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  1. Tjere wony be any raids since that is live for more then 3 years on pc and there are no dungeons Its a grind game whit world bosses same as Ragnarok was and early lineage
  2. Ivan

    Skill tree

    Yes thats important Toke me 3 skill resets to get most of the skill that i wanted , like i said most
  3. There are many russians thaf are willing to play the game ,but cant English is not a common leng in russia but there are alot of people that are willing to play but they need a translation for the game
  4. Ivan

    Skill tree

    We need skill tree , what we have now is not good Most of us didnt played on pc version We dont know what are we taking insted of what its confusing as hell
  5. Ivan


    Add an option to use "unstuck" on high cd use( a hour or soo) to telrport to the last town u visited The reason why is simple The " escape " yesterday teleported me into rock and i couldnt run from the pixeles after a hour a managed to get out After that escape teleported me to a closed area map , again same story toke me an hour to get out
  6. Nobody intrested in such option? It can be super usefull
  7. I suggest adding an option to personaly add marks on map for personal player use , For example u would be able to mark urself a farm route or good gridung / fishing spots etc
  8. Thanks) So besickly if i dont have a region in my country it means im free to chouse where to play right? And there w9nt be problems whit the pre order bonus or beta bonus right? Israel dont have its own region on x box and all games give as the right to decude where to play ( thats good btw)
  9. I didnt play bdo before exapt the beta And bers was very nice pritty fat and that great My 9nly mistake is that i made him so high it was hard entering or leaving buildings
  10. Wellllllll That kinda anoying but oh well I oreffer to deal whit some lags rather then lossing my progress
  11. Damnnnnnnnn I guess i will need to start on usa servers then , snd deal **** the lags for a year+ !?
  12. Question Im living in israel If im starting to play on eu server and after a year i am moving to usa Will i be able to move my character from eu server to usa server?
  13. I jist hope it will work properly
  14. Hello darkness my old friend..... Darn im actualy sitting infront of my x box and and stare at home page like its gonna change something... Im actualy working more then usualy because i got nothing to do lol Oh well money..i guess..
  15. I think strikers mobility will be dead too
  16. True , in pvp it will be hard to see ur enemys that way
  17. Yea but from some reason couldnt refine my weapons there lol
  18. Lol i couldnt even find how to enchant weapons lol
  19. That one is really interesting question
  20. Ivan


    So we all see hows beta going It has some problems there and there But there is any info when the game gonna llgo live?
  21. Ivan

    Loo/camera/ combos

    Combos , im actualy talking about the use Presing lt rv keeps spamimg shield atk insted of doing combo atk etc more atger staff Tested those on deffrent controllers On 2 old ones and 1 totaly new that havent been used yet
  22. Ivan


    I hope that on realease we will have more then 6 classes , Couldnt find a class that suits me and it will be a pain to play ather class and tgen to reroll
  23. -Loot- The loot gathering is total garbdge U cant pick up loot properly We need mass loot and faster looting, plus u need to press and hold for ur entire life to pick up the loot ? Thats a very bad idea and many people will hate -Camera- Camera sticks to mobs from no reason on diffrent setting Camera rotates 180 ? Wot? U run and suddenly ur camera spins 180 lol -combos- From what i seen on zerker and warrior The chacter keeps spamming some simple skill infed of doing a combo hit That will be even bigger problem if not solved early on it will lead to huge pve znd pvp problems ------------loot------- Such game is all about the grind of mobs and loot , dont make looting be a pain it will ruin the players expirience of the game --sloted skills--- Its almost impossible to use them in battle , simply because u cant do it properly on the move . On top of that it will be a pain in pvp since using those skills for all melle classes sill be impossible --costumes-- If u equip a costume it removes all our gear why?
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