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  1. Enrikbass

    News on Beta Keys!

    In Spain, BDO isn't still available on Xbox One Store. It suppose It starts at 9 A.M and now it's 9.20 A.M. Is something wrong with the Beta?
  2. Enrikbass

    New players to BDO universe

    Thanks for the link! Newbies like me need It so much. Gracias por los links! Los novatos como yo los necesitamos mucho.
  3. Enrikbass

    What Class are you going to try first?

    Striker or Musa.
  4. Enrikbass

    Xbox One vs. X

    Yo voy a jugar en principio en Xbox One Fat, pero dentro de poco tendré Xbox One S. No puedo permitirme Xbox One X y una televisión 4K por ahora. I'm going to play this Game in Xbox One Fat, but shortly i'm going to play It in Xbox One S. I can't afford Xbox One X and a 4K TV by now.
  5. Enrikbass

    Introduction Thread!

    Hola mundo, soy Enrikbass, soy nuevo en esto de los MMORPG, bueno no tan nuevo si vale el haber jugado un poco al Elder Scroll Online. Esperando con muchas ganas de que salga el juego. Hello Everybody, I'm Enrikbass, I'm newbie in this kind of MMORPG, well, I'm not so newbie if counts I've been playing TSO for a few time. I'm waiting for this Game eager.