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  1. I think it would be really really bad if our Ultimate editions didn't get the items during the headstart phase. While I haven't heard otherwise or can post anything to back this up. It would be logical that our items would be mailed to us in game very shortly after. But that wording " The items in the [Standard Edition], [Deluxe Edition], and [Ultimate Edition] can be used after the official launch of the game " Is either worded very badly or they're considering the game launched already for head-start Some clarification is needed for sure -Jinxy
  2. AS soon as your pre-order goes through and is paid for. It automatically started to download for me. but yeah if your order has gone through you def should have the option to pre-download it RIGHT now.
  3. This gesture of good will means a lot to me. I really liked the original Shudad on my Sorceress. So being able to get that original Shudad and then the newer one later. Thank you ❤️
  4. Correct. PA are indeed in the final stages of making the game available on the AUS/NZ Storefront. There is nothing stopping anyone using Xbox Giftcards and purchasing the game from the US store either, perfectly acceptable according to MS Support. Please refer to this post below . Half way down some info you'll be interested to read in regards to the AUS/NZ store for BDX. It is coming. Rest assured Australia is not being discriminated against. It's a process that PA had to go through to GET The game onto our storefronts. They're doing everything they can to get that done as well. It was mentioned several times on discord also that the process is indeed in the final stages
  5. They're working on the classification for AUS and NZ now. Although no date for when it will appear on the AUS/NZ MS store. Just glad that it is coming. I hope before launch as it would be nice to get the 100$ USD Pack and play with everyone else
  6. Jinxys

    2 days

    lol and we all know how Monday went huh ^^
  7. That's because at launch it's only going to be NA and EU. We will have to wait for further info on when other regions will come AUS/NZ are also excluded in this
  8. Everyone I knew that was going to play the game has lost their hyped and many have already committed to other games. I've given up on the forums and the official discord, with little to no information what's the point. And sometime in 2019 seems pretty likely at this point.
  9. I just want to lifeskill and enjoy those aspects of the game Fishing Hunting Cooking Alchemy Processing etc etc
  10. The servers were taken down on the night of the 12th as that was the end of the Open Beta. Keep an eye out for release info soon hopefully
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