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  1. Dragonfiend

    Storage maid

    Anyone else having an issue with the storage maid? She only accepts one item at a time.
  2. Dragonfiend

    Controller with chatpad

    The xbox app on your smartphone should work as well, I havent tried it myself but it typically works with other games.
  3. Dragonfiend

    New Release Date Times

    I may be getting up early Mar 1st to make my character. Then its off to work ☹
  4. Dragonfiend

    BDX Stream Thursday?

    Well damn, Ill be at work I guess im missing this one. I was looking forward to Thursday.
  5. Dragonfiend

    Xbox one/S/X

    The only problem I had with my X was when the Kzarka boss in the beginning. After they stabilized the servers and added more it worked itself out. But playing a witch with all the explosions and effects had no effect on my performance playin on the 4K mode.
  6. Dragonfiend


    Will we have the same clothing options on Xbox as the PC does? I know some show a little more than others but nothing is really pushing the envelope to me.
  7. Dragonfiend


    The some reason is probably adding more fabric to some of them. Gotta love the censorship.
  8. Dragonfiend

    Official stream

    I think there's a good chance the servers will be wrecked if they try to play it modest.
  9. Dragonfiend

    What class will you be playing

    All lol, probably gonna main witch though.
  10. Dragonfiend

    Beauty album

    Any chance we can get our hands on the character creator early and start adding to the beauty album?
  11. Dragonfiend

    Beauty album

    They said it would be a new album for xbox. So it wont be populated right away.
  12. Dragonfiend

    Beauty album

    If thats the case Ill just make all generic alts and get the names I want then go back and change the appearance after. Im not to worried about dyes.
  13. Dragonfiend


    I been following this ridiculous thread for a little while now. I still dont think we have enough info to react one way or another. Personally I just wanna have fun with the game, possibly make a friend or two and enjoy my characters. A few of these posts in here make me wish it was a single player experience from all this toxicity. . Can we agree to disagree that bdo and bdx are the same but with differences geared to different target audiences. BDO geared towards the PC community while BDX is geared towards the console community. I dont see trying to make the console version like the PC version happening. As far as the cap being removed if anyone knows more than me maybe they can help if its server side (which I think it is) it shouldnt take long to remove it, or change it. I dont know how those changes work though. Im assuming its like someone activating a double xp weekend, but its probably more complicated. Sorry for the length, just my two cents
  14. Dragonfiend

    Ultimate Pack breakdown.

    Im hoping we get info on whether or not the pearl shop prices will differ on here vs the PC.
  15. Dragonfiend

    Skill Point Menu

    I wouldnt be surprised if we did get the updated menus and marketplace that pc just got.
  16. Dragonfiend

    Warrior or wizard

    Judging from your post, Id say Warrior. Its about having fun. Play what feels like more fun to you.
  17. Dragonfiend

    Mmmmm Spam

    Where's the lottery spell?
  18. Dragonfiend

    Suggestion for Xbox one/x owners

    I have both an X and an S but I wont be leaving them on all night, I just dont like the idea of that. But for those that do its a good idea, specially if you are running in 4K on the X. It will just have to take me forever to do stuff. Have they even said how afk activities will differ on the console vs pc?
  19. Dragonfiend

    Which console to play this on?

    When the severs finally stabilized (we pretty much wrecked them for the event, it was a beta though) things were pretty smooth with lots of people/effects on screen. I played as a witch and didnt noticed any framerate issues while blowing stuff up or creating blizzards and meteors. I was playing on my One X with the 4K visuals turned on.
  20. Dragonfiend

    Update for Black Desert 23 GB?

    Guess I wont be playing tonight like I had hoped. Im loving it so far, great work guys.
  21. Dragonfiend

    Beta 12 hours, what are you doing?

    I probably will, who needs sleep. Creating a character half sleep cant be too bad lol
  22. Dragonfiend

    Beta 12 hours, what are you doing?

    It will be 3 am for me when it launches so ill be sleep... maybe lol
  23. Dragonfiend

    Give it to me straight

    Your opinion on the average amount of money for a good experience on this game? I've been researching a lot about the grind and lifeskills, but whats someones opinion who's already done this before. Edit* Im mainly a PVE player
  24. Dragonfiend

    Stress Test Poll

    ok, thanks for the responses. I hope I have time to play sunday after work
  25. Dragonfiend

    Stress Test Poll

    Did you happen to see a time?