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  1. @Seinfeld Youll find the community here has a very "casual" mindset when compared to the PC servers. They tend to get hostile over theory crafting, testing, data, and game experience. Ive given up on trying to help them awhile ago, because they ignore your input, put their fingers in their ears, and scream over you. That being said though, people will do what they want to do.. let em. The more people ignore valid input the further ahead of them you will ultimately be in game. To each their own.
  2. Harming

    Why to chose Berserker ?

    Here is one of the best zerks currently playing. Feel free to browse his various videos to see the state of zerk on live. You can make it work if your good, but most other classes, played on a equal skill and gear level, will beat zerk. https://www.youtube.com/user/Themmmprangers/videos
  3. Harming

    Why to chose Berserker ?

    Until everyone gets their awakening we will be overpowered. Rocking the heve set well be able to sit a comfy 500 HP above what any other class can achieve, have 2 full heals with frontal guard, and good burst with frenzied destroyer cancels. The main drawbacks though is that we rely heavily on ultimate evasion chaining for mobility which is a double tap directional movement skill (which is super unreliable with a joystick). This issue will gimp zerks mobility heavily. I brought it up multiple times and in the QnA and @[CM]Shirna didnt see the issue so it probably wont be getting fixed. Zerk will be the fastest grinding class when played correctly pre-awakened. By using a combination of BWS + raging thunder for back damage you can clear extremely fast with low AP. You can also abuse your grapples very high accuracy to farm deep purple mobs if your AP is high (for example I was able to kill whole packs at Ser shrine in beta at lvl 40 with the slams from grabs). Out of the gate zerk is going to be amazing, right now though on live its lack of protected skills leaves it in a really bad spot. You basically get cced where as most classes your fighting are cycling super armors and immune to cc's. With the Ap meta once your cced, your dead.
  4. Harming

    First....Warrior gang

    Yeah getting a bit of SA back after they gutted wars protection is always welcome. It may be worth using now after a grab to extend down duration a bit while combing. I could see somthing like , block buff, black spears, shield charge , grab, ground smash, cswap, armor break, hilt strike into grave digging. Possible 1 shot combo. It's been awhile si che I've touched my war, before MENA launched. I'll probably be rusty as hell here is a good overview of the buffs:
  5. Harming

    First....Warrior gang

    The recent war buffs on live are promising. The down smash damage went through the roof. Im considering it now.
  6. Harming

    Stroker when?

    Sadly. Its like getting a free 200 gear score over everyone else. As simply to play as wiz and as powerful as a perfectly played sorc.
  7. Harming

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Red guilds are super useful for this, so are alliances. It's like having a mafia and their hitman (red guild alts). If a person's being crappy the alliance decs and camps their guild, if they cant be deced we send un the hitmen to make their lives hell. It's a big wakeup call to most guilds to kick their karma bombers.
  8. Harming

    First....Warrior gang

    My first character on KR was a warrior. Even though we were awful pre-awakend (valks with no burst) at the time it's still the class I've had the most fun with overall.
  9. Harming

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Once you dip below 0 karma and go negative youll be "red". This goes all the way down to -1million karma. You loose karma by flagging up and killing players , their boats, or their horses.
  10. Harming

    What Server Are you playing on

    Its life now a days. Everyone picks a side and hiveminds Into their ideology, making anyone who differs in opinion in any way an enemy. The west is in the brink of another civil war between sjws and functioning human brains. Stupidity is rampant. People are afraid to talk because lives get ruined over phone calls, and the oppressed have become the oppressors. All in all the scientists sit back and build our bomb shelters for the coming war. Welcome to the US 2019. The cancer is spreading.
  11. Harming

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Theres an npc's (tavern in Velia) who will give you the location of any other player for a little silver at any time. Happy hunting!
  12. Harming

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Thats unfortunate. Thinking back now I haven't done bosses since I got my full boss set on MENA. The time frame about lines up. I see PA is taking the wow approach to things here, sad to see. You cant have a "Bad" experience and get upset if you have NO experience at all.
  13. Harming

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Strikers alot like DK in WOTLK. Mystic is like the Lich King himself o.0. Need a competent 25 man to kill it.
  14. Harming

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Ive dropped ult blizzards on declared guilds at dim tree all the time. You can kill a deced guild anywhere as long as theyre not on protection. If an alliance doesnt want you to have a node. You wont.
  15. Harming

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    All we can really do is perma deck the twats guilds until they kick the guy bombing. If you get your guild decked by an alliance you become hated quick, when your entire guild can no longer do world bosses or hold a node.