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  1. Hey, actually it isnt possible to buy stuff from the Silver you got in Warehouse. wanted to buy Food For the pet at Izaro, if i buy from the Silver in my Investory then everything is Fine, if i buy from the Silver in warehouse , it only Displays: this area Gas already been Discoverd greetings Micha
  2. Go to Settings and change your Location to United States, restart and Download the Game. After that you can Set the Location back to your Country. Theay alleready Said it is only available in US Store, so it ist a Bug. #closerequest
  3. Actually the only Bad thing i mentioned on the pc Version was the hard Drive consumption. HDD died on an bdo only pc each 6 Month. Thats why bdo will get an external ssd on my Xbox πŸ™‚
  4. Hey, i Would like to join your Crew. Iβ€˜m an 23 Yo Gamer from Germany. i started playing bdo on PC and soon went into β€žbe the First one that reaches lvl 60β€œ- State. But i am also Working Full Time so i don’t got that much Time :/ Greetings, Tarlio / Micha
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