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  2. Would it be possible to create a ongoing betting 1v1 pvp tournament using in game currency and items for and others can bet on the match I can explain in more detail
  3. Usually while grinding on the pvp server for an hour I’ll get 50 black stones. But since the new events with 30% drop rate and on the pvp server instead of 50 I got 4. What’s going on??
  4. The Season of Richness is upon the denizens of Black Desert PS4! Head in game to feast upon the following events: Awaken Your Striker & Tamer The Art of Alchemy Daily Blood Frenzy Capotia Accessories Level Rewards Special Gift from Fairy Theiah & more! πŸ‚http://ow.ly/PaKi50xgq6u πŸ‚
  5. Please send me a direct message with the date you submitted a ticket, email address, and family name and I'll see if I can take a look at it. CM Valtarra
  6. Thank you for the feedback! I suggest submitting a ticket and I'll forward this to the devs. Thank you, CM Valtarra
  7. He never said to make it so people couldn't write what they wanted in it. He suggested a template with spots to fill in important info. I don't see a template paired with a spot to write a summary as a bad thing. CM Valtarra
  8. Thank you for the info! I sent this to the devs. CM Valtarra
  9. Yesterday
  10. Unless they changed something from the pc version. Exhausted, average and abundant relate to the amount of time it takes to hook a catch, not what you pull from the water.
  11. Energetic. Free spirited. Passionate.

    Stay positive, all other choices are pointless punishments to your psyche.

  12. https://forums.playblackdesert.com/index.php?/topic/1032-bug-reports This post sounds something different. btw. my job is done.
  13. Okay, thank you everyone for taking the time to check it out thoroughly and then following up with feedback, I will mention this to the devs today. Happy Wednesday! (depending where you live) CM Valtarra
  14. Ikr that's all this dude does is argue, im surprised he admitted you were right lol
  15. Ikr but hey these are the same people who gave us fishing boats that doesn't level sailing skills. New region but no caphras stones or alchemy stones, said t8s were in the game but aren't, haven't fixed invisible walls, people still dc on boss fights and can't load back in until its dead so they don't get anything, still missing valk/ kuno/ maewha. What's the next region Dreighan? Bet we don't see that until E3 2020 lol.
  16. Now I get it. Thank you very much!πŸ˜€
  17. I don't know about the cities i fish out in the world and get relics, i have 52 rn in my market storage. Of course i don't have to worry about getting ganked cause im 49 so if your 50 or up you might try fishing in calpheon city i know i seen guildie getting petals from there.
  18. It will come across your screen something like " Dastard Bheg is roaming the swamp terrorizing villagers" or something to that effect which means you go to that spot and hes there it takes a lot of people to kill them its like mini world boss. Just hit them once and wait for everyone to kill them, you can still get loot.
  19. Thank you for your answer. No I'm/we're not strong enough to fight a world boss. Sorry i still don't get it. What is a "notice head"?
  20. Field bosses have icons on the world map when you get the notice head to the icon on the map and battle them. If you mean zarka and the other world bosses they have icons to but most spawns 2 at a time so for instance zarka and kutum spawns same time so unless you are super fast you most likely can only get to one so you should pick one and head to it a few minutes early.
  21. Hello Friends πŸ˜€ When I play with my cousin online, we always see fieldbosses (sorry if the word is not correct. I play BDO on german version). But we never saw them appear on the field. We spended so much time looking for them. What are we doing wrong? How can we implore him/them? The reason why we want to beat them is, get some good equipment (we are level 30 at the moment) and to have fun. Thank you guys for your answers!!
  22. Thank you very much guys! You all helped me really alot!!πŸ˜€πŸ‘
  23. So i changed de spot to altinova and still did not get any relics... start to think it is event related and lets hope it is otherwise afk fishing is not gona be as profitable as before, at least not to me.
  24. No you don't stop lying. If you made 100m just in just over an hour then literally everyone would just hotspot fish because it would be the best hourly income in the game.
  25. 500k is an average I use. Grunts run 400k and depending on luck and run time. I might be the only guy who loads up on them to save time at sea.
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