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  1. 100% agree, totally unfair to a large portion of the player base.
  2. Well hopefully its 1pm but it is a pretty big update so 3pm does seem more likely.
  3. This would be a huge QoL improvement. I avoid using the chat function when I can and try to communicate with guild on discord instead because the text chat function is horrible even using a USB keyboard. I have seen older console mmo's have Enter to start text and Enter again to send so I mean its 2019 and this should be the norm for console text chat. Chat is vital in MMO's especially a game like this that is PvP driven and guild members need to be able to communicate quickly rather than having to press a load of buttons, type out message, then press more buttons to actually send.
  4. That's the amity game. 2/42 means it costs 2 energy to attempt the amity game and you currently have 42 energy, but you need have acquired certain knowledge topics related to the npc in order to start it. It a pretty complex system, but a lot of energy increases later in the game will require you to do it. It can be frustrating and there are easier ways to gain energy quickly early game. This is a pretty good guide to show you exactly how it all works. Regarding increasing your max energy, as others have said you need to complete topics in your knowledge. This done by exploring the map, speaking with all npc's, grinding mobs to get knowledge on them, and a lot by playing the amity game with certain npc's to get missing topics.
  5. Updated to a YouTube video with instructions for the Xbox verison.
  6. BDO is unique and, after 4 years, is still one of the best and most played out there, expanding to new regions and platforms constantly while being successful. If you are bored of playing this game after 2 months then you are not experiencing the games full potential. And while you are quite entitled to your opinion, BDO is far from a shallow game. It has one of the most complex and in depth lifeskilling systems you will see in any MMO. I get that the game is not everyone's cup of tea, its not like the usual themepark dungeon grinders where you get top gear in 2 months and then wait for an expansion. You can do relics and boss scrolls, join the same guild and do guild missions/pvp, you could do Savage Rifts if we have them in our version, you could quest together, hunt seamonsters, do RBF's. When Shadow Arena comes there is a group battle royale you could team up for too. Its definitely not the most social game out there and, while there are some things you can team up for, you will probably be playing solo a lot.
  7. Not being able to turn while in animation hampers a lot of skills across most classes. Its not a big deal in PVE but in PVP not only does it mean you lose a lot of damage from the skill but also leaves you very vulnerable. Its mainly an issue with awakening skills and their flows and since a lot of these moves have forward guard, you want to be able to turn to face your opponent to keep yourself as protected as possible, as well as trying to land as much of the skill as you can on a moving target.
  8. @[CM]Shirna Can you lock this thread please
  9. Nothing constructive to add to the thread?
  10. Triggered?? In what part of my reply did you get the impression I was triggered? And I never once insinuated any ignorance on your part. I simply asked your opinion on whether or not you thought the issue was being ignored, since your reply to my previous post was that you didn't think it was hard to change, rather they just need to find middle ground with it. If that reply really bothered you so much you should steer clear of forums.
  11. Do you think they are just ignoring the issue then? They have changed things that people complained about from the first beta, for instance the reduced time to hold Y for looting/gathering. They know this is a major issue since the open beta back in November, they acknowledged it and have stated they are looking into it multiple times, so its obviously not a straight forward change. So its either that or they don't care about an issue that has been raised on many occasions and is a deal breaker for a lot of people. I'd be inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt on this and expect that a change is in the works.
  12. They have stated multiple times that they are looking into it.. They have listened to other suggestions and implemented changes based on feedback and they are aware the screen shake is a problem for a lot of people. I have faith that it will be changed asap but it must be causing some issues trying to change and may be harder to fix than people realize.
  13. I never asked for any bans from beta, your misunderstanding the post. There is a difference between finding an exploit and reporting it, to finding an exploit and abusing it. Yes the beta is here for testing of course and when myself and my guild found a member who had full +15 gear after 12 hours of beta going live, we investigated to find out how it was possible and when we discovered it was gained using an exploit, we removed him from our guild and reported the exploit to Hexe, who got it sorted very quickly.
  14. The pet feed exploit was the main issue in this post. The team fixed it quickly when it was brought to their attention and that's a good thing. Buying something cheap from the market and selling it back when prices rise has nothing to do with this. That is a genuine investment and nothing like what this post is about. The other issue was getting an ultimate pack for every character that beat Red Nose, which I'm pretty sure was not supposed to happen. Players then opened the costumes, melted each piece at a blacksmith for cron stones, and sold the crons to a NPC earning about 10 million silver for each toon they did that on. If players did it on 1 toon, then thats fine. Its a completely genuine feature of the game and the player gets 10mill and sacrifices his costume. Doing it multiple times with costumes you should not have gotten IS ABUSING AN EXPLOIT. It absolutely amazes and actually worries me how many people think that doing this was ok and completely fair. And then those that brag about their gear as if they had actually achieved something. The players that abused these exploits during beta will be the same people doing it again if the chance arises when the game goes live and that is the point I am making in this post. PA need to be firm with this issue and set an example from the start if issues like this arise after launch.
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