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  1. Beond

    Player Trading(at least for guilds)

    That would be a good middle ground so you could let your friend know you're about to sell something before you post it, I played a MMO like that once
  2. Beond

    Solution to the bot spam

    Yes he is, I spoke with him in another thread about a GM account and he said he would rather level his own as his main account but would have a GM one too
  3. Beond

    Player Trading(at least for guilds)

    Seems like you're scared
  4. Beond

    AFK mechanics removed

    And fishing wouldn't be completely removed you could still fish if you wanted to just not afk
  5. Beond

    Player Trading(at least for guilds)

    What went through my head reading that was nothing cause it was brain dead. On topic though, Lmao I'm sorry bro but that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard one guild won't become THE MOST OP SUPER POWER because rng....it is rng btw so technically a **** guild could have better gear than a guild full of good players. The whole point of a MMO is community interaction.
  6. Beond

    AFK mechanics removed

    You would actually be adding content by removing it, now people won't be afk and causing lag what means happier players
  7. Beond

    Player Trading(at least for guilds)

    How would it do that? Because there will be a little less gear on the marketplace? MMOs are about community interaction posting on the marketplace disconnects you from that it doesn’t even say who is selling it and if you can’t buy the gear go farm it no monopoly there.
  8. Beond

    AFK mechanics removed

    Not even including how the devs already stated 30 fps in towns isn’t a thing right now 200 afk fishers is going to make it worse
  9. Beond

    AFK mechanics removed

    Good convo explain why not, It puts uncessary stress on the servers
  10. Beond

    AFK mechanics removed

    Good convo explain why not, It puts uncessary stress on the servers.
  11. Beond

    AFK mechanics removed

    Could we please get rid of afk mechanics and just increase the experience you get from life skills and for stuff like processing just make a process all button. It puts uncessary stress on the servers. thoughts?
  12. Beond

    Custom Guild Emblems

    @[CM] Simon Are we going to have custom guild emblems like PC or are they going to be preset emblems?
  13. PC launch for NA let you create your character months before the game came out and all you did was save it as a file and import it to the game when it came out, also you could pick your family name and 1 character name that would be locked to your account so no one else could use it months before as well. PLEASE let us do this again for xbox version This thread has name reservation but both of these intertwine
  14. Can we please get some form of trading even if it's just you have to be in a guild for 1 month to be able to trade with the people in the guild, that way you could easily tell if someone is trying to buy silver or gear and everyone in the suspected guild could be banned. The whole point of an MMO is to interact with people and you shouldn't let gold farmers ruin that core aspect of a MMO.
  15. Beond

    Beta stress testing

    hell yeah