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  1. Why arent costumes 300 mil yet I need more money
  2. It's called crimson desert
  3. When are costume prices going to match PC? (400mil per premium)
  4. I quit idk if blood is still around I kicked everyone then passed lead, guess I should unfollow this so I don't get emails lmao
  5. Because free 500 mil on Xbox would break the game right now on PC that's nothing
  6. lmao, I don't get it pve server would be worse than having pvp people are just gonna kill your mobs and you can't do anything about it
  7. HAHAHA rehab? Childs play son just got out the insane asylum!!
  8. This is happening to me now since patch 4/3/2019 and I get DC'd every 5 minutes can't play
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