberbanding that locks you in place? The other problem is, that you are complet unprotected in the bubble. You have SA but that doesn't protect you from grabs and even less for random dmg coming your way. If you catch enough people in the bubble you will get killed before your bubble would go down. Last but not least: She dies way to fast. In a 1v1 matchup or against lower AP she might feel tanky, but in Endgame PvP content against 300ap+ players, she feels like paper. She might not be onehit, but for a full DP class she dies way to fast. How to fix those problems There are different ways to fix the class. One would be to give shai a succession and make that have no pvp dmr reduction and give her a few more skills to work with. So she could be a “normal” meta class in succession style. Maybe even buff her lifeskill talents to give a % Chance for gathering procs (like the Hedgehog) and maybe a permanent -time to alchemy. The Talent Tree would be for full Support Playstyle and would get a few changes for it as well. But those changes would be rather extreme but also very effective to fix Shai. As I don't think, that such a extreme change will happen, let's look what could change without turning the whole class upside down. Give shai a ability to use no or less stamina while sprinting. Also don't auto-activate Hob III so we can sprint without using it while still in weapon stance. So she would be a lot faster while not using up all her stamina before a fight. Also give her a movement skill like surfing on her florang. Let this skill be protected with SA or i-frame to also give us and in and out of fights. Make the animation faster. It should not matter if you move or stand still. As soon as the skill is activated the buff/debuff should be applied. The SA effect of the lute songs should apply as soons as the animation starts, not with the music. Give Shai the best heals ingame. She is the only full support class we have, so she should be the best support. Make the big heal 30% max HP in 3 ticks. Make the small not only HP recovery but also heal 30% HP The Rabam heal should heal 20% max HP all 7s and the heal light should have the same DP as the shai has to survive longer. It also should preferably follow the shai caster instead of everyone else. Or instead be a static healfield that heals 5-10% max HP every 7sec for allies standing in it for 30s on the ground instead of following someone. Give Shai at least a S-block. Take the bubble out of the game and give Shai the PA of Witchards instead. (Make the Wichard PA into a personal PA only) Otherwise at least make the bubble better visible, and change the debuff in it into -50% ap while in the bubble. Even better would be to transfer it from a bubble into a wall in front of the shai casting it. Let the debuff light of the skill “Over there!” not be killable or at least way harder to kill it. Give Shai a passive skill that buffs her base evasion and damage reduction. Also give her a proper evasion offhand like the Tadd offhands of Ninja/Kuno and let us put garmoths heart on green offhands. I'm sure there are a lot more things that should be done for the grinding abilities or small scale fighting shais...but I can't say to much about that. I play a 490DP evasion meta Shai in Sieges and large Nodewars, and this are the things that would make Shai better for her role in that setting.
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