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    The Beta

    thank you ~ I'm sorry to seem like a fool but this is only my first or second open beta so I'm still kind of new to this lol
  2. Suzumiko

    The Beta

    Thank you!
  3. Suzumiko

    The Beta

    thanks... I didn't really ask for some of those comments, I wasn't sure if it was only to a limited amount of people who registered early and was in a hurry to figure this out... I hope you all understand but I get it, it was all in a friendly manner ~ hopefully. I should've just used the search bar like many of you said
  4. Suzumiko

    The Beta

    I just found out about the beta being open in 2 days, are people still able to opt into it...? I've played it on my pc before but I've wanted to play with a few other friends who sadly don't have very good pcs for gaming and won't be getting one anytime soon... Thanks, Suzumiko