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    Events- Maybe, all plans right now. Dev Notes- There are a few things for me to finish up first, then I'll get to writing up the next one I have an idea of when, but not yet Sometime after the beta Can't say for sure right now I've never been to cologne...would be nice. Someone snitched you out. Full of meetings, plus I slept on the sofa last night as I tried to watch the England game at 3am. Due to that result, I am in a good mood. We have played around with the character customization a lot.
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    Different controls for sure, but it's equally as cool. We're getting some more recording equipment soon, so once we get that I'll try to get a video or two showing it off.
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    Recently, it’s almost seemed that there are 4 different parties of people on this forum. Those who are angry at anyone connected to PA ( CM’s), those who’re disappointed with communication but still continue to support, those who are just here to bring some light, and those who just want something. As a community, we are supposed to be a unit. Within that unit, we have to be able to communicate without worry of hate, and communicate without spreading hate. Lately, it seems like we are doing the latter. We are grown-ups here, disrespecting members and CM’s is completely out of line. How are we supposed to support and keep this forum/game alive, when some of us are acting like rabid animals. I do not regret some of the things I have said previously, and some of the things we have witnessed as a community is truly dissapointing. However, at the end of the day, you have to remember that the people behind the screen are human beings. Some of the hate I’ve seen towards Simon is apalling and uncalled for. You have to remember, he isn’t Pearl Abyss. The actions of a large entity aren’t the actions of one person within said entity.
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    Recently Beond created a Xbox club for Black Desert. The club is public so anyone can join. If any of you are interested then feel free to join. The name is just Black Desert Xbox. Also for any interested. There is a public discord for Black Desert Xbox as well that I will leave here https://discord.gg/u8JkhJ5 for anyone insterested as well.
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    why bother about other CM's when you can have a CM Simon?
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    Lot's of negativity recently with another push back and only 6 classes at launch, even though I'm disappointed still hyped to play with everyone once the time comes.
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    I'm strongly against it and this is from a PC Master Race Member as I play MMORPG's so as FPS on a PC since I can remember and only cuz of this game I got my self a console and yes its harder to get used to playing any game for me but if you are hyped for a game like I am you will learn how to tame this new beast so yhea if you so desire to play with a mouse and a keyboard dont waste your time here just get a PC become a Member and play the game on the PC as this is FOR THE CONSOLE T^T so if your so week as to being unable to use a joystick ... well ... you know your place.
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    They are aware of this.
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    An intresting article that can be found on the website: https://xbox.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=5&category=0 I wonder if it was hard playing the game with that warrior costume 😂
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    As we know the Engineering team have stated While that's all fine and dande we need more options for players who want it.For example I prefer higher stability than quality and I believe their should be a option for players like me. Being able to play the game 60 fps at 1080p should be a option.We know its possible shooters like Rainbow 6 siege and even COD can do it.Open world we should be able to run the game at 60fps even if it drops in cities at least giving us the option should be on the table. @[CM] Simon @[CM] Serena @[CM]Daniel Please pass this onto the engineering team.
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    Greetings, @[CM] Serena @[CM] Simon @[CM]Daniel We got a forum that's been up since March and is fairly active with 2554 posts so far in the general section. I think it's safe to suggest that we need a Forum Moderator to control the content in the forums. I mean, I'm sure you planned on having a mod but its been 3 months since the forum's launch.. 😅 Cheers
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    I gotta give it to you and @Jammer480, forum’s would be dead without you two. I’m over here loosing hype a great deal. meh, admins tweaking noses on character creation instead of keeping playerbase happy
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    Hey, I'm just so relieved they're not releasing the game BEFORE the beta...and the fact that they've played around with character customization A LOT, gives me full confidence.😋
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    Beta will be sometime in the future and game will release after the beta. Dude that's so much epic and unusual, what more would you want
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    Sponsored by Microsoft™
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    It may be only me, but they just pick another name? If someone joins a guild only for the name then there's something wrong with that person
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    Please add dark theme to the forums
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    Damn son thats a big topic. In general: Gathering - Collecting raw materials to process/sell/craft. Great income potential as you also have a chance to find Sharp/Hard enhancement stones and other drops. Collecting requires energy which you can extend by increase knowledge (monster ranks, exploring etc). Somewhat cash dependent since theres a suit that increase gathering level. Processing - Processing raw material into more complex items. e.g. ores into melted elements into bars. Always more profitable to sell processed items than raw materials you get from gathering but its time consuming. Has a cash suit that allows you to process from bank (since you can process large amounts due to weight limit) Alchemy - Uses herbs and other materials to create alchemy stones and other elixirs. Possible profit from stones but has a lot of RNG elements in it. High risk, High gain. Cooking - basically making food from raw materials. can also create meals from the food you make to create some very needed buffs. Very cash dependent (suit decreases cooking time) Fishing - active and afk fishing. active produces good money, afk produces some money.. if you really need fish just send workers to fish nodes or buy them from market. Has cash suit to reduce afk fishing time. Training - Capturing and breeding horses. Very rewarding end game but takes a while until you can make profit. Heavy cash elements (skill resets, death resets etc). Also has training exp cash suit. Hunting - Dont have knowledge about that sorry You basically hunt specific monsters for rewards. Farming - Good to produce necessary materials for advanced cooking but takes a lot of CP to be beneficial Sailing - Basically hunting at sea for rewards. Has some nice payouts.
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    So did pa... jk jk I knew i forgot 1
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    Things that would really help me believe the beta will happen this fall: 1. An exact date (this one is important) 2. Confirmation that the UI and controls have been selected and implemented (also important) 3. Confirmation that game release regions have been selected (fairly important) 4. Information regarding maps?? meh 5. Information regarding afk activities?? meh 6. Pre-order information (fairly important, imo) ...what am I missing here?
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    you will get base game with less classes as bonus 😂
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    @[CM] Simon why not do a private beta and let people fool around with everything you guys are working on. Take their feedback and then release the beta in fall. Honestly it could help you guys alot have 10 people look at something or have 1000 people look at it. Someone might see something you guys are missing.