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  1. berkayselcuk

    The whole remote storage system is bugged

    Conteiners is bugged. Cannot stack items and cannot withdraw them. It s big problem for sausan grinding. I need to turn back to tarif for stacking items or withdraw every hour. This problem cause huge waste of time.
  2. berkayselcuk

    Which lifeskill will make me rich :P

    Right now lifeskill cannot make you rich. But you should prepare for upcoming contents. I suggest you to build your worker empire, increase your contribution and energy and built a fishing boat. After imperial cooking and fishing lifeskill give decent amount of silver. After those there will be desert trading and margoria sea activities which make you rich.
  3. berkayselcuk

    Cm shirna you need gm on the servers to monitor chat

    Is this toxic chat problem in na? In eu i really enjoy to read wolrd chat.
  4. berkayselcuk

    An idea for faster energy regeneration.

    Daily quest may help you. Calpheon and heidel daily quests gives decent amount of energy.
  5. berkayselcuk

    Central Market. What’s the deal?!

    They should add preorder and sale counts for every price like central market on pc version. Trying to find exact price for buying an item is meaningless.
  6. I have same issue too. I curious about if it can be solved with freesync monitor?
  7. berkayselcuk

    Ok So Maybe We Will Get Mediah Today, LOL

    As i said you are right but they dont want to give up on pc vets. Beside that they probably wanna catch pc version so it would be easy for them to control updates. But i m not a PA officier so those are just guesses😅
  8. berkayselcuk

    Ok So Maybe We Will Get Mediah Today, LOL

    Yeah you are right however they should think about pc vets too. There is nothing left to do in game after 1 week for them.
  9. berkayselcuk

    Ok So Maybe We Will Get Mediah Today, LOL

    It was obvious right? Mediah came in 2-4 week for mena after launch and PA's update plans for xbox shows that updates will come even faster than mena 😊
  10. berkayselcuk

    Failstack for witch earring and mark of shadow

    Thanks for advice guys. I spend 15 fs for pri but after that i ll try it at 10 fs.
  11. I heard ppl suggests 20 failstack for pri witch earring but its really hard for now and i wanna go for duo. Is it unrealistic expectation to have duo with 20 stack? Should i try or save them for future?
  12. berkayselcuk

    Repeatable Daily Quests - UI

    There are many quests so i cannot explain all of them here. You can find guides if you google "heidel and calpheon daily quests", or you can google "bdo contribution daily quests" to see all of them.
  13. berkayselcuk

    Repeatable Daily Quests - UI

    There are calpheon and heidel daily quests for cp. And yeah please add ui for suggested and recurring quests.
  14. berkayselcuk

    Alpha v Symphony v RedRise [EU]

    Would you share your full build? How much gs do you have? This 1v4 is insane.
  15. berkayselcuk

    Central Market

    Central market have problems on xbox. It should show how many item in stock on every prices and how many preorders for them like on pc version. Beside that there should be warehouse and market connection that let us send our items and money from our warehouse directly to market inventory.