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  1. Bump to refresh since it's been a few months. Let us know if you have any questions.
  2. I believe PUBG just said there is a way to detect XIM users and a way to ban them (the XIM)iirc as a lot of people have been complaining. I also read that XIM can be blocked in games and it’s up to the dev. Though I don’t know the validity of that.
  3. Critical Mass is now recruiting. Our main focus for the guild will be all PvP aspects in the game with a dash of what PvE the game does offer. We will be recruiting up to 100 players and only be keeping active members in guild to make sure no one has to carry any extra slack in the massive PvP events. Also, with 100 people you will never be alone especially if you are coming up against other players out in the world that may want to gank/grief. We will still be doing other activities in the game though that aren’t tailored to PvP, but as the games focus is PvP that is where our focus will be lying. If you are interested feel free to leave a comment here or message me on the site. We have a Discord server and Xbox Club that we can socialize in before and when the game comes out. If you prefer to message me on Xbox my gamertag is DarkcelI (second “L” in my name is an uppercase i, on Xbox).
  4. If anyone has any questions they can also be asked here or my gamer tag is: DarkcelI (last “L” is actually a capital i).
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