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  1. If you are talking about the packing workbench that does multiple crates in one go, that is in Kama...grana to be specific
  2. Dirty

    (XBOX)Mouse & Keyboard support

    Hahaha....people are worried about pvp over grind spots? Hell, most people will PK you just to say hello >.<
  3. Hey I would like to join, my GT is WendusTh1sfuKingGameCome0ut
  4. ye i heard the same thing.... didn't one of their members manage to win every event? I want to be like that simon guy when i grow up
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/playblackdesert/comments/9wvvgk/screenshots_the_end_of_the_beginning/
  6. https://twitter.com/NathanahtaN001/status/1062531565538951169
  7. https://twitter.com/NathanahtaN001/status/1062528914810114053 https://twitter.com/NathanahtaN001/status/1062528811143778304
  8. https://twitter.com/NathanahtaN001/status/1062529042375733249
  9. Dirty

    AMA For new players.

    OK.. do it your way. You clearly know everything there is to know about the game with all your experience.
  10. Dirty

    AMA For new players.

    @Harming The data you have is just wrong.. its from reddit and posted by plebs. For example, pre nurf i could bring in 2.5 billion in sea monster drops by myself in less than 10 hours.. i did so for months... easy once you know what you are doing. Post nerf it takes about 12-15. That is a T-10 payout..... now stay with me cus this is where it gets complicated... 99 people are going to be doing the same thing in the same guild at varying degrees.. between 300mil to 2.5 billion... thats with an average weekly end bank of 300-350 billion in guild funds <-- that part takes time.. its called the saturation point. Now if say only 25 people reach t10 payout that means the payout is around 1.8- 2.5 billion... fairly common. So lets avg that and say I earned 2 billion in payouts for 10-15 hours, which is with no good RNG. That is still 166 mil, round down to 150. Do you see where i get the number from now? and thats low balling it with bad RNG and after the Nerf. that is still 150 mil an hour I understand that is not something you may want to hear or even believe... but we did it for months. Every single piece of loot tracked and accounted for with spreadsheets, and screenshots, etc. I am not here to prove myself... I was just saying that you are giving misinformation and that players can achieve much larger financial gains outside grinding than within. As for lifeskilling... that is AFK.. it lhas very little effect or impact on grinding time.. thats just extra money.. if you want to be technical and you account for say 1 hour each day spent managing economy or gathering.. thats still 7 hours in a week spent active... you can easily pull 1 bil in lifeskilling in a week... lets half that though just for the hell of it. That is still 71 mil an hour if you only pull 500 mil that week. Your information is just wrong plain and simple.. grinding is for SP and XP, or a change of scenery... the big money is in lifeskilling hands down. BTW.. that reddit post is a joke.. its made by people who werent actually doing it... we used to troll the **** out of those guys ^^ that stuff is theory crafting.. we were actually doing it and cashing in.... Dont care if you believe it or not.. ask anyone who was holding territories, DS knew what were doing on the ocean... if you are an educated person who is in to DATA.. then why are you arguing against me based off of reddit posts thrown together by jealous plebs that got pissy cus we were making too much money and they couldnt do anything about it. If you want real evidence.. try it yourself, its not hard.. you will see that what i am saying is doable. I tried to help, you can do it the hard way if you want and just complain with everyone else when you lose those preorders ❤️
  11. Dirty

    AMA For new players.

    @Harming i averaged about 100-150 mil an hour in dead serious doing sea monster hunting.. but that was because everyone in the guild was doing it... the more people, the higher the efficiency.... 350 bil guild bank has that effect. I also did purchase supplemental trading, where i buy mats to supplement for crates... "only works after master 8+". For grinding on witch I didn't break more than about 40-50 mil an hour, but I am sure I could have done much higher on some other classes. TBH though, at a certain level of economy grinding is just not that great for making money. That was what i was trying to say, at a certain point many people stop grinding as you can make more money from life skilling with less time investment. I only grinded for SP usually as I could make more just maintaining my economy. I did trade, sea monsters, cooking, alchemy, and farming... when added all up I averaged about 2 bil a week from sea monsters, and another .5 to 1.5 bil from lifeskilling, depending on the week and how hard I pushed. I have gone higher than that but thats the average... .. so usually about 2.7-3 bil a week. You cant do that grinding
  12. Dirty

    AMA For new players.

    no disrespect but i think you are behind the times as well... i make a LOT more than that per hour... and trading still makes plenty of money, its passive income and like most other lifeskills shouldnt be compared to grinding as they shouldnt interfere with each other.
  13. Dirty

    AMA For new players.

    The best income in the game, depends on your time management... time at the screen, level of play, type of play...... there is no such thing of "The best way to earn money" in BDO. lifeskills all payout well if you know what you are doing and progress far enough. There are multiple grind spots that vary in efficiency based on your gear, class, trade level, solo vs group, rng, so on. People who say one thing is the best... that is just what is best for them... usually something they saw on youtube. In reality, what works for one person may not work as well for another. Sea monster hunting is very good money, but the catch is you need an entire guild doing it efficiently to work well. Cooking is good money.... if you have a good network of nodes and steady resources, as well as the proper gear and time investment. Alchemy is good money... if you know the methods for getting the mats easily. Trading is good money... if you invest a lot of time in to getting a high enough level and have a large node network and a lot of processing time. Fishing is good money... if you have a high trade lvl, high fishing lvl, and know the correct spots/gear/methods. Horses are good money... if you have GOD tier RNG. .... its like that for all the different methods... the trick to making a LOT of money is to do several of these efficiently along with grinding to supplement your income while lvling and farming for SP points. Grinding is dependent on your gear lvl, class, weight, pvp ability. Better spots require more specific classes, better gear. Some places like pirates are a lot better if you have a high trading lvl for selling the trade items that drop in abundance there. Sausans is good money for DUO, that way you auto sell the drops.... fogans is good money for duo, naga is solo... but contested so know pvp, maunshams is good solo, gyfin is groups... higher gear req, ... the llst goes on and on. At the beginning of the game.. all of that is irrelevant, most of it is not accessible. In the beginning dont worry too much... learn the game, have fun, and experiment, and focus on lvling lifeskills, getting xp, getting sp, learning your class.