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  1. Agree to have the baby... ill put in a good word with one of the officers
  2. @BrandonTheGod what do you mean by noob ?
  3. I want brandon to have my baby.... it would be the undefeated legend at finger painting
  4. CM epheria is banning everyone from discord. One person asked a question as to why someone else was banned and the CM immediately started banning everyone. Here is a screenshot of an example.... this person is clearly on a power trip.
  5. @maXmood Abyssal is from a questline accessible in Altinova...NPC is to the right of the arena up on a platform... If you are under geared the quest may be difficult. Asulas ring and earrings drop from helms, belt from elric, neck from abandoned iron mine. If you are trying to gear up, your primary focus should be a mainhand as it's the largest gains. Get it to tri asap...yuria, liverto, kzarka, etc
  6. The question is.... How are people NOT over 100 AP T.T The game is literally in easy mode with handouts everywhere..... Even with welfare accessories and accuracy weaps you can easily hit 150+
  7. If you are talking about the packing workbench that does multiple crates in one go, that is in Kama...grana to be specific
  8. Hahaha....people are worried about pvp over grind spots? Hell, most people will PK you just to say hello >.<
  9. Hey I would like to join, my GT is WendusTh1sfuKingGameCome0ut
  10. ye i heard the same thing.... didn't one of their members manage to win every event? I want to be like that simon guy when i grow up
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/playblackdesert/comments/9wvvgk/screenshots_the_end_of_the_beginning/
  12. https://twitter.com/NathanahtaN001/status/1062531565538951169
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