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  2. Yea I realized when I got home I could remove it from inventory. I was under the impression that they worked like regular marni stones, which if I'm not mistaken can't be removed from inventory. I still think it's very unnecessary to not allow both to be filled at the same time. Killing 60,000 mobs and missing out on 12% exp is rough. And vise versa, using exp marni stones in attempt to get to 62, would mean I would miss out on filling the great marni stone at least 4-5 times Appreciate the feedback though!
  3. My favorite animal in Black Desert Online! The Drieghan Yak~ 🐃🐃🐃
  4. Sorry for double post, but is this why we get the "You cannot gather any more" pop up constantly along with bare minimum drops? If not then it's got to be a bug. No way at Artisan 5 Gathering with Magic Pickaxes should we be getting 1 Ore and 1 stone.
  5. Its really not a issue if u want xp only have xp marni stones in inventory if u want accessories use great marni it's very simple
  6. ARSHA IS RECRUITING www.arshabdx.com Arsha is recruiting active players for Siege and Nodewars. We strive for the best and nothing but. We are looking for 261+ AP or 700 (560) evasion players of the following classes below: 🌕 Striker/Mystic 🌕 Berserker (Must be full AP build) 🌕 Archer 🌕 Wiz/Witch (exceptions can be made depending on situation) 🌕 Cannon Team We will always trial exceptional players. Feel free to join our discord and apply at our website. After you drop an application someone from our recruitment team will reachout to you. When we get in contact with you we will then go ahead and set up a date that works for you for a trial. You are expected to come into the trial with an already existing understanding of your class and kit. Additionally, with a gear set up and crystal set up that molds into the meta of the game and PvP. Perks: *An extremely helpful, fun and active PvP/PvE/Hunting Community. We will help you out with anything and everything you will ever need backed with experience. Furthermore, we hold some of the best players in the game.* *Siege Payouts.* *Garmoth EVERY Week.* *Extremely Flexible Schedule Opportunity* *CTG Options* *Guild Buffs that can be popped whenever YOU want.* *Professional Envirorment* If you think you have what it takes, and are committed to the game, drop an app today. www.arshabdx.com https://discord.gg/arsha
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  8. Probably should invest energy into the nodes as well.
  9. Exactly grabs need rework and super armor need to be exactly what the name suggest simply make grabs not go through super armors and have super armor give Dp on use
  10. I'm lvl 61 and from what I can tell the only legitimate way to get to lvl 62 is from grinding monsters. A large portion of the experience gained from grinding monsters at lvl 61 comes from regular Marni Stones. I just recently got a Great Marni Stone, however I can't work on the Great Marni Stone (60,000 mobs defeated to complete) at the same time as filling regular Marni Stones. This forces me to have to decide between gaining valuable experience or filling the Great Marni Stone. Leveling from 61 to 62 is already an intense and time consuming grind, and this just makes it painfully and unnecessarily longer for someone in my position. To put it in perspective as to what it means to lose the exp from 60,000 mobs worth of regular Marni Stones: Marni Stone II = 0.1% exp 2,500 mobs killed per 1.5 hours (avg. # of mobs I kill per 1.5 hours) = 0.5% worth of Marni Stone exp 60,000 / 2,500 = 24 24 x 1.5 hours = 36 hours of grinding; 24 x 0.5% exp = 12% exp Apologies if that is confusing to read, but what it means is that if I want to fill 1 Great Marni Stone I lose 36 hours and 12% exp worth of grinding. If I grind 3 hours a day, that's like throwing 12 days down the drain. So please, I beg you, allow simultaneous filling of both regular Marni Stones and Great Marni Stones. As it stands right now, receiving a Great Marni Stone severely hinders the ability to level your character from 61 to 62, which is already time consuming without this issue. @CM_Valtarra
  11. We have too many floats and not enough follow ups for air attack/smash damage. Floats don't last nearly as long as a knockdown so we cannot keep our opponents CC long enough to reliably finish a combo. It's bad enough we don't have near the amount of super armors the other classes do, and even if we did we'd get grabbed right out of it. The least they can do is give us more reliable CC and tracking on our moves. Too often that when I do finally get someone on their back, my follow up attacks whiff right past them. What will it actually take for these people to recognize that while the Dark Knight is beautiful, elegant, and fun to play; she is one of the most disadvantaged classes in the game. Even at 273/275 A/AAP I struggle to kill people before they can get up and run away or immediately grab and instantly and easily 100-0 me. Floats are just not cutting it for the DK. The amount of work she requires shows your laziness and unwillingness to break the stifling meta you have in place now and make the game fun for all classes and not just the 3 or 4 you developers constantly coddle to. I bet if this fake uniform dude was a Dark Knight or a Tamer, or Berserker (and on console),you'd have taken action a long time ago.
  12. Tell them they need to tone down the effectiveness of that stupid crutch instant win button called a grab. It's insane how people are absolute cowards unless they grab you. At the very least they should make it so that you cannot be grabbed out of super armor. There is too much lag and desync to rely on iframes alone and iframes only last a fraction of a second. For grabs to be such a crutch instant win button, there has to be more risk to going for it. We need to be able to more easily punish grabs since they can just plow through any CC you through their way and snatch you out of your animations. For goodness sake, warriors have the grab range of a lahn.
  13. These people take RNG and rarity way too far in these games. They need to up the % a little bit.
  14. While gear score is a part of the major imbalance among the teams of RBF, the bigger issue is the class imbalance. The winner is always dictated by whoever had the most witches and Archers. This issue also carries over into NW and Siege.
  15. He's talking about irl fishing lol
  16. This quest is not yet available. It is a Margoria specific quest. It should be available after the June 10th Margoria release.
  17. It's not us with the issues, it's PS4. We're on xbox, so I personally don't know what their issues are, specifically. I'm hoping they don't short us, because it doesn't make any sense to bottleneck everyone into grind spots constantly, and the end result will be a reduced playerbase.
  18. First of all, your comment has nothing to do with what they were discussing. They were debating which ship was in the picture.Second, what they hell are you going on about? Third, why did you need to necro a post from July of LAST year?? Heavens sake..
  19. BS Weapon and Armor are not widely obtained. They are very difficult and are pretty exclusive among the player base. Caphras are still needed by everyone else.
  20. It's not PA that is banning them. They use two different chat systems to monitor chat. One is through PA and the other is a third party API that they use to get the game through certification. The third party API keeps doing it. PA's chat filter just *'s the word. The third party API completely removes you entire message.
  21. Im willing to bet that this is total account regardless if they are active or not, including those created from being on game pass and no longer active.
  22. Yeah the forums are usually quiet. Id say there is about 20 regulars on there that I mostly see on here.
  23. Finally. I have been waiting on this since launch. The question will be, "How will PA screw us over?" You know something will be wrong, whether its fishing catch timers, tweaked RNGs, reduced underwater gathering spots, reduced sea monsters, etc etc. They have been pissing on Lifeskillers from day one. The most recent when they optimized the game further by reducing the amount of trees, except the didn't remove the trees, they reduced how many can be gathered from. Then messed with the hedgehog to where it only proccs every 5-6 trees, but isn't affected on any other type of gathering. As bad as I want this content, I am almost worried to see how it will be implemented. Guess we shall see.. I don't think there is a performance issue at all. The ocean we have right now performs just fine and there is more rendering in the current content than there will be in Margoria. IF anything, I believe they will short Lifeskillers as they have already commented on stream that Margoria is going to make Lifeskillers too powerful.
  24. @CM_Valtarra I appreciate your help with this. Do we have any word on what is going on with these? This is why the quests are so important. We need these seals. We cannot complete this horse set, boat set, or obtain any Magic Hoes. There haven't been any Magic Hoes on the CM for several months as there is no way to obtain them without the seals or through the rarely given magic tool box from events or attendance rewards. Since there are no seals, there are no more Magic Hoes. We desperately need these with the upcoming Great Ocean (Margoria) content update coming June 10th. I have been patiently asking for a resolution on the matter for eight months now and I haven't heard anything on the reason or the status of giving them back. Thank you for your time. Shiny Golden Seal Calpheon Trade These are obtained as reward for trading quests in the world from the Trade Manager. They can be exchanged at an Imperial Exchange NPC (for example in Velia next to the Santo Manzi) but NOT by Trade Manager. 100 = Magic Hoe 220 = Fishing Boat Cargo Container of Abundance 230 = Leather Saddle of Fighting Spirit
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