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  1. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    PA confirmed for being there? If so awesome!
  2. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    16 days til e3 we will see
  3. My head hurts too much to have this back and forth GLHF
  4. I haven't played in a long time so can't do that for you as my gear doesn't equal those grind spots but you can go to a streamer and see they will just afk and be fine, your title says"can you implement some way to prevent player deaths from controller disconnects?" how is that not invincibility?
  5. I don't write paragraphs so I'll say this, the only way I would except this feature if it doesn't engage if you're in PvP combat ONLY PvE and even then the places you should be grinding at if you're doing it right and not getting carried the mobs should do 0 dmg on you because your DP should be high enough not to take dmg or you should be taking very little dmg and be able to live for like at least 5 minutes afk. The only time I died from PvE was when the game first came out and world bosses 1 shot you.
  6. Will invite you now, tried inviting you to our club said that wasn't a valid gamer tag
  7. I actually didn't say logout during guild war I said unplug your controller so you don't die while you CDs are counting down then heal after the 10 seconds. Secondly if you hit the xbox button and try to exit the game you could still die, but if you unplug your controller and have a full 10 seconds to turn off you console you could get away without dying. Not to be rude it's just not a good idea. EDIT: In fact with how you are defending this it's making you look like you want to abuse the system, if you are so worried about it make sure you have fully charged batteries or plug in your controller problem fixed.
  8. Safe Mode?

    It's not that type of game at all I don't see PvE players coming here
  9. What We're up to

    Don't play with my feelings Simon!!
  10. Safe Mode?

    100% of the people I know are playing this game for PvP, probably a lot more lost
  11. In that 10 seconds they could turn off their console and their character would logout before they are dead + in guild wars wizards would abuse the love out of it if they are about to die and the time the effect goes back to normal they have another heal. There's no way it would work at all.
  12. Not sure on every ones time zones, I'll be on pretty much everyday, let me know if you want an invite to the club.
  13. If they added it I would not buy it so many people would just turn their controllers off when they are getting owned
  14. Safe Mode?

    Safe mode is called stay under lvl 50, if they ever make it so someone can't kill you I'd quit without a second thought
  15. Xbox One Elite Controller

    What do you mean like make it so a paddle can press X and A at the same time?