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    Hey guys! I’m Gwang-sam Kim, and I’m the lead producer for the Xbox version of Black Desert. We’re currently working hard on making sure that Black Desert exceeds everyone’s expectations. Many people have asked for an update, and we are humbled that so many of you are excited about the game. There are many things we would like to discuss, but today we’d like to take a look at what the biggest issue has been for us creating Black Desert for the Xbox One. Controls There are so many things to do in Black Desert, that creating a control system that encompasses everything we needed in the game has been difficult. Sure, we could have just ported the controls from PC to Xbox, but that would be like teaching an alien with 30 arms and 20 legs how to ride a bicycle. Would it work? Probably. Would it be efficient? Not at all. Warriors, for example, need multiple attack buttons, dashes, jumps, camera control, inventory management and then access to the hotbar for potions and more complicated skill combinations. Then maybe you need to pull up the quest menu, or quickly check the map or your worker empire. That’s a lot of different inputs for a controller. There are many shortcuts we considered that would have made it easier for us. 1. Reduce the number of skills. 2. Change how chain attacks work and use forced combos. 3. Add auto-targeting and remove the camera control. Each of these choices removes something from the very spirit of Black Desert, so we had to find a more creative solution to our issues. The ring menu has allowed us to pack so many different options and functions into the D-Pad that it really freed up a lot of space. For normal skill combinations, although we can’t disclose too much at this point, we have 2 strong contenders for the final product, codenamed Type 2-9 and Type 4-5. We’ll be bringing more information about it closer to the release date. We also wanted to address a couple of other questions in this Dev Update: How customizable will the controls be? One of our mantras with Black Desert is customization. That extends to the controls, so at this point in time, you will be able to customize your controls. What are you currently working on? As we mentioned, we’re still working on the controls, but we are also working on updating the UI. Heres a quick look at the current progress of our work. Note: Please remember that the images are from our test version, and may not be representative of the final version. Inventory: Dialogue:
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    @[CM] Simon 1. What type of information will be available next? 2. Will we be getting information before or after the event in early june? 3. Do you need to attend e3 in order to attend the event?
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    Pearl Abyss is hosting their first meet and greet during E3 this year! Pearl Abyss would like to welcome you “Into the Abyss” at the nearby Regal LA LIVE on June 13th, 2018! The evening will be filled with surprises, exclusive sneak peeks, hands-on with Black Desert on Xbox One, and a chance to meet the minds behind the game. Come join and join Pearl Abyss for a night of entertainment, food, and refreshments! RSVP for the event here: https://bit.ly/2IpneyF
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    Only things I'm worried about is that I'll lose my job and my wife and my house and my boat and my dog and my health and...
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    They should release 2 beta one with either control setup Type 2-9 and Type 4-5 and let us decide which setup we prefer. @[CM] Simon
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    Sorry it's been incredibly busy in the office the last couple of days. We're waiting for a couple of green lights on parts of the interview, and once we get the green light we'll be making it available.
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    Hey guys, thought I would check in. It may seem as though we have abandoned you all as we've not been around the forums much. We haven't, but there are currently a lot of things being worked on for our 'Into the Abyss' event, and I'm working mostly on making sure that it's a success. I can't reveal too much about anything yet, but that time will come soon enough. If you guys any of you guys will be there, make sure to come say hi. I will be the 6ft3 blonde English guy, and I'm sure there won't be many people fitting that description at the event. Anyways I hope you're as excited as we are for this event, and whats to come because frankly, I'm excited about everything that's coming up. Simon
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    Thank you so much for the update! The UI look amazing even though it might not be the final version. I really hope you'll keep the Remove item button (Y). Having to drag items to trash on PC is.. well, a drag. Also, Target locking would be great for PVE but i fear it will break PVP (inb4 no skill ranger steam roll). I simply cant wait to hear more and looking forward to play the final version Cheers!
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    I really liked how the current PC version of BDO controls where completely open to customize how ever you wanted it, especially when using a Xbox controller. I spent hours creating and mapping the controls too tailor each character and how i used them. I would love to hear other players who currently play with an xbox controller and their opinions on the talked about new control layout. The current PC controller support is something i would love to see more in games, and i hope they do not remove or change our ability to do so on the Xbox release. After reading the most recent Dev notes, im a little worried how much they may change to make it more 'user friendly controls'. If the game is good (and i know it is), then players should be open to a learning curve with the more in depth controls. However i fully support and understand how the current PC version of BDO controlls are vary different from what an xbox likes too process. All in all i really want to see BDO succeed and blow away Consol players, but plz dont change it too much simply because its current pc controls (on a controller) are considered confusing or difficult. PA did it right the first time, i hope they can do it again. 😃
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    1. Currently on pc, depends on method. You can travel toons via the in game character selection screen and it will move them for you. It takes an hour and they cant be touched while doing it. You have to play on another. If you manually do it, T8 horse maybe 5-10mins depending on how good you are at horse skills and if you cut off the road. The lower tier your horse add 5 mins each tier down. If you dont have drift, sprint, insta acel it could be way looonger. Also it depends if you have upgraded gear and P2W horse outfit. My numbers are for +5 horseshoe and with p2w costume. If you auto path.. its more like 45-60 mins long lol. Dont do that unless you go afk lol. 2. Boats are awesome. You use them to discover places for energy, get useful nodes for items, to get to pirates, and to do trading. You also hunt monsters and bosses with them if you like lifeskilling (can be realllly profitable). Youll need atleast one boat. Probably a euphoria to get to the further places as the little boats get wrecked easy in open sea when you get attacked by ghost pirates or sea monsters. Also the hurricanes hurt. 3. No fast travel other then the passive travel mode that makes the toon unusable. I wouldnt want to see any other. It would cheapen your progress with mounts and make the whole training lifeskill useless. Also ruin anyone who does training’s income. Its homestly really fun snd adds to the game to ride places. Lots of fun stuff happen on the road. Moreover, if you can fast travel hitting world bosses and such would be way to easy. I guess it wouldnt be game breaking though, just make two whole lifeskills useless and destroy the horse and boat gear market that are really important to some people for income.
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    I wouldn't worry about that, Korea doesn't do the big winter vacations. As for everything else, I'm reading through and reporting your concerns to the higher-ups. There are understandably a lot of questions, and unfortunately we can't give out the answers yet, but thank you for your patience everyone.
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    Welcome everyone to Black Desert Forums! The site is open, and we are looking forward to chatting with you all before the game launches. The boards will be one of the first places to have information about the upcoming release, and also information about future updates! We're all here to have fun, and we're super excited to explore the world of Black Desert together!
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    You will have to travel there to watch as we're not going to be able to live stream the event (as far as I know), but we are working on at least getting it recorded
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    Get a wired controller. Less input lag= advantage due to no wireless, and you'll disconnect less with a wired. If at all. I wonder if they'll read this though.
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    Yeah I would think for the most part it's done but now they're doing the thing that I despise the most that developers do where they just sit on it while occasionally letting out little teases of information until people just give up and forget it's coming at all and then whenever anyone least expects it, it just pops up in the store like magic.
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    lol im pretty sure jaron is just kidding and memeing the topic all together. noone want to go around killing lower level players, theres no fun in that. but many people will have red toons to keep lower level players in their place and deal with karma bomberes. time is sooo valuable in bdo. and grinding HAS to be done solo in order to make gains. If someone is there and refuses to leave or duel for spot its annoying. the point is, jaron doesnt play pc. but like any logical player, hes done his research and understands this is a pvp game. he likes that and will embrace it. for others who dont know and are just finding out, they should decided to get on board and spend the time they need to to compete, understand they will just have to server hop, or and heres the big one.. UNDERSTAND THIS ISNT THE GAME FOR THEM INSTEAD OF TRYING TO CHANGE THE GAME TO FIT THEIR NEEDS. It starts with a "safe space" then it goes to more and more and more until they go like eso and water the game down so much to fit players that cant keep up youve wasted two years of time and money into it to have something thats not even worth playing. Thats just not bdo. Its not a friendly game. Its not forgiving. Its fast paced in your face combat that can be rewarding or punishing depending on the time you put into it. Thats why most players chose to play this game. To know their time means something and gives them the advantage over others. ALSO, many players like myself choose BDO over others for the open world PVP. If people had an option to hide and just focus on making money they would. Then itd just be me and the mobs and thats boring. After a safe space theyll want a safe node wars, it just wont end. Why should you reward people or cater to people that dont want to spend time progressing or learning they classes? Point is, know what the game is and has been about for the past 3-4 years. Accept that. Dont come into a game BEFORE ITS EVEN LAUNCHED and start talking or asking for it to change to fit your playstyle. If it doesnt sound good to you dont buy it.. trust there will be plenty more that do and the game wont hurt from losing sales to those that think its too much for them. It will be one of the only two console mmos worthwhile. Eso will have the better pve and bdo the pvp. If you want casual pvp stay eso. Its much more suited to your needs. If you wanna work hard on your gear, your levels and your skill, and be rewarded for it and every step of the way progress yourself in a way that makes you better then the next guy choose bdo.
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    Hey guys, super glad you guys enjoyed it. I'm working on getting more of these done in the near future, with more variety in the people we get to talk to. This one took a long time to get completed, but hopefully, we can speed up the process just a touch.
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    So i was a little bored today, and checked the forums. Decided to make timeline with all info about black desert. Its under construction, but if you have any tips for improving, adding, deleting something, let me know
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    Nah. There's a few of us mostly watching than posting. Some of us dont post unless feeling the need to. You're not alone, the few. There's more pumped on it than you think.
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    Roughly the same 50 people frequent this forum and not much is being said about a game that is supposed to be launching in the next couple months. No comments on how the game will be monetized, limited footage of the game running, no official launch date and potentially the worst offender; little to no community engagement from the devs. or the community manager. The last thing we heard about this game regarding a release date was that it would be coming out in the first half of 2018 meaning the game is hypothetically supposed to launch in 1-3 months. Just seems like the window for release is getting smaller if you plan on actually generating some sort of interest for the game. This would not be an issue if you were engaging the community with things to be excited about that we could then relay to others within the larger xbox community, but that has not been the case. I want to be excited and encourage others to be excited, but the bits and pieces of information regarding this game and XB1 scattered across the internet are so scarce and few and far between that i honestly don't know what to expect anymore and dont feel appreciated as a consumer. The response is pretty much always "stay tuned and keep an eye on our facebook/social media" but no new information is ever posted and there is no community engagement taking place. I thought this forum/website would evolve the discussion but that has not been the case and no pertinent information can be found here other then "bdo coming to xbox...eventually". I honestly just hope that this is not a sign of things to come once the game has released. Additionally if the game is going to be delayed that is something you should mention sooner rather then later. If the second half of 2018 rolls around and BDO has still not launched on XBO without any word from the devs or community manager, gamers will feel lied to, and that is not a solid foundation to build a relationship on.
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    Striker, dk, witch, wiz, ranger, warrior and valk can all be seen. Think i sae a mystic once too on a cell phone vid from a conference. Also reblam, awakening and absolute skills can be seen. Thats all the way up to about a month ago on pc. Also valencia and kama zones are shown in the trailer. Im hoping for a full release launch and us only waiting for dregun or however you spell it and lahn.
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    I mean if they didn’t want to add up to striker with awakening at launch they shouldn’t of shown it off in the trailers. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    i feel you its like youre all hype and stuff but the hypetrain dosnt come to pick u up already
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    May the 4th be with you all.
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    Most likely Xbox will get the most major and relevant updates PA is satisfied with. Devs usually have to clear each update with Microsoft first before releasing, so they probably wouldn't hit us with each of these small PvP changes every week like we're getting now on PC. Whether they'll give us the changes in one big update or give it at or soon after release is a mystery. Also the game will play a bit differently on console because FPS = Animation Speed. On PC most high tier players are running 144+FPS on a 144hz monitor allowing for faster gameplay and animation speed. 144FPS allows players to increase their DPS up to 50% or so. With Xbox only receiving 30FPS, I wonder how or if they will balance us separately. I'd say no, considering they don't balance the NA/EU version separately with all the server desync that make some classes less effective than they are in KR (Tamers). Combat will definitely be slower. I'm just hoping they are aware of this.. This is an issue I'm sure they can care less about considering KR doesn't have server problems and competitive PC players with high end rigs don't have FPS issues unless it's siege/node wars. I'd say they will turn a blind eye and balance the console version like the rest of the world. I hope I'm wrong. Good news is the console version will be a bit more fair as far as hardware goes. The only difference will be Xbox One vs Xbox One X users, with the 1X probably having an easier time of keeping a steady 30fps. No need to go out and buy a 1070/1080ti and a 144hz monitor to be competitive. EDIT: It wouldn't be a bad idea if they sped up the animation speed for all classes by 10-20% or something to offset the difference. With some testing done first of course. Nothing more disheartening than console players looking up guides on their favorite class on youtube, just to find PC players having speedy combos and animation canceling quickly. It would also increase the skill cap. 30FPS makes combos feel really sluggish on PC compared to 144 or even 60. My old PC ran at 30 so I know from experience. It would be nice if @[CM] Simon could talk to the devs about this concern. Although if it doesn't change the game will still be fun as hell to play.
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    @[CM] Simon When can we expect the article? Asking for a friend 😂
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    I actually didn't say logout during guild war I said unplug your controller so you don't die while you CDs are counting down then heal after the 10 seconds. Secondly if you hit the xbox button and try to exit the game you could still die, but if you unplug your controller and have a full 10 seconds to turn off you console you could get away without dying. Not to be rude it's just not a good idea. EDIT: In fact with how you are defending this it's making you look like you want to abuse the system, if you are so worried about it make sure you have fully charged batteries or plug in your controller problem fixed.
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    But you aren't forced to use that and you'd be at a disadvantage with using a wireless in a lot of ways. Just because everyone else is using it, doesn't mean you have to follow them. hint: wireless is not the best controller.
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    MIcrosoft has been working towards making the whole "platform generation" a thing of the past with the backwards compatibility program. They want the console viewed more like a pre-made computer so even when you upgrade you can still play your old games. There are even some original Xbox games you can play on the One X. I'd feel pretty confident in saying that any game coming out now would be supported for at least the next 10 years, as long as people are playing it.
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    i too had this weird dream tonight i was also naked my goodie bags wherent filled with bdo stuff tho
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    I'm griefing everyone especially @MakeumRage gonna put the paws all on you.
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    We just made our lahns today on pc. Release is next week. I dont see why they wouldnt so something like this on xbox as well. The character creation on bdo is insane. You could literally be there for over an hour easy.
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    Depends on your gear vrs theirs. In eso theyve added battle leveling. Int he early days you could turn it off to se ehow could you realy were vrs the max cp kid. Now its always on. Your actually more buffed sheet wise as a lower level with gold armor. You can put up a fight. In bdo, their are no training wheels. Once you hit 50, anyone can attack you outside a city at any time. If your lower gear or level your getting deleted. If your gear matches up at mid to low range its a fun fight. There are squishier classes then others but its not huge. At top tier, everyone does quick. The basic rule of thumb was first one to get cced loses. And it was generally true. BUUUUT. Bdo is undergoing a monthly complete combat change. Since the first two weeks, fights are lasting much longer, are more evenly balanced and ccs are changing. There making it much more of an interesting combat system then first on their back loses or whoever has better SuperArmor wins. I will say, with these changes, if your unsergeared its even more of a disadvantage. Since you no longer have as many class skills/buffs to help you survive. But it has made equal geared and top tier fights much more interesting. To some it up, under geared under leveled your getting one shot. Same level a bit of a fight, can be one comboed. Top tiered, to be decided.. Also, Id like to add nightblades rarely could gank you solo with good gear and decent skill unless they used the desync of snipe and that had nothing to do with the class and everything to do with the crap construction of the game.
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    If only we could get whatever we wanted just by asking ... The world would be a mess lol
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    3 times! who will bet more?
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    Naw. This is one of the things that makes this game so awesome. One farmers and botters cant sell things for IRL money so its lower in BDO then most games. Theres alot of positives for this.. Two, this is BDOs whole concept. You cant just get something from a friend easy. Everything you want in this game you have to get yourself and work for. Noone can give you a thing. And its so fantastic. Seperates the boys from the men quick.
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    I think is preferible to be patience and wait. But its legitimate to complain in this case.
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    may the 4th be with you :-) , is my birthday jijijiji
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    I’d be 180% okay if PA shows up and releases it during E3.
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    Day 48. Still alive. Simon hates me. Rip.
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    Yah i think that would be exploited so fast. The best you can do is coordinate market sale with a friend for minimum price. Or gift pearl items.. Also i think its much more fair to need to actually EARN the things you get and not just get freebies from guildies. #Capitalism4ever
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    really early, your first mount will be a donkey tho.