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  1. Whenever I walk, sprint or ride a horse I feel like I'm fighting the camera the whole time because it constantly auto-centres to the horizon could we please get an option to disable this? (In the gif I'm not centring the camera it's the silly auto centre)
  2. CubicVariable42

    Banned Names for Family or Character

    Maybe add an option to disable the profanity filter?
  3. You can auto loop, I think it's LT and X. It displays the blue line as green if it's a loop.
  4. CubicVariable42

    New Release Date Times

    Thanks for the clarification 🤗
  5. CubicVariable42

    Australia/New Zealand region information please @CM

    There won't be OCE servers only NA and EU servers.
  6. CubicVariable42

    Second beta confirmed?

    Didn't see that comment. Just people saying Feb 14th. https://youtu.be/B-rJnGnBFs8
  7. CubicVariable42

    Important question to CM

    What about AUS?
  8. CubicVariable42

    News about other regions launch ?

    What's the ETA for Australia?
  9. CubicVariable42

    How to add players to the ignore list (credit to Beyond)

    Made the same post a while back when the first bot spammed. https://forums.playblackdesert.com/index.php?/topic/366-solution-to-the-bot-spam/
  10. CubicVariable42

    Pre-Orders Start Jan 7th!

    Will it be available in the Australian store?
  11. CubicVariable42

    Release date!

    They've been MIA for a week (on twitter), unless they say anything about the release date I'm gonna say it's coming out next year
  12. CubicVariable42

    Release date!

    Next year. Posted on PA's Facebook https://variety.com/2018/gaming/news/pearl-abyss-opens-california-office-1203087962/
  13. CubicVariable42

    Let's resign ourselves here.

    Why do you want a physical copy?
  14. CubicVariable42

    Another Open Letter

    People were not being respectful which breaks the rules. Also you say they don't like the subject, how can you know that when they didn't say why they locked it? There's probably a lot of reasons someone decided to lock it, good reasons and or bad reasons.