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  1. Beond

    Do you play Black Desert on PC?

    Yep I just enjoy sitting in my recliner a lot more haha can't wait
  2. Beond

    Official BDX Discord

    Dude you're pathetic you lost points for alt account too 70 points lmao, I made the daniel accounts and up voted my replies in your post to troll you because you have no self control hahaha, then you're so pathetic to go and remove all your up votes on me and have your guild do the same LOL anyway last time I'll be talking to you, peace on the streets.
  3. Yes our guilds goal is the be the #1 PvP guild and have a territory at all times and we will also host PvP tournaments. As for classes I've asked everyone what their mains will be, currently we need more witches and wizards. As long as you hit the requirements you can do whatever you want in your free time, I won't be asking the impossible just to show dedication. If the in game voice chat isn't good we will be using discord. If you're interested drop your gamertag.
  4. Beond

    Which Class Do You Want First?

    Yeah I'll be maining wizard with warrior alt. Love them haha
  5. Beond

    give bdx a 1-1 arena

    Yeah for real, we need rewards worth it or people will just grind unless they have full pen haha. Rated Arenas with titles, gear, money, etc.
  6. Beond

    give bdx a 1-1 arena

    You mean the community tournaments? Not really sufficient unless they actually added match making
  7. Beond

    Sorc Gameplay video

    @[CM] Simonyes please do this I’d prefer to not use the wheel as well
  8. Beond

    give bdx a 1-1 arena

    Nah give us 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 & 5v5
  9. Beond

    Your Top 5 Things In BD

    Mostly NA here that I know, EU doesn’t have many I know of I took my EU members out of my guild it was about 25
  10. Beond

    Your Top 5 Things In BD

    Only on xbox
  11. Beond

    Your Top 5 Things In BD

    That's my favorite thing to do, wake up in my house like ???
  12. Beond

    Your Top 5 Things In BD

    1. PvP 2. Rivalry’s 3. Grinding 4. Gearing 5. Thousands of hours of fun
  13. Beond

    Your Top 5 Things In BD

    I just wanted to be a painter