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  2. I did but i rather have pop ins. If you play eso you'll get hit with random loading screens, in pvp its death, and in pve it might be an "unusually long load time"
  3. Dova

    Help me CM Simon

    Many people won't be able to buy the game if the store is limited to two main regions (myself included). PA gets more profits doing it and more people get to play the game honestly it's a win win we just need confirmation on if it'll happen or not.
  4. Daniel

    Help me CM Simon

    Personally it doesn't matter for me which store. We just need EU based server for a chance for good ping... NA were **** in beta for people outside the country
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  6. Namus

    Help me CM Simon

    I live in a country where salary is even smaller and we also pay same price as US and 1st tier EU countries. Life is not fair.
  7. Dova

    Help me CM Simon

    U think I want to pay less?? I've been waiting to buy the founders version of BDX and still it hasn't been announced. Incase you aren't aware currency exchange rates can make loads of things more expensive. If this game doesn't come out on the Australian store I'll be paying way more money due to exchange rates. So you think me asking for the game on my store so I can buy it at a normal price compared to a scenario where I have to pay more including pearl shop items at launch is me trying to buy the game cheaper. I don't mind having to play NA servers Australians do this in literally every mmo. Read someone's post before you reply with such ignorance honestly.
  8. Rocketfuel77777

    Help me CM Simon

    I live in Poland and we earn roughly 4 times less than Germany, UK, France, etc. and we have the same retail prices for games and hardware like Xbox One X. This means I have spent 4 times more savings to get my console or any game I have ever bought than my fellow gamers in 1st tier European countries. Is it fair? C'est la vie! Perhaps stick to the Korean version of BDO which is F2P on PC.
  9. Namus

    Help me CM Simon

    If we where to live in a perfect world then sure. What he wants is to play US/EU version and pay a lot less than other players. If he wants to pay less then he should wait for localized version/servers if they ever do come. If they lowered price on RU store (while also enabling access to US/EU servers from there) then what would happen is everyone would just download BDX from RU store and pay 80% less.
  10. Bear

    Help me CM Simon

    Pricing varies in regions because they need to fit the economical climate of that country. The Hong Kong marketplace, for example, is usually much cheaper, but that is appropriate for the way their economy operates. Minimum wage there, after all, is around $30-$40 HKD, which is around £3-£4 GBP. If a game isn't released in that territory, and they have to buy it from a different marketplace, it really can be much more expensive.
  11. Astolti

    OBT issues I encountered.

    First let me say this I had a great time playing the game and to discover that the class I disliked cuz of the control's on PC was the one that worked for me the best to play on the console for them wondering its a witch. Now to the issues I encountered: These are not bug's but thing's I'd like to have be reworked/upgraded and all of them are for the introduction of BDO's combat. 1st there was a quest trying out your skills and some of the rotas *basics of them, I found it hard to rap my head around despite pressing the right buttons but still not getting any wear as despite pressing the right things it did not accept it thus Id suggest getting a small animated controller showcasing the buttons you have to press that would help to understand what is you want me to do. It probably would be a 2 sided animated or recorded video of sorts showcasing top and front side of the key's to see clearly what would be needed to be pressed this is as well tho for a mouse and a keyboard on the PC version what does help a lot. *Keep in mind I'm a PC player coming to a Console and this was my very first experience playing a game on this platform. 2nd would be the lack of the info bar regarding your basic skill's + combo's on screen, now I dont know if that was intentional or if that would be a section for the UI as a optional change but the fact that it was missing made me almost each time fighting a higher tear mob or the summoned mini bosses to a oufluff situations what was my heal how to dodge or teleport fluff what is my biggest hitting skill, moments this is available on the PC version but but for some reason we did have how to do basic things to open menus what was hax not needed from me on them moments. I'd suggest to if you want to keep it to have a transition from one to another: none combat we have our how to access or do basic things on the controller, in combat that changes to our basic skill + basic combo guide. 3rd would be the confusion regarding skill tree, as far as I know many ware not satisfied how you made the choice for it to look and I'd agree even or me it was confusing and to this day I still didn't figure it out so suggestion for that would be to get the old layout that did have the animations and the corresponding keyguid's but this I'd prefer to leave for the more experienced players to debate on. And lastly as many pointed out the lack of graphic adjustments but as far as I understand that is being already taken care off. That would be all the issues I had withe the game's current state thus far, I'd liked if I would have had more time to play it as I really had a good time doing so but all good things come to a end and this was that. All in all I'm excited for the release. Thank you all for your work thus far. Regards Astolti
  12. Namus

    Help me CM Simon

    How is it unfair your would be paying like everyone else? I guess you are used to having everything 80% cheaper compared to rest of the world.
  13. https://twitter.com/x22player22x/status/1062651847842979842
  14. sunstar

    I'd like to join your guild...but

    Why i wouldn't, learning the game and trying to do a guild be overload for me.
  15. Harming

    Launch Plans.

    *guide assumes we get similar content as the pc version in the calpheon area* Hello bdo xbox community. I fully believe that planning is one of the most important things you can do to get an edge in BDO. That being said I would like to share my launch plan (or at least the first part of it) to help out the community that may not know a good path to take while leveling. Leveling 1-50: ~ Efficiently 11-12 hours * follow the black spirit main quest as you level* *assuming you are using an accuracy offhand for grinding* Around level 18 you can grind scarecrows in the wheat fields south of Heidel After 18 move to AlRhundi's bandits until around 24-26. At 26 you can move to bloody monistray or red orcs until ~30. At 30 you can move under watch tower to 36-40 or to khruto caves untill ~36-38. If you stick to watchtower until 40 you can then move to Chimeras and grind them to 46-48. If your leaving khurutos at 36-38 id recommend grinding bird people to 40 then move to chimeras. At 46-48, depending on the amount of accuracy you have move to catfish men to finish up your grind to 50. Gearing: I would highly suggest going with Agerian gear to get started. * if we are given the "free gear" from questing like we were in BETA use this until you have your +5 agerian set. I would recommend you take this gear to +5. And stop there. Your ultimate bastiers weapon from the quest is decent until you can get a yuria weapon to +7 (these weapons can be bought in calpheon off the blacksmith by playing his amnity game). Feel free to enhance your yuria weapon all the way to +15 as you get the available resources. You will be using this untill you get your kzarka (dont fall for the liverto noob trap). If we get the "free" grind blue gear armor and accessories from the calpheon reigon farm these up. They will drop from Mansas / Rhutums / Catfishmen / and Treants. This set will give you decent armor and accessories untill you can farm better. I would suggest keeping this armor OR your +5 agerian up until the first Media expansion. Stockplie your armor /weapon blackstones and hunterseals . Wait for a steady flow of Heve / Grunil armor to come into the game before making a +15 set of armor. You will be weaker than most by doing this until the expansion but significantly ahead of the game once it hits. Farming: You will be looking to farm Marks of Shadows and Witch earrings to replace you "free" accessories . Witch earrings can be found far south of calpheon at the skeletons near the witch spawn. MOS can be found south of calpheon down a well by killing "dark knights". Continue upgrading your yuria weapon until it is +15. You can build failstacks on reblath gear bought from the velia blacksmith to save $ on buying more yuria's. Also continue working on a +15 off hand (saiyer / vangerts for zerk and war) / (steel dagger / jubre talismin for ranger / wiz / witch / and sorc). If you are sitting with your +15 main / off hand and the free blue armor or +5 agerian before Media expansion you have a few options. You can attempt to craft some pri MOS / Witch earrings, these are fairly easy to make at 15 failstacks. You can farm Serendia shrine for the fastest exp (push to level 55-56), this is also a good source of Muskan scrolls which may get you an early piece of boss gear if you hold onto the reward bundles. You can also farm more MOS / Witch earrings to sell to build up a surplus of silver. I would recommend you avoid the Troll / ogre ring noob trap as well. The chances of getting this drop in a timely manner are minuscule. These are my opinions and just a nice little track to follow if you dont know where to go or get stuck at some point. Hope this helps! ~Harming
  16. Ahh,I wasnt even aware there was hints, thought it was more of a crapshoot lol.
  17. I found him on the very last time he was hiding. The hint was something like: where the tree spirits live. I was trying to get to where I thought he was and ended up finding him. When I tried to add him to get into my party my game crashed 😂
  18. Curious where did you find him? That was one event I didnt even give a thought to trying.
  19. Harming

    Starting characters?

    The class release schedule is usually set by the marketing / sales department. On BDO re-rolling to new classes means a big source of extra income (selling new costumes , weight increases, bag space, ect). This is also why most classes are over-tuned for a month or 2 when they launch, to try to encourage re-rolls. If you go into the game knowing this though it makes it easier to just stick to your main and avoid the trap. (on a side not though I LOVE when new classes launch. If your playing smart and sticking to a main you can win some really cheap pre-orders on hard to obtain gear from other players re-rolling, it also sets you months ahead of the re-rolling players progress wise)
  20. Harming

    Did anyone else experience pop ins?

    This is present on even the best gaming PC"s. Youll begin to notice it much more when you get a high tier horse with drift / sprint / and i-accell. Moving Mach 2 into Calpheon the whole city will just appear around you. You get used to it though as you play.
  21. Fortune

    its over :(

    Great beta for sure. Didn't seem to be many bugs, I fully expect a full release within the next few weeks.
  22. AbyssProxy

    I'd like to join your guild...but

    Sunstar why don't you just make your own guild for new players and people that just want a friend circle and company? If your online alot you'd be the perfect person to manage your own dream guild.
  23. Jacs

    Random Name Generator

    Oh how I wish people did this more. Not a roleplayer or anything, it just breaks immersion seeing xXxDisturbed23xXx or something else ridiculous. Now BDO does a decent job hampering this. Watched one bdo streamer who tried everything to get his name, I was cheering silently everytime one of is ridiculous names got denied. No number or special characters helps a lot with this. I used always use a random name generator specific to the race of the character, keeping everything lore related and accurate in context. It really helps you feel like your character is part of the world.These days I have a rotation of names ill try mainly for warrior type characters. Otherwise back to the name generators. I also try to keep them short for other peoples convenience in chat, or if a longer name, have it abreviate down to something that looks and sound pleasing/not awkward. ie John/Johnathan Chris/Christopher. Similiar to that, but generally I dont pull names from English.
  24. CubicVariable42

    Disconnected from servers

    The beta ended 2 days ago.
  25. For the winners of the hide and seek event, yeah.
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