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  1. CubicVariable42


    I'm leaning towards it being PC because they showed Drieghan
  2. CubicVariable42

    Denied beta access?

    IMO the people that misunderstood it can't English good
  3. CubicVariable42

    Future BDO updates

    Couldn't care less for male ranger 🐥
  4. CubicVariable42

    Dev Notes #5

    yeah literally no need for this post
  5. CubicVariable42

    Yo Simon AFK life skills?

    He did , it's still in discussion
  6. CubicVariable42

    Denied beta access?

    You were not denied access it was letting everyone know that if your under the age of 13 in NA and 16 in EU you cannot join the beta. As another person said after I helped them realise what the email was saying, it's a disclaimer not a rejection
  7. CubicVariable42

    Remastered stream

    Well, yeah...
  8. CubicVariable42

    Marketplace mobile app in the works!

    It's being developed by PA though.
  9. CubicVariable42

    Remastered stream

    Noice watch, glad to see Pearl Abyss working hard and constantly improving this game. I feel as if they genuinely care about the game they're working on, people need to be more positive 😀
  10. Noice! I assume when it's complete we'll be able to use it on Xbox
  11. CubicVariable42

    Remastered stream

  12. CubicVariable42

    Remastered stream

    Holy crap the music sounds freaking amazing!!!
  13. CubicVariable42

    Beta Email Clarification

    If your afraid you got pulled off the list just sign up again
  14. CubicVariable42

    Beta Email Clarification

    You didn't need to reply at all.