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  1. Jinxys

    Regions and servera

    They're working on the classification for AUS and NZ now. Although no date for when it will appear on the AUS/NZ MS store. Just glad that it is coming. I hope before launch as it would be nice to get the 100$ USD Pack and play with everyone else
  2. Jinxys

    2 days

    lol and we all know how Monday went huh ^^
  3. Jinxys

    Had the game been in the store in Brazil?

    That's because at launch it's only going to be NA and EU. We will have to wait for further info on when other regions will come AUS/NZ are also excluded in this
  4. Jinxys

    Pay to win!!!!

  5. Jinxys

    Happy new year!

  6. Jinxys

    Official Pearl abyss Facebook page

    Everyone I knew that was going to play the game has lost their hyped and many have already committed to other games. I've given up on the forums and the official discord, with little to no information what's the point. And sometime in 2019 seems pretty likely at this point.
  7. Jinxys

    Everyones goals for BDX?

    I just want to lifeskill and enjoy those aspects of the game Fishing Hunting Cooking Alchemy Processing etc etc
  8. Jinxys

    Constant Disconnected from Server Notice...

    The servers were taken down on the night of the 12th as that was the end of the Open Beta. Keep an eye out for release info soon hopefully
  9. Yuh this. But I am not holding my breath for my region anymore
  10. Jinxys

    Youtube upload

    I love the vid. I do have a question though. When I upload mine from External USB to YT from the footage I took with the DVR on XB< All my colors are washed out and it looks like an old film. Yours looks so vibrant and awesome... This only happens after I upload though. And I agree that quality is very good on XB ! Nice one
  11. Jinxys

    Regions need an answer

    At this point it does not look like we're getting this on our marketplace. We should prepare for this., I hate to sound cynical but the reality is they said several times they have no plans to launch on the Australian market place yet. but that MAY change before launch, No mention of NZ but AUS/NZ usually get thrown in lol
  12. Jinxys

    End of Beta Survey

    I submitted mine. Thanks again for a great beta See you guys at launch
  13. Jinxys

    Regions need an answer

    for me it's always been NA
  14. Jinxys

    Regions need an answer

    yeah well I just tried that with my Paypal and it asks for a US billing address and it rejected the payment.. so that doesn';t seem like an option for many of us