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  1. LordThurisaz

    @[CM] Simon Date

    *peeks in* Nope still not here? *sinks back into the shadows again*
  2. LordThurisaz

    A paid founders pack

    Founder packs would be good.
  3. LordThurisaz

    Camera 180 spin

    This... drives....me....insane.
  4. LordThurisaz

    (XBOX)Mouse & Keyboard support

    Yes! I actually tested the Insider Program KB&M integration with Warframe, it felt sooo good. Smooth and just good.... if this game could start fighting for support of that out of the gate it would be the smartest thing they can do.
  5. LordThurisaz

    Lock onto enemies

    I wouldn't be opposed to a target lock, as a ranger right now that could be interesting. For sure, without question, the 180 camera thingy is driving me up a wall. I can't stand it. I would honestly even love and option to just disable it all together.
  6. LordThurisaz

    Option to reduce brightness

    I agree, there was a massive lack of in-game video setting support options.
  7. LordThurisaz

    What Computer Should I Buy?

    Of course!
  8. LordThurisaz

    News on Beta Keys!

    Awesome! Thanks for the update Simon! You Rock! \m/
  9. Make snacks for the beta, take a power nap, or watch a movie?
  10. LordThurisaz

    Beta Survival Kit

    I got a bottle of whiskey does that count?
  11. You could read around a little. But since the beta isn't until the 8th I'd try waiting until midnight for starters.
  12. LordThurisaz

    Beta 12 hours, what are you doing?

    G-Fuel is amazing, I went from drinking almost a 12 pack a day of Mt Dew to no soda at all thanks to G-Fuel, it's really helped me break away in a much more healthy direction and their flavors are amazing.
  13. LordThurisaz

    I'd like to join your guild...but

    Ooo, spying on me now ehh? 😏
  14. LordThurisaz

    Npc Romance-Dating/Marriage

    I'd be cool with a marriage system like Lineage 2 had, once you married your spouse you got a skill that let you teleport to them, and a few other lil benefits think there was a shared storage too. It was cool to see though because over time, people made it into in-game events to the point GM's actually showed up to some peoples weddings and stuff. So it was cool to see how throwing the community a lil thing like that grew into bigger in-game events. I know a few of the hardcore RP guilds even married each other off like the old days for alliances and stuff it was really fun!