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  1. Witches were scaled like this early on pc too,they are strong now but later on while still strong they drop off alot as people get more geared with defences They already said they won't balance pc and console differently as they want to class experience to be as close to parity as possible so unfortunately your going to have to suck it up for now. Best advice I can give you is keep your head on a swivel in rbf and expect the dive
  2. Id just be happy if someone made a zerk guide for more advanced stuff like movement,combos and what are the best animation cancels focuses on the xbox lol. I definitely need more practice PvP wise
  3. Personally ill take pop ins over loading screens anyday.
  4. The games not even advertised for sale yet and they have only just done an open beta so why are you babbling on about marketing? They have stuff from the beta they will want to fix before the game even goes to retail
  5. Bazfaps


    Some weapons arent able to be enchanted they are fixed.That may have been the case
  6. Id say its an automated issue where it is designed if it sees clevage or some crap it auto flags
  7. Just throwing a suggestion that you guys should higly consider launching BDO in aus and nz. Happy to play on a na server as the beta was lag free for me but hot damn you guys would be crazy not launching here. Cheers
  8. Depending my horrible Australian internet ill either be playing tonight as game goes live at 7pm for me or tomorrow
  9. I pray haha Tried Tera and lag was so bad on eu servers so i got a refund
  10. Hey just wondering as an oceanic based player ( Australia ) will we be able to choose our main server base ie na/eu Only asking cause of Tera shoved us aussies onto eu servers and it sucked bad
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