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  2. Yes, Violet will also make Looney elixir, and Sky Blue will make Weenie Elixir. But otherwise, nothing. You'd think you'd be able to substitute any of the flowers, for Tea with Fine Scent, but apparently not.
  3. Linxz

    Cron meals

    Crons and draughts are the only reason I was expecting dreighan but nooooo they have to release it with noothing not even the world boss. What were they thinking??
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  5. No you can't, that would be crossplay between pc and console and that isn't possible currently.
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  7. Yeah, Shirna’s explanation that they are content bound is false cause P.C. released them before Drieghan, just not all of them. I actually proved that by linking patch notes from 2018 in Discord. I have all mats ready for Giant’s Draught and Exquisite Cron Meal stocked up, just waiting for cron spice and tears to be added. Shame on you PA @CM Trent
  8. Got this quest to investigate Manshaum Fighter/ Warrior/ Shaman. found a good spot where the shaman respawn and ben killing all mobs there for almost 5 hours now, in that time got S knowledge om almost every mob there but the Shaman from the quest, not even a lazy C... Did anyone complete this quest or got knoledge om the Shaman some how? Or is this mob bugd??
  9. Linxz

    Cron meals

    Seriously you're releasing dreighan without them??? Please add them they're the only reason dreighan is cool
  10. How many weeks are we into cross play and this issue hasn't been addressed? PS4 players can't hit enemy forts with skills under 100% accuracy while xbox players have no issue damaging and destostroying a fort in no time at all. It's not surprising many ps4 guilds have quit or disbanded when we're handicapped so heavily. With the accuracy nerfed coming in the next update that about removes any chance at competative play ps4 has. Can the devs not implement some sort of temproary fix like 100% accuracy when attacking node war structures? Otherwise why are any of the ps4 NW guilds going to stick around, so we can lose or hit draws with everyone? I'd be nice to finally see this resolved before the ps4 NW population drops even more.
  11. Hello all and thank you for your interest in the HardenedSouls. I am Da Bity Bity, but you may call me Shawn lol.... sorry. I run the HardenedSouls. We are a small clan who unfortunately has just gotten smaller. I am a lvl 57 Musa who is still quite new to the world of BDO. I am learning quickly and having a lot of fun doing so. We are looking for people to join the guild soon. Experienced, brand new, and all in between. I am capable of helping with the world's begginings and can assist you when you need it. I would like to find others who would do the same. I haven't done much pvp, but can't wait to explore that in the future. Whatever discipline you are looking to focus, whether it be lifeskilling or grinding your way through baddies, you are welcome here. Contact me here or through xbox and I will speak to you soon. Mics are not required, but I do have one if you want to chat. Thank you for your time and Good luck out there!
  12. What prevents to add Russian localization? I think this is not so difficult, just take the version from the PC to the console.
  13. Can i play my ps4 accont on pc and back agen?
  14. +1 to this, writing even the simplest of the sentences is a problem with the current banned words
  15. Last week
  16. Only one I know that can be used is violet flowers it's required to make spirit perfumes
  17. Dear GM´s, My Fishing Boat is stuck on Pirate Island, i cant move it in any direction. I cant get it to Harbor Master cause it says "its to far away". This happend a few times before on other Island but: When i reseted my character he spawned near Velia and i was able to get back the Boat with the Velia Harbor Master (with risk to loose stuff in the boat). I tryed to do it the same way but at first try i was spawned on my stucked boat, second time i was spawned on Island "Arita". Can you please tell me how i can get back on Mainland and get my boat back???????????????????
  18. Hey there, I've had BDO about a week, so very new player here. I'm an Elder Scrolls Online transplant that focuses on PVP aspects but enjoys PVE as well. I'm wondering if new players are welcome?
  19. Hey there, Been playing BDO for about a week now, so very new. I'm really enjoying my time and was looking for a guild to join. Based on your description of the guild it would be a great fit. Pretty active, about 1-2 hours a night during the week and weekends completely free. I'll message the gamertag listed tonight when I'm home from work. My gt is bigbucsnowammys (I know that looks like alphabet soup lol; big-bucs-no-wammys)
  20. Can I get an invite to the discord to check it out? My PSN is Linzykay, looking for an active guild to join
  21. In reference to these plants; Yellow/Sky Blue/Violet Flower, Toxic Watermelon, Audria, Vedelona, Saffron, Nolina, Dalvenia Alrea, Penestraria Has anybody actually found a use for these yet? They say they can be further processed using cooking/alchemy, but I've not found a single recipe that uses any of them. Thanks in advance! 🙂
  22. Que arreglen el juego primero los lagazos i optimizen bien que se vean efecto de habilidades etc... el ps va fatal primero lo primero...
  23. They don't need to release squat until the lag is fixed.
  24. There has been bad lag on xbox since the game was released. Cross play made it worse sure, but we had lag since day 1. How can we siege and node war when your screen freezes then unfreeze to a death screen? How can you RBF when enemies are invisible when you drop down? They need to realize that console is NOT PC.
  25. Would really appreciate a PvE only server. Would probably be willing to spend some real coin on this game if there was an PvE only server and really commit some time and effort into it. As it stands now, I just dabble in it here and there for I'm not. PvP fan at all in MMOs.. So +1 for a PvE only server, I don't see how it will hurt the game at all. More choices for players means more players (and money) in the long run.
  26. The lag on cross play server is unbearable, especially during peak hours. I understand that people are at home due to the virus but we pay them so much money they could've predicted the issue. Besides, there has been a visible latency issue on cross play servers since the beginning of the merge. I'm on xbox and I'm only playing on florin unless my spot is taken or when I was not able to find a miru group. Now that I'm 62 I don't miru anymore and I can tell you that florin is as smooth as a butter in terms of latency compared to any other server.
  27. Hi man, yes, PA has been bashed for it by the player base several times over the past 13 months. They simply don't seem to be doing anything with it. If something is fine in their opinion then there is nothing you can do about. And true.. console skill window is super vague in terms of information and new player cannot learn easily what skills are connected, unlocked, or flow from what skills. Not to mention that you can't use the window when afk riding on your horse on something. Absurd. PA could also acknowledge that we could really use an option to unlearn single skills, not reset entire window. it's super inconvenient when my build is 1800+ skill points and I only want to switch my rabam setup for example.. @CM Trent @CM_Valtarra
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