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  1. Paddy_Whack

    Starting abilities

    You can find decent class guides for both awakening and pre-awakening here
  2. Paddy_Whack

    Region / moving region

    You will NOT be able to switch characters between NA and EU. They are completely separate servers, with different economy's etc. What they referred to in the AMA is switching channels within your server.
  3. Hey guys. Paddy_Whack here from Symphony EU. We want to share some of our guides with Black Desert Xbox Community in hopes that they might be beneficial to some of the players who are completely new to the world of Black Desert. This is a quick and basic guide I created to help understand how to hire workers and get them started gathering mats for you. Basic guide to getting started with workers and nodes We have a lot of helpful guides and tips and tricks, from our many experienced PC players, for all our members. You can apply to Symphony through our official discord
  4. Paddy_Whack


    Your plan is flawed. Players can just stay 49 and grind peacefully, since whats 1 more level. You sound like a 10 year old spoiled brat having a tantrum because something is not what they want it to be, and threatening to troll anyone who has a different opinion to yourself. For the record, I am against the hard cap.
  5. Paddy_Whack

    Class selection and overview on launch

    This info is definitely correct for the current PC meta. The only thing i would say that is certain for whichever class you pick, is that you will spend endless hours grinding to get them the level and skillpoints to be competitive. So make sure its a class where you enjoy the combat. If you dont enjoy the combat, you will lose interest, get bored, or reroll to another class and waste the time you invested. We will be way behind PC content wise and with the upcoming removal of renown bonuses, evasion, dp, and accuracy builds might be viable again resulting in some classes being better or worse in PvP. There is no dead class in BDO, and if you work hard for the gear, any class can shine in their own way at softcap and beyond.
  6. Paddy_Whack

    Prediction: BDX will cost $10 USD after release

    Actually there is no difference in pick up time on a t2 pet compared to a t1, the only difference is they learn their skill at lvl1 while a t1 learns it at lvl10.
  7. Paddy_Whack

    Ability to hide your current channel

    As we see from PC streamers they need to implement an overlay to hide the current channel they are on in order to minimize stream sniping. I can't remember myself from beta if our current channel was visible for the console UI but it would be great if we could get an option to hide it. A lot of streamers that will stream bdx will do it straight from their Xbox without a capture card and will have no way to cover the current channel.
  8. Paddy_Whack

    Disappointed but not surprised

    Early access for the ultimate pack goes live at 00:00am UTC on March 1st. It releases at that time for all regions which means NA will technically get it on Feb 28th due to time zone differences.
  9. Paddy_Whack

    Prediction: BDX will cost $10 USD after release

    The packs are most definitely worth it, and are probably the best value I've ever seen for a preorder bundle. All the items given are of good use to you in your adventures and you will probably end up buying most, if not all, of the items further down the road. Bear in mind these are preorder packs and wont be available for ever so I suggest if you plan on playing the game somewhat seriously you should definitely go for the ultimate pack. The base game once released may very well only cost $10-$20, and there a good reason its only $10 on PC. They know the majority of people are going to spend more after that in order to get the necessary things from the cash shop to make your experience so much more enjoyable.
  10. Paddy_Whack

    The joke is on you PA

    Its a complete troll. Its not even about another 2 month wait for me, its the way they communicate with the community. After multiple delays, we finally got the open beta in November. Everything was good, the game looking pretty well polished and although it needed a few fixes and changes, the 2018 release looking almost certain to happen. The buzz on the forums and discord was great, the GM's and CM's were totally involved with the community, answering tonnes of questions and helping anybody that needed it. Most people were sure of a November release, early December at the latest, the hype was real!! Beta ended, and everything went back to how it was before. No communication, no answers, no release info. November came and went, no more info. People started getting annoyed and frustrated why nothing was being fed back to the loyal community that have waiting so long for this game. It got to the point in December when the hype had just died, before the announcement of the the start of preorders for Jan 7th. Now PA knew that the community was so desperate for release, so why couldn't they have just said to us back in December that they had more work to do than they thought and the game will be delayed a few months but we are aiming for a release in late Feb-early March and we will have preorders available in January. Instead they hyped up a big reveal that they had to have known would anger the majority of the community.
  11. Paddy_Whack

    Just want to be clear on PvP

    You sound like a pretty casual player and there are plenty of ways to enjoy BDO casually but... Black Desert is all about progression, there is no lvl cap and later levels at 62+ take months of grinding. Everything you do in Black Desert is geared toward earning silver and investing that silver into upgrading your gear, the better gear you have the better spots you can grind and defend, and thus earn more silver per hour. The more silver you earn, the more chances you have to upgrade your gear. The fact that you have played so many MMo's and not reached lvl cap in almost all of them kinda suggests that your not really into grinding, and you also want to avoid PvP at all costs so maybe this game might not be suited to your tastes. Black Desert is a marathon not a sprint. If you want to have a competitive character it requires significant time investment, long grinding sessions, and PvP. If you want to just spend an hour or 2 here and there and just enjoy the game, explore, gather, cook thats perfectly fine and you will have an awesome time doing that but at the end of the day, what is the point of earning silver in this game and upgrading your gear if you dont plan on progressing your character, doing any PvP, or taking part in node wars and sieges. PvP is the end game in BDO.
  12. Paddy_Whack

    Post beta updates - Y hold reduced to 0.2s

    World bosses will be dropping sharps/hards???
  13. Paddy_Whack

    That was a great beta experience.

    Totally agree. One of the best beta tests I have been part of. The CM's were awesome being so active on the discord also.
  14. Paddy_Whack

    Just want to be clear on PvP

    Just to relate to this issue. I had similar concerns before I started playing on PC, I wasn't particularly interested in PvP and read about after hitting 50 you can PvP'd by other players. I played anyway and let me tell you, its not like you think. People need to activate PvP mode in order to attack you and if they kill you they lose karma. If they lose too much karma, they can go negative and their gear can downgrade or they can lose crystals from their gear if they are killed. 99% of this happens on the top grind spots, since there are only so many rotations within the grind spots, players will sometimes flag and try to kill you to either protect their spot, or to try to take yours. A lot of the time though people will come, see that you are there and maybe ask you for a duel and the winner takes the spot, or maybe they just see its taken and switch channel. If they just keep killing you, switch to another character and do some lifeskilling for while and go back to that character later. This is a PvP game, and yes people do grief from time to time, that happens in all games. But you can avoid most of the PvP if you settle for less popular spots, or a less popular rotation within a popular spot. You can also try to just grind at times when its not so busy, mornings and late at night most spots are empty, and at peak times you can gather, cook, alchemy, complete some story missions, theres tonnes of other stuff to do other that grinding. Anyway my point is, don't let the PvP thing put you off this game, its not as you think and can be avoided. And you may in turn end up liking the PvP side of the game as I did.
  15. Caphras are only used on gear that is TRI-PEN. We will only have up to +15 on release.