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  1. I usually just open the map and close it once the textures of the map load in. It is a pain but thats how Ive been getting around it. I am playing on an X with HDR enabled
  2. You have stuff in your campsite storage, it has to be empty before another character can use it.
  3. Ninja is the only class left without a counterpart beside archer who doesnt have one. I dont think it will be much longer til everyone is in. Im wondering if its a data and balance type thing they are looking at. Just my guess though. I do agree with doing them both at the same time though.
  4. Hopefully it doesnt slow down development for xbox stuff. Otherwise its an awesome idea, im all for it.
  5. Same here, Im on my 3rd crash today. Up until now since launch it hasnt crashed on me at all.
  6. I figured it out, for those who may have the same problem you need sinister energy 3 before you can get absolute darkness. It doesnt say so on the tooltip though.
  7. Can anyone else get this skill to work? Am I just doing it wrong, it says LS down+RT but Sinister Energy is the only thing that happens which is just RT.
  8. Anyone else missing their quests onthe right hand side of the screen under the mini map. I can open my quest menu with Lt+Down D pad but it doesnt stay.
  9. I think they are going through optimizations for console. I think they are all coming over.
  10. Yeah, I did that after four tries and soon as I posted this it went through.
  11. It keeps having me restart the quest before the cutscene for Kzarka, and the sound is out as well.
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