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  1. I was playing tera lol but, servers are going down for 2 hours FML
  2. Did you try a hard reset of your console, that might help.
  3. Yeah I agree but here's to hoping the NA guys and girls finds all the bugs for us ha.
  4. You're not losing out anything as you don't get to keep progress and haven't paid for anything but, I get where you're coming from I agree it's silly but, as I said it's only a beta at the end of the day.
  5. We may just hold out until launch but remember it's just a beta I'm still hyped for when it fully comes out
  6. I agree with this I'm already paying for max internet but can only get 4mb/s download so it would be nice to have it preloaded.
  7. Man it's only beta and its only out 2 hours just give it time
  8. A bit silly on your end for doing that. Did you reset your console by holding down the power on the console it self after changing to US?
  9. It's NA beta only according to CM on discord but you can change your region to US on your Xbox account and play that way.
  10. Same here, people are saying if you change your Xbox region to US you can play but, I'm not going to bother with that I'll just watch the streams and YouTube videos until launch.
  11. Meh I'm not doing that for beta, if they really wanted it to be an open beta they should cover everyone not just US. Also CM should be on here telling people not on discord.
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