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  2. Bnews757

    world boss was literally a mess

    Mine ran amazing no lag at all val1
  3. Squirrelz

    Quest: Honey for a Goblin Friend

    Xbox United States Alejandro farm node Start npc, Alby, give quest to get his friend some honey. To finish the quest you need to activate the node and send a worker there to get cooking honey and then give said honey to a Goblin in Heidel. The part of the quest where you activate the node to produce honey does not tick off completed when you invest in the nose or the honey part. When sending a worker there to get honey does not help. It is always incomplete.
  4. lancia12

    World Boss = 1 hunter seal?

    15-20 minutes getting people together...getting there then 15-20 minutes for fight.
  5. Why lock knollege behind crossroads quest. Do I have to make 3 char. Just to get all knollege?
  6. Daventry

    Lost item still.gone

    I bought 2 witch pirate outfits 3/15 2900 pearls each. Put them both on market for 29.9m each. One sold right away and I went to see if the other sold later and it's gone. Not in my selling section, not in Pearl inventory, not Central market inventory. I literally lost 30$ help please. I submitted 2 tickets both times resulting in an answer from gm Valencia and gm Olivia saying it should return on it's own. It has not. Also the submit ticket section on the site won't allow me to make a 3rd ticket it's broken too. Also after the update today I lost my fogan pet.
  7. Anyone

    Roaring Magical Armor

    Soooo any word of when these quests will be fixed.....? How about fixing what’s already been released instead of cramming more content into the game. That would be great.
  8. Wrath406

    Scroll Disappeared

    I died while trying to complete Al Rhundi quest. When I revived and went back the summon scroll was no longer in my inventory. I have read to forfeit the quest but that is not an option to choose. What do I have to do?

    [NA] Grand Valhalla Xbox guild recruitment

  10. Koromas

    Quest in Altinovah for sharp black stones

    Will give it a go ty
  11. IiTsJayy

    Quest in Altinovah for sharp black stones

    I have it and I think you have to finish the mediah black spirit quest line
  12. UNSC Jon 117

    Foreigners of Velia/Klau?

    Trying to complete "Foreigners of Velia"; found *one* of what I thought was the last *two* I was missing, and the journal reported it as complete, listing it as 2/2. However, the section text is still white, not blue like the others under "People of Eastern Balenos". Checking that section, the first item in the list is still listed as all question marks. Best guess from information I can find elsewhere is that it should be Klau, who should be next to the Velia Inn behind the area with the double doors. However, going there (whether in-game time is day or night), he isn't there, and the map doesn't appear to show there might be someone there. Is this a bug, or something from desktop that hasn't (fully?) migrated to console yet?
  13. Legendary

    Can't process reform stones to ultimate

    "Smoothest release ever"
  14. Koromas

    Quest in Altinovah for sharp black stones

    I did he’s got nothing for me
  15. talk to Tulem (arms dealer) see if it's available.
  16. Bravo

    Can't process reform stones to ultimate

    @[CM]Shirna do you have eta on this? Loving the game! Smoothest release ever, coming from ~15 year MMO veteran
  17. Ok I have been told there’s a quest line that rewards 3 sharp and 3 hard black stone shards that starts in altinovah however I can’t find it anywhere and google is not helping anyone here know ?
  18. Today
  19. So I was thinking of a way to generate faster energy regeneration for the characters in your family you do not play. How about in our house we buy a bed for every character in our family and just before we log off we put our character to sleep in one of these beds. so 5 characters = 5 beds. so when we play our main we have sat 5 characters asleep at home recovering energy. and under the character portrait will be a symbol of a bed icon to show they are sleeping in bed at home it takes so long for a character we don't play to recover energy at least this way it will give them a chance to be used more if they can regen energy faster when we don't play them.
  20. Vanille

    Karma Should Be Removed

    There has to be consequences for going red. It doesn't make sense if someone were to go around killing people and then when he stops and starts farming for Karma in a safe zone. It's like a serial killer who went around killing people and everyone knows him but he gets to walk around with no worries.
  21. dannys12

    world boss was literally a mess

    Make sure that you are well prepared for this fight, as Kzarka can be a tough nut to crack. Recommended AP/DP: 150+AP, 180+DP i have 153/183 so your deffo wrong there! yeah i cant understand how he no issues
  22. WeAreLegion

    Karma Should Be Removed

    I agree, but is it not a simpler solution to just avoid attacking people who don’t have their PvP flag up? 🤔
  23. I haven't fought Kzarka yet, but I'm wondering if the Kzarka's Latent Aura is in our version? On PC you get one of these for each Kzarka you fight, and can exchange 100 for a Kzarka's weapon box, so if you have no RNG luck for 100 Kzarka fights, you still get a guaranteed weapon box.
  24. Uberkull

    Any plans or ETA for UI toggle options?

    Thank you for listening to the community and making the Alerts changes for the UI (Patch 1.3). @[CM]Shirna What you think can be done about the large text box when fishing? I think after a few times players understand how to Fish. Would be nice if there was no tutorial text at all for Fishing.
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