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  1. "Papi protect us." Yes my children. "Papi protect us more like its 1984."
  2. Generally in BDO your being killed for a grind rotation. Has nothing to do with you other than your refusal to leave a spot. Most heavily geared players play efficiently. Your simply being mowed down for being In the way of an efficient grind location. If they're talking to you then they're usually trying to give you an out "being nice before just killing you like the other mobs in the rotation". People take it personally, like your being targeted when in reality your just in the way. Like a rabbit that steps on the highway. The guy in the truck has nothing against the rabbit before he hits it. It was just in the wrong place.
  3. Read all responses before you reply. Thanks. Popping in and cherry picking what you want, drawing false conclusions, shows a complete and utter lack of integrity and intelligence. Id guess you work in journalism? Perhaps comedy central?? Jim Jefferies! Is that you mate??
  4. Naw. Most criminals are in their position by doing some type of harm to another. Words can only hurt the feels, if you let them. Your very correct that Infantry isnt the only position in the Army. I personally worked as a NUC Mechanic on an ssbn. Some folks have it harder than others in various ways, academical or physically. What hold true though is that whatever branch, whatever job, everyone (enlisted) that has served has gone through basic. I can just picture most of the people here complaining trying to talk back to an RDC (DI, ect). I suggested Infantry because im sure the ASVAB would really limit the career choices of most of the people responding here. They key point is that people need some discipline and responsibility over themselves. Quit expecting someone to shield and proctect you all of the time. It creates incredibly weak (and annoying) humans. There are many ways of doing this but they all require some sort of suffering and hard work. Taking some pain makes people grow. Strong people have fought for the freedoms that most of the west has enjoyed the last 100 or so years. Quit giving those away by begging for rampant censorship and protection. This is why I hate the hivemind, your conclusions are pre-set and your arguments trickle down from an already decided agena instead of building solid arguments from deduction, testing, reason, and facts. Its basically picking a sports team to cheer for just because.
  5. Interesting. Whining is telling you to ignore people and take responsibility for your own content consumption? Here I always though whining was : " the making of a long, high-pitched cry or sound " You know, like spineless people crying ^ for protection from those they disagree with? Science, definitions, and reason be damned though. Make up your own definitions ( just like your type make up your own genders). Ive never defended either side of this fight. The people posting are just as dumb as you are for responding to their taunting. Im against begging authority to censor everything to protect people with thin skin. Like I recommended earlier, go through some real world struggles, learn what a real PROBLEM is, and quit creating issues out of boredom. Do a 4 year enlistment. Id recommend Infantry. I promise youd all come out with a much different view of what actually matters. There are people hiding under a hum-v right now chain smoking listening to mortar fire getting closer and closer, while your crying that someone hurt your feels over a computer screen. Anyway, theres no reasoning with the Antifa types (or either side committing themselves to any ideology). Enjoy your bubble kids.
  6. Dont like facts, have none to defend your point. Scream nonsense louder. REEEEEE. The hive mind is getting dumber by the day.
  7. The modern attacks are a culture war, not a race war. Insane far left WOKE culture vs Conservatives and moderates on the Left. World war 3 will be the right vs the far "PC, BLM, Feminist, WOKE" left... has nothing to do with anyone's skin color. You should read the manifesto of the guy your talking about (his Hero is a black woman).
  8. *sigh* Join your buddies son. Your opinions mean nothing. Lifes going to hit you hard when you have any real problem to face. Done with this cesspool, continue your vitrue signaling and circle jerking.
  9. Scream louder and ignore the argument. More personal attacks. Youve been indoctrinated. Atleast your learning, kid. Dont look at what you dont want to see. Personally I ignore chat or keep it to Guild chat, always down to debate an activist though (since they all resort to the same nonsense.). I gota say though you and your blue checkmark buddy up there have made my point for me here. When you have no real point it always devolves into screaming nonesense and begging for someone to protect you. Your another one whose not going to survive the protection bubble bursting.
  10. lol pay attention? Your living in a time where minorities are given extra privileges in nearly every aspect of life. In a time where a guy can identify as a woman and break the womans world record dead lift, then identify as a man again and keep the record?? Its worse than ever huh? Worse than 1954 heh? Worse than 1914? Or wait... worse than 1864. Yeah those are the dates that Segregation ended, women got full and equal rights under the constitution, and Slavery ended in the US. But yeah.. it definitely WAY worse now than back then right? Ive paid attention, trust me. On every application make DAMN sure you dont identify as White or Asian or your not getting the position because of Afirmative Action (legal racism) hiring quotas and Diversity Quotas, even worse if your a guy. As for chat filters... pretty simple dont read something you dont want to read? Your putting your hand on the stove and begging Daddy to make your stove safer? Want to chain your gamertag to your account? Guessing your a fan of the Chineese socal credit system also. God forbid you insult big brother, lets ban everyones bank account who has ever "mis-gendered" someone. HONK HONK. And yes the GM's and CM's are not fixing a problem that is created by an ideology (that most of them probably think is ridiculous but cant say publicly without getting James Damored). Just because a a group screams their right as loud as they can doesnt mean that they are (thats the hive-mind at work). Im telling the weak to grow a pair and create your own solutions instead of begging authority to bend their knee and protect you instead. If you dont want to see something, dont look at it. If you dont want to ever be angered or see facts or opinions other than your own... stay on twitter. Take some personal responsibility in your own content consumption and quit crying over problems your creating out of boredom. Conflict creates strong people, strong people create peace, peace creates weak people, weak people create conflict. Welcome to the cycle of life... were chalked full of weak humans creating needless conflict. The cycle repeats about every 80 years historically.
  11. Personal attacks, more non-senese, avoiding the actual argument. typical snowflake. If i scream louder I win right? Enjoy your bubble. Hope it never bursts. You wont survive. The gene pool will rejoice.
  12. The "Majority" dont care about the tiny "extremely loud" group of people who identify as a toaster on Sundays, a firetruck Monday - Thursday and as a 8 year old indian girl (with 6 legs) on Friday and Saturday. Actual racism is so rare in the modern western culture today that it has become a joke. People say stuff to make people who are sensitive react. Why? Because it works, every time. It honestly funny watching people argue their emotions like their fact in the face of Biology and Physics. Its funny to see soft people loose their mind over issues that they create themselves. Its a culture war between the hivemind and people who can form coherent thoughts from deduction and reason. The average person gets up, goes to work, comes home, hangs out with their friends, takes care of their kids, and doesnt care about 900 gender pronouns or the one guy hold up in his house plowing a blowup doll with a confederate flag wrapped around it. There is no PROBLEM to solve here. They're fking with you because you get mad... the madder you get the more they will continue to do so. Begging for the world to be censored, begging to be protected from everything you dont like or agree with, begging for a shield to guard you from people that want to trigger you will (and already has) make you and every other snowflake out there weaker human beings. And yes! You are correct IRL people generally are not Racist (atleast not against the groups you guys are always crying about). Most people couldnt care less what you call yourself or what color you are. This is exactly my point... online is where the twitter generation spend all their time, its where the activists thrive and circle jerk eachother. You dont go hunting for ducks in a mall... you go to the pond... where they live. That is why they come here to mess with you. And finally your leftie religion just labels anyone they dont agree with or like as a bigot or nazi. Youve overused the terms so much over such trivial things that they no longer have any real meaning. That girl is a nazi because her hairs long! That guy is a bigot because he isnt a vegan and cows have rights too man!! Its a far cry from the people who were actually hanging people from trees or shoving other humans into incinerators and gas chambers. Your "problems" are simply the boredom of weak humans who have never developed thick skin from overcoming any true difficulties in life (on both sides). I HIGHLY suggest anyone who is offended by being called a "mean word" , or anyone with nothing better to do than troll others in a game chat, to do a 4 year enlistment. Actually go through some real struggles in life. Youll grow from it.
  13. lol And your cute mate. I simply dont follow an ideology. Darwin turns over in his grave every time a person denounces their functioning human brain in the name of joining the hivemind. This PC / Trigger culture has become nothing more than a religion for the far left ideology. And like any religion it is chalked full of worker drones that no longer have the ability to rationalize for themselves. Sure most religions have their uses, giving some a sense of purpose to those who are otherwise lost, creating a social construct of control ( if your bad your burning in hell forever), making some people generally better people (out of fear). But this one in particular has no benefit in the society that has fostered it. "As for the people posting to trigger you in chat, their sitting next to the most drool covered windows on the short buss. Unfortunately, they have TRICKED you into defiling your pants in the seat next to them so they can feel better about themselves. Your all on the short bus at the end of the day, but at least the window lickers dont smell like human excrement when they get to school." Hence why I said ignore them, dont fall into the trap. The more you complain, them more you scream and demand justice.... the more theyre going to fk with you. Theres no "making it better" mate, people will never be silenced no matter how much of your freedom you decide to forefit in the name of Daddys Protection. The best you can do is ignore them. Theyll get bored and move on.
  14. You sound like a gender studies major *facepalm* Words only hurt if you let them. Some text in a chatbox is hardly equal to slavery or equal rights or affirmative action (legal racism). And hate speech is whatever the sjw's decide it is that day, its a blank term for anything you dont want to hear. It hurts those feels if you let it. It does nothing if you ignore it.
  15. Trolls say things like this because its gets a rise out of the thin skinned. All the complaining and asking for protection from the mods is doing is making them laugh harder at the people who get offended. Just ignore them. They're just looking to make your face read and sweaty over some 0's and 1's on your screen that you have chosen to read. Look down from your screen, your not bleeding, your not bruised. The only things trolls can damage are your feels if you let them. Big problem in modern society, everyone wants a safe space and is triggered by any little thing. You feed them with your anger. Sticks and stones mate....
  16. @Seinfeld Youll find the community here has a very "casual" mindset when compared to the PC servers. They tend to get hostile over theory crafting, testing, data, and game experience. Ive given up on trying to help them awhile ago, because they ignore your input, put their fingers in their ears, and scream over you. That being said though, people will do what they want to do.. let em. The more people ignore valid input the further ahead of them you will ultimately be in game. To each their own.
  17. Here is one of the best zerks currently playing. Feel free to browse his various videos to see the state of zerk on live. You can make it work if your good, but most other classes, played on a equal skill and gear level, will beat zerk. https://www.youtube.com/user/Themmmprangers/videos
  18. Until everyone gets their awakening we will be overpowered. Rocking the heve set well be able to sit a comfy 500 HP above what any other class can achieve, have 2 full heals with frontal guard, and good burst with frenzied destroyer cancels. The main drawbacks though is that we rely heavily on ultimate evasion chaining for mobility which is a double tap directional movement skill (which is super unreliable with a joystick). This issue will gimp zerks mobility heavily. I brought it up multiple times and in the QnA and @[CM]Shirna didnt see the issue so it probably wont be getting fixed. Zerk will be the fastest grinding class when played correctly pre-awakened. By using a combination of BWS + raging thunder for back damage you can clear extremely fast with low AP. You can also abuse your grapples very high accuracy to farm deep purple mobs if your AP is high (for example I was able to kill whole packs at Ser shrine in beta at lvl 40 with the slams from grabs). Out of the gate zerk is going to be amazing, right now though on live its lack of protected skills leaves it in a really bad spot. You basically get cced where as most classes your fighting are cycling super armors and immune to cc's. With the Ap meta once your cced, your dead.
  19. Yeah getting a bit of SA back after they gutted wars protection is always welcome. It may be worth using now after a grab to extend down duration a bit while combing. I could see somthing like , block buff, black spears, shield charge , grab, ground smash, cswap, armor break, hilt strike into grave digging. Possible 1 shot combo. It's been awhile si che I've touched my war, before MENA launched. I'll probably be rusty as hell here is a good overview of the buffs:
  20. The recent war buffs on live are promising. The down smash damage went through the roof. Im considering it now.
  21. Sadly. Its like getting a free 200 gear score over everyone else. As simply to play as wiz and as powerful as a perfectly played sorc.
  22. Red guilds are super useful for this, so are alliances. It's like having a mafia and their hitman (red guild alts). If a person's being crappy the alliance decs and camps their guild, if they cant be deced we send un the hitmen to make their lives hell. It's a big wakeup call to most guilds to kick their karma bombers.
  23. My first character on KR was a warrior. Even though we were awful pre-awakend (valks with no burst) at the time it's still the class I've had the most fun with overall.
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