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  1. Luna Mariposa

    What are you playing till BDO comes out

    Currently flying around in Batman: Arkham Asylum and when I'm done there, I'll ride straight into Batman: Arkham City.
  2. Luna Mariposa

    Release date

    Honestly, the wait has killed my burning energy and fascination with the game. For the sake of my sanity, I have moved on to other things like college coursework, my job, family, and games I scored on Black Friday. When they announce the release or a timetable, I will initiate the interest again but I am not privy to care for a developer that cannot afford a few minutes to update us on the game's development. I have literally witnessed the community spiral into a chaotic squabble over the last few weeks because folks do not have their coveted game to grind in. It's disheartening to say the least.
  3. Luna Mariposa

    Mythos is recruiting new members

    I highly recommend this guild as well because I am now a part of it. Insanely fun group of folks -- we have our silly moments but it sincerely feels like family. Spectre didn't go into much detail, but it's very laid-back and informative if that's what you're looking for.
  4. Luna Mariposa

    @[CM] Simon Date

    Probably because he alone cannot make that call. I'm pretty sure a few of them brought that up to the ones leading the project.
  5. Luna Mariposa

    @[CM] Simon Date

  6. Luna Mariposa

    Guesstimate for the price of BDX

    I was thinking in the range of $60 (US) as well since that's the standard for new games and (like you said) who would complain? We'd finally be getting the game, so it would be a 'SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY' moment.
  7. Luna Mariposa

    Cant kill Red Nose....-Lich ★

    Don't know why, but I laughed so hard at this statement. Maybe because of Discord I hear that a lot.
  8. Luna Mariposa

    Cant kill Red Nose....-Lich ★

    Look at you increasing your ranks so efficiently. But seriously, we'll probably be there because like others have said, the servers were toxiiiiiiiiic as carp. I literally had to zone out of reading the chat to focus on better things. I just wish I caught the Simon or Milking events. D:
  9. Luna Mariposa

    Cant kill Red Nose....-Lich ★

    Well, Kamasylvia is where I will be running about like a fool then.
  10. Luna Mariposa

    Cant kill Red Nose....-Lich ★

    I had help on Red Nose and luckily hubby knew the tactics since he killed him first while I was at work. Please point me to the fun servers because I'm tired of the constant garble of stupid questions. ):
  11. Luna Mariposa

    Introduction Thread!

    Welcome to the forums, @Kenji !
  12. Luna Mariposa

    Pearl Store

    I stand alongside @Wiitchcraft -- my Sorceress deserves the best. I do plan on getting a slew of pets though. Also, @Darthaden makes a good point but do what makes you happy. After riding around on that higher tier horse for a bit, I'll admit I'm hooked on the concept of breeding a bit. A SMALL BIT.
  13. Luna Mariposa

    Black Desert When

    By 2021 I hope to be happily playing BDX myself. Either that or I'm going to have a PC built for PC-based MMOs.
  14. Luna Mariposa

    Introduction Thread!

    Welcome @Casxius ! Welcome @Jacs ! Glad to have you both on board.
  15. @Darthaden beat me to it! I was going to say 'An Official Release'.