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  1. But there is still problem with sea textures. I like sea content, i want margoria however view on sea make me sad. sea looks muddy and distance drawing is really bad on console. I was in love with atmosphere in sea while fishing in pc. Even with my **** gtx860m laptop on lowest settings(not optimisation mod) it looks beautiful. I wish they find a solition for this problem with next updates.
  2. I want every content that related to life skills, especially margoria.
  3. There are many things u need to learn about game and its impossible to find all answers on forum. Read this https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-gear-progression-guide/ And this https://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/upgrading-gearfailstacking-guide/ Keep grinding for silver. Ur ap is low for that lvl.
  4. Same here. it happens when i switch character or server. i thought it s about my connection.
  5. Where can i find new roadmap? Ppl talking about it on forum but there is nothing on website, forum, discord or youtube channel. Am i missing something? Nvm, i found it on website. They probably editing website when i was looking for roadmap😅
  6. "Combat EXP benefits will stack with scrolls, potions, and Value packages, but does not stack with buffs from other sources." I saw that in event notes. As i ask in title, does it stack with bell and combat book?
  7. As many of u know, imperial delivery daily limit is cp/3 on xbox while its cp/2 on pc. Why u do this pa? Bdo is enjoyable bcs of giving u alternative silver farming methods but cp/3 is killing it. If its about prevent pc veterans abuse it and dont let them make a big gap between new comers, it simply does not work. Top players and veterans grinding money in best spots, killing weak players, dont let anybody reach them. If weak players choose to make money with life skill, cp/3 prevent it. With even 300 cp u can only sell 100 crate. Second thing is imperial delivery npc does not show your daily limit and how many left. Im not a programmer but its should not that much hard. I know cp/3 probably is not only problem for life skillers but i dont have enough info about other problems. I hope u fix your mistakes. Without life skill bdo is just a grindfest p2w korean mmo. People can find mmo s that have better pvp and pve contents.
  8. Pvp turned into "first cc wins" situation. Especially if u are 60+ and have decent gear. This is why im attacking every ppl in arsha when i see them. They are potential enemies so i dont take risk to get first cc and killed.
  9. Calm down bro😅 i just explained my point again to him bcs i though he didnt understand what did i surprise. Im not fully convinced about your argument but im not gonna discuss. I ll take your suggestion as fact.
  10. Its not the point bro. Yes i didnt get amity bcs i didnt meet condition but look closely. 5th had %100 success rate and it failed. If that %100 rate would work, i could spark 5 consecutive and get amity.
  11. I m not master about amity game but if interest level is equal, doesnt it mean that there is %0 fail probability?
  12. Would u explain this to me? I know there is rng in this game but how could i failed with %100 success chance? U can see that nelople failed, and he/she have %100 chance to sparking interest.
  13. If there will be no crossplatform its obvious that we will watch bdx slowly dying. They could reach limited number of players in xbox and many of them just tried and left game after 2 or 3 months. now they announced ps4 version and probably many ppl will leave for fresh start or just for turning back to their favorite console.
  14. There are many p2w material in game but its not a real p2w game like blade and soul. First of all u have to accept that if u want to play this game u need to buy ultimate package and get at least 5 t3 pet. Base game from game pass is just a demo. After this most of p2w material like selling pearl item on market or valks cry or temp buffs from pearl shop or artisan memory will lose their importance day by day after launch. First days u get huge advantage from selling pearl item on market but after valencia 10m for pet will not be logical bcs of grind income. Also 10 fs for tet or pen does not change so much chance. Bdx is more p2w than pc version before valks cry but u can still enjoy the game. U just need to buy t3 pets at least.
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