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  1. "Marumin Monument" and "Choosing a Camel" quests in Valencia are bugged and you can't progress past them. With the camel quest, it says to 'Examine the Camels' by interacting with the 'Check Camel' sign, once you hold Y and press on Examine and Continue you just get put in a loop of Examine and Continue and can't progress. The same happens with the Monument quest it's stuck in a Examine and Continue loop. Edit: Nevermind, you have to move the camera around but there's no UI telling you to.
  2. I have completed all the required quests and have professional 10 in gathering yet the quest isn't showing.
  3. I'm trying to do the prerequisite quests to get the quest that gives the cymbals but "A WORRIED FRIEND" isn't showing up and I have completed "CHOIR SUPPORTERS REQUEST" What am I missing?
  4. IKR and the server notices are saying the 'updated' times will be in effect after the April 10th maintenance whereas the website says the original times will be used after the April 10th maintenance
  5. I'm having the exact same issue, it also is an issue (in 2018) on PC as well.
  6. The boss times are perfect for me and my friends, please don't change them too much 😀👍
  7. The first letter of my email on My profile (on the website) is a capital, so i wrote it exactly as it says to the xbox, it says it's linked but whenever i go to submit a ticket i can't choose the 2nd drop down menu for linked accounts only.
  8. Can we expect this update this coming Wednesday ? (Edit: nevermind just restarted game and it's already in)
  9. They would only need to add more just for when the world boss spawns in
  10. Can confirm its the same for me
  11. At least a 7 second delay and massive lag on Med 3. Also can you guys disable player collision during world bosses? You just get stuck on other players and have to spam a dodge to move anywhere.
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