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  1. CubicVariable42

    Release date!

    They've been MIA for a week (on twitter), unless they say anything about the release date I'm gonna say it's coming out next year
  2. CubicVariable42

    Release date!

    Next year. Posted on PA's Facebook https://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/pearl-abyss-opens-california-office-1203087962/
  3. CubicVariable42

    Let's resign ourselves here.

    Why do you want a physical copy?
  4. CubicVariable42

    Another Open Letter

    People were not being respectful which breaks the rules. Also you say they don't like the subject, how can you know that when they didn't say why they locked it? There's probably a lot of reasons someone decided to lock it, good reasons and or bad reasons.
  5. CubicVariable42

    Another Open Letter

    People can still read it though it's not like it's been deleted.
  6. CubicVariable42

    Another Open Letter

    Copy and paste much. You do realise progress takes time and they're not silent, we got the winners of the fireworks photo event, post beta changes and updates on the release date saying they're working on it and once they have a date they'll tell us.
  7. It just needs to release.
  8. I found him on the very last time he was hiding. The hint was something like: where the tree spirits live. I was trying to get to where I thought he was and ended up finding him. When I tried to add him to get into my party my game crashed 😂
  9. CubicVariable42

    Disconnected from servers

    The beta ended 2 days ago.
  10. For the winners of the hide and seek event, yeah.
  11. CubicVariable42

    (XBOX)Mouse & Keyboard support

    Ok you tell me the people want it and the people that don't.
  12. CubicVariable42

    After open beta

    No official price has been confirmed.
  13. CubicVariable42

    (XBOX)Mouse & Keyboard support

    People that want it: JustJay, DoktaVODKA, Max, KingElias, LordThurisaz, xCROv, Saren, col Hoffman Total: 8 People that don't want it: Namus, Kenji, Metalpotatoe, Guifoda, Groovy, Mary69Jane, Jammer480, Flexkw0ndo, CubicVariable42, Astolti Total: 10
  14. CubicVariable42

    (XBOX)Mouse & Keyboard support

    No mouse and keyboard support thanks. If you want it go play PC
  15. CubicVariable42

    Screenshots for the Firework Event Post

    What an amazingly experience!