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  1. Pretty excited about the game fund being added. Was something I missed from PC. Overall solid update keep up the great work!
  2. I have always loved the TES series and still visit ESO every now and then. The game started out crap but to where it is today and where it's going I have hopes. I don't play it much for the MMO aspect as I do the stories, however you are 100% right. The game doesn't have to be the best. When you have a community like the TES or hell even the FFXIV community it can make the game way more enjoyable. Surprisingly outside of the the vocal trolls in BDO on Xbox or PC, with the lurking I have done I've seen a pretty helpful community.
  3. I'd be interested in joining your guild; Family name: Xariz XBL: thepwndocksaint
  4. Hey all I go by Xariz I played on and off on PC and after playing the beta the game felt so natural on Xbox. I trim trees around power lines in WNY and when I'm home like to spend time life Skilling and grinding in BDO. Looking forward to making new friends here as I've decided to cancel WoW and FFXIV for BDO.
  5. This is Xarrior, My Warrior on PC after I had finally decided to buy an outfit. Super excited to play this on Xbox!
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