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  1. Hi, I rented out a container in Velia and put my container in my residence from the area i bought it from but it's saying that withdrawing is unavailible right now. what do i do to fix this?
  2. Click to move feature sounds ideal but disrupts the overall flow of combat. The milliseconds it takes to activate and deactivate along with timing knockdowns which is the main form of cc in this game imo would ruin timing of combos. Imo
  3. 60 fps is a big difference I would upgrade to the x if you can.
  4. Will the game. Be playable in 60 fps 1080p on the Xbox one x? Thanks
  5. I think that's the best it's going to get because u got to take in account the og Xbox.
  6. A quick 180 turn button to make back attacks easier is my only complaint.
  7. All I see is boobs. Nothing wrong here....
  8. Grind while you can. It's goin to take awhile for players to be competent in PvP. Gear wise.
  9. Jeeze. I dont even have a quarter of that gear. Are you from PC? You seem to know what ur doing
  10. Instead of pvping you could just set up a empire of cash flow and rule the market place with gear you grinded for. Everyone has their place in this game.
  11. I really hope this system will be in the full game at launch.
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