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  2. Ready for the pvp im applying 3day release
  3. Foreverrgamer87

    What made the final open BETA so good in my opinion

    Yes the fireworks at the end was the best.Everyone was gathered around the arena looking up to the night sky.Many sending their prayers for BDX to be successful to the heavens with their lanterns.Im not going to lie,I got a little emotional during it
  4. Agree with what you said,to..the fireworks show at the end was so beautiful...funhy thing i was on ballustrude some people lije jac had his horse up there with us...then lol down below in arena some people had their horse wagons in the center with people pvping around them....offering them as sacrices, or bait idk lol
  5. Hardcore player here will be playing religiously on launch and beyond. Been waiting for this on console for 2 years. Im a dedicated player and i would love if you guys would have me. Na Gt: kidkatana23
  6. Well said well said felt the same way
  7. Nightingale


    Thanks @Jacs for that. I'm NA, I'll be on consistently once BDX launches, till then I'm trying to get as much done RL before release. I'm here to help where I can on the forums looking forward to seeing this community grow.
  8. What made the final open BETA so good in my opinion. 1. The graphics were beautiful and ported over from PC perfectly! I have the Xbox One X. I don't even think I turned on 4 K during BETA. Love love loved the visual quality. 2. The integration of the controller felt good to me. Combat. Gathering. Cooking. Fishing. Questing. Beauty shop. Dye system. Housing.Central Market. 3. Away from Keyboard support! Tested it several times and never once was booted from the game for inactivity. 4. The fireworks event in the evening the last day! I had no idea it would be so epic. It felt surreal. I'd never really been to the arena so that alone made it a bit of an adventure for me. It's funny I've ran right by the arena countless times and never stopped or noticed it until the event. Found it easily by the mass of player dots on my mini map. 5. The ultimate package made available during BETA. I smashed my pets together a few hours before the end of the BETA no luck getting a tier 3. Dyed the costume in the package with a few touches of pink for a really cool look. 6. Photo mode support!!! It needs some additional features or tweaks in my opinion, but even if they don't improve it's functionality I can still get some amazing recordings and stills. 7. I didn't have a single connectivity issue. I had a little lag in the city on the final day but it was not enough or constant enough to ruin my enjoyment. Later, during the fireworks when there were 20 to 50 players and lanterns and fireworks and player versus player all going on at once, my game experience didn't grind to a turtles pace. I'm sure it must have slowed or dropped some pixels but where ever it was doing this I was amazed at how well hidden it was. 8. I love fishing...just wanted to say that. 9. Last but not least what made it so good was you...every one of you breathing life in to the NA server. Your style. Your uniqueness.
  9. Jacs

    Whos will main will be a Warrior

    From what I played, I'm most likely wrong and I'm trying to keep my reservations to myself. But I handled rednose on the warrior the easiest and fastest. With just a few evasions, no health pots and a couple skill but mostly regular attacks. I had him down in 10-15 seconds. Much quicker then I did on any of the other classes. Also yes I am playing on a one X, which I feel in 1080 mode should certainly have an added benefit for warriors, well any one really. Now know ease of use during leveling doesn't really matter, particularly low levels. I found there was more to combo with and easier to boot. Really was hoping I could click with sorcerer, maybe I wasn't looking at the skills properly but got her to low 30s and couldn't find that many combos. Activating them was a whole nother story. I usually have no problems remembering combinations and getting the timings down, but I was having a hell of a time with sorcerer with this. I could not find the sweet spots for her timings. Meanwhile I very rarely missed on the warrior.
  10. Today
  11. sunstar

    Whos will main will be a Warrior

    Are yiu on the 1x, i am and i think it really adds speed accept when the node war was on with all those unstable server messages...I did not see the wartior as nerfed. He was really quick out of the gate so to speak..he builds energy fast.. He handled Rednose and the boss after real well. I loved how he'd throw the mobs around😁 when i got to crom it was too tedious more from pushing through 5 charaters in a short time frame, that was too many characters.
  12. Jacs

    Suggestion after booth beta tests

    While I personally wouldn't hold out for dungeons. I think their could be major potential design wise if they did go that route or something similarly group instanced. As this game doesn't follow the holy trinity of Mmos. There's room to create some unique game modes not seen in other mmos. Couldn't hurt that much to try? Quick edit, doesn't mean this group content would have to be anything near a dungeon gameplay wise. If you've played destiny 2,look at gambit. A very creative new game mode bungie made. With PvE and PvP involved in a match making game mode. The game doesn't have to be just new areas, bosses and grind spots every update ...
  13. Jacs


    Im very surprised nothing was implemented in this fashion, a toggle would work, or as you mention a slight touch on the analog stick would suffice as well. My preferred choice being the latter.
  14. Yesterday
  15. filoarit

    Lingue supportate

    Salve volevo sapere se Black Desert avrà l'italiano nelle lingue supportate.
  16. After some extensive time with the majority of classes tried, all except witch. I found I most enjoyed the melee classes. Warrior and berserker. I feel the combat style translates very well to controller, where as the range classes I feel didn't have enough impact to them. This could be my personal preference, I've played fighting games ever since I was a kid, and always leaned towards being a melee or tank class in mmos. So call me biased. In regards to the meta what's everyone opinions on how it may look on console, will we be relegated to bottom tier all but outside 1v1? Bringing the classes seems to console have brought some unique challenges and changes. An example being, I've heard the block on a warrior is 360° , not just frontal like it is on pc. I can't confirm this by any means. But I have heard of similiar tweeks in regards to changes like this on other class's. Little changes like this will certainly effect the meta. I am really looking forward to launch so we can all get hands on and we can break down all the classes and how they've been handled for console.
  17. Jacs

    Node War

    Well if you read my short comment in its entirety. You'd have learned that I do not use discord. It is 2019 every one and their kid has a phone, I assume that is the simplest way to use it, tablet / laptop works as well. I definitely won't take your word as gospel when it comes to server disconnects. I personally never opened the club app, maybe it doesn't log you off there, you could be right, but every time I switched to YouTube for a couple minutes, I'd have to relog.
  18. Hulkksmash

    I hope new classes come quick!

    Lol they haven't done it on PC so we're ok 😆. I wouldn't have said it otherwise
  19. Uberkull

    Node War

    Not true. I switched between BDX this weekend and the dashboard clubs. BDX never disconnects you...lol it has AFK built in. You literally can sit there idle for hours. How you using Discord? Is everyone sitting on their PC while playing Xbox? Lol. Just play BDO PC then, right?
  20. Death

    Node War

    Just to give feedback but it was still broken at the end of the beta. Also you couldn't continue conversations in amity game
  21. Bnews757

    Roadmap when?

    Dude relax beta just ended sheesh
  22. Death

    Roadmap when?

    Probably during the next stream. I'm not sure when that will be though, hopefully friday
  23. i did not recieve any of the cp turnins for alchemy either. 40 runs elixir of fury, 10 runs of human hunt elixir, 200 runs clear liquid reagent, 10 blue magic crystal.
  24. LogoutGG

    Exploits Going Forward

    well then if that's exploiting, i'm guilty too damn, when people kept getting stuck in the floor and they reduced the server change cooldown to 0 and made the elite run i was doing 3x more profitable. went from 3mill/hr to 8-10m/hr in prognl
  25. Gau

    Roadmap when?

    They say that we got the roadmap a little bit after the 2nd beta. I'll hope new info for the next content and the release time of the updates. Ah, and i want more info about the other languages after release (spanish plz). Srry for my english guys^^
  26. Cookiesnmilk


    Great suggestion. I would have loved to use the photo mode to record my avatar walking elegantly.
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