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  1. Beond

    (XBOX)Mouse & Keyboard support

    Go play PC lol
  2. Beond

    (XBOX)Mouse & Keyboard support

    I don't and 80 people in my guild don't
  3. No because you can only do those actions with your weapon put away
  4. I get a lot of PMs and it seems the spam prevention for the forums carries over to PMs? Really annoying when I have people asking me questions
  5. Idk why they're scared just don't get in my grind spot you'll probably be okay.
  6. Clicking Y will probably be awakening weapon swap @Dr INF3NRO
  7. Beond

    Enforcement strikes

    I wish there was a hide UI so much on screen while trying to watch fireworks
  8. Common guys!!! We need more and get free stuff!!
  9. Beond

    Enforcement strikes

    Must suck to get punished for something and you didn't do anything ha.
  10. Beond

    Just want to be clear on PvP

    As long as you don’t grind in main spots or start killing someone’s spot then you should be fine just don’t make enemies I’m not saying that I’m just saying you can be 49 forever it caps you no matter how much xp you get, he should be fine 90% of the time but some people will just attack people on site
  11. Beond

    Just want to be clear on PvP

    Actually you have to complete a quest to get past 49 lol
  12. Beond

    Gear for beta will try to finish

    You have to use your black spirit and go to enhancing