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  1. after accepting the quest you go over to the table to pick up some food but the game says( character does not exist)
  2. moon pearl quest works did it today @ 1;45pm game time, think times got reversed for some reason..
  3. Not bugged mate got them both try relogging ect . sometimes the knowledge is there but the player does not get told you just unlocked it. anyway im stuck on southern naga marsh and central naga marsh but are suppose to unlock from Kanna in glish but She's not got them.. there's a lot of knowledge relating to the old main quest which is not available must be at least 30 entries that need amending..
  4. zales

    boss timer

    Could do with one made by PA tbh .. PC version has a decent one bdobosstimer.com see morrolantv on twitch to see it ingame looks good... Might be able to use on xbox perhaps dunno..
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