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  1. Couple of my guild are now maiming shai as am I we’ve been having a lot I mean a lot of fun at pvp embrace u do 0 damage but u can be very annoying stunning knocking down debuffs anyone who says these aren’t vaiable pvp are wrong there’s a place for a shai party just not everyone’s cup of tea
  2. Dank

    Respawn bug

    I got killed before red nose on my new lahn No matter what I try I carnt respawn no buttons to do so just dead char tried everything swapping servers restarting game /Xbox using pearl items she’s just gave up what I do the escape function doesn’t work help me
  3. Calling alll players do you have the will of fire. Do you wipe after the toilet aim for greatness and declare Wednesday spaghetti Tuesday if so looking for guys with past experience to bring the a new guild To the top .officers required join today
  4. Hey guys my names Dank looking forward to this game car to wait I’m lvl 60 striker on pc played 2 years there just got a one x and looking at the top !!!!!! Be great joint the HiddenLeaf Today !!!!!!!!!!ps guild invitation to experienced guys n gals !!!!!!!
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