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  1. Achoren

    Beta Feedback thread.

    I understand there is room for improvement in any game, but seriously people some of these demands are idiotic. Who cares if there is a Giant Y on your screen, or your screen is cluttered (Just buy a bigger Montior) no one cares... The game works and runs perfectly. Please stop demanding pathetic requests, and start reporting bugs or exploits to improve the structure of the game. Not quality of life issues.
  2. Achoren

    But can you do this?

    Yup, you'll be doing that all the time when Pirate Island hits, wagons on boats are the best! 😊
  3. Achoren

    Stroker when?

    Mystic Forever! Even after the recent Nerfs. 🤘
  4. Achoren

    Where is the Sorc love?

    Sorc requires skill. You haven't got it don't play it.
  5. Achoren

    Official stream

    No S**t Sherlock! Berzerker Combat to be precise.
  6. Achoren

    What Server Are you playing on

    EU server will prob get Russian player base.
  7. Achoren

    Official stream

    I wonder, what are they going to showcase...🤔
  8. Achoren

    Introduction Thread!

    37 days!! 🌊🌊
  9. Achoren

    Photo Mode / Hide UI

    You just gotta lean into a wall, or sit on a ledge to invoke the camera God! Unfortunately, we coundnt hide the UI during beta, so who knows. Maybe in the future.
  10. Achoren

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    We need Server Police! 🚓
  11. Achoren


    This thread is hilarious! People are whining over a mere level cap, which will only be in place for a short while. If your not happy about it, then simply don't play BDX at launch. The community would be greatful. They have no option to place a hard cap at 50. They aren't going to change it, and will alter it once they see fit. Please lock this ridiculous thread.
  12. Achoren

    Black Desert When

    We will most likely get information, or a release date when BDO Festa is held. https://m.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/2078
  13. Achoren

    Post beta updates - Y hold reduced to 0.2s

    Invest in workers to gather for you. Problem solved.
  14. Achoren

    Post beta updates - Y hold reduced to 0.2s

    Invest in Pets at launch! Problem solved.