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  1. Ivan

    Why to chose Berserker ?

    I didnt play bdo before exapt the beta And bers was very nice pritty fat and that great My 9nly mistake is that i made him so high it was hard entering or leaving buildings
  2. Ivan

    Region / moving region

    Wellllllll That kinda anoying but oh well I oreffer to deal whit some lags rather then lossing my progress
  3. Ivan

    Region / moving region

    Damnnnnnnnn I guess i will need to start on usa servers then , snd deal **** the lags for a year+ !?
  4. Question Im living in israel If im starting to play on eu server and after a year i am moving to usa Will i be able to move my character from eu server to usa server?
  5. Didnt saw such option on beta
  6. Ivan

    D-pad + LT combo

    I jist hope it will work properly
  7. Ivan

    its over :(

    Hello darkness my old friend..... Darn im actualy sitting infront of my x box and and stare at home page like its gonna change something... Im actualy working more then usualy because i got nothing to do lol Oh well money..i guess..
  8. Ivan

    Camera zoom out not far enough

    I think strikers mobility will be dead too
  9. Ivan

    Camera zoom out not far enough

    True , in pvp it will be hard to see ur enemys that way
  10. Ivan

    Gear for beta will try to finish

    Yea but from some reason couldnt refine my weapons there lol
  11. Ivan

    Gear for beta will try to finish

    Lol i couldnt even find how to enchant weapons lol
  12. Ivan

    Xbox one Razer mouse keyboard support

    That one is really interesting question
  13. Ivan


    Like what?
  14. Ivan


    So we all see hows beta going It has some problems there and there But there is any info when the game gonna llgo live?
  15. Ivan

    Loo/camera/ combos

    Combos , im actualy talking about the use Presing lt rv keeps spamimg shield atk insted of doing combo atk etc more atger staff Tested those on deffrent controllers On 2 old ones and 1 totaly new that havent been used yet