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  1. Ah California, makes sense. The devs have been stuck in traffic since beta ended. A few have probably starved to death at this point (the ones who refused to resort to canibalism) . I have 2 buddies in the bay area making 70k and 85k usd that both live in the same studio apartment. They work remotely but have to face that 5 lane traffic hell for groceries and such. Imo that's one of the worst places on Earth to force people to work.
  2. Harming

    Ps4 BDO

    I better be in Aincrad by 2050. Well if im not dead
  3. Harming

    Can we get a second beta at least?

    "2018 release...."
  4. Harming

    Ps4 BDO

    We cant even get it for the xbox, your a dreamer my friend.
  5. Harming

    Mmmmm Spam

    Who needs spells in 2018. We gots bullets, every hit is super effective against human type pokemans.
  6. Harming

    Official Pearl abyss Facebook page

    Sometime in 2019. Aka, failed to meet another announced time frame.
  7. Harming

    Just a suggestion

    To be honest people killing griefers in their grind rotation arent the problem, the karma bombers are the low life scum of BDO / BDX. It actually hurts you more to kill the person (risking going red) then it hurts them a few thousand silver in repairs and re spawning a few meters away.
  8. Harming

    Just a suggestion

    The issue there is that mouse movement enabled fundamentally changes how certain skills function in the game. There is no representation of mouse movement with the xbox controllers thus altering the functionality, usefulness, and toolkit of certain classes.
  9. Harming

    Just a suggestion

    Deaths has the same mind frame here as any... Sports fan , politician, religious person, ect Theres an idea in his head and no amount of discussion, argument, or reason will have any effect whatsoever. Its : Go Steelers, screw the other team, prais allah screw budah, and blue over red.. all pubs are racists. Hivemind and indoctrinated. Just let em alone. Once the human mind gives up its ability to reason it never comes back.
  10. Correct. Well also have the same issue with zerk without mouse movement. Were not able to spin our frontal guard on our roars and cant controll our awakend ultimate jump. Im curious if theyll add in a way to bring this back for us.
  11. Wiz / witch are really bad at 1 v 1 pvp (pre - awakening). Basically any hard cc and your dead in one combo. Or forced to teleport away to heal to get smashed again or cced out of your healing lighthouse. They're also the class with the worst mobility kit in the game. I've mained a wizard in every launch of the game because it is one of the fastest grinding classes and great for large scale pvp, but every time any skilled player of another class wants to jack your grind spot they'll dumpster you. Even if you out gear them in most cases. Rolling a zerker now in BDX to get a little revenge lol
  12. Harming

    Lets have a race!

    Fower de hate
  13. Harming

    Current status

    This may be the first case of AAA vaporware 🤔
  14. The joke is that it takes about a minute to click a red x on the side of threads to delete multiple threads when your an admin in a discus style forum application. It's nothing too strenuous, anyone who visits once or twice a day could nix the spammers with minimal effort. I truly believe Simon is being tied down though.
  15. They cleaned up the gen chat. Credit where it's due. Someone's lurking in here occasionally but wont say anything. I'm guessing the puppet master behind the scenes is squeezing poor Simon's balls and wont let him speak to us. Hes taking all the hate while his chain of command is calling the shots.