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  1. I am begging you to fix the guild members list. It's nearly impossible to renew contracts, check contribution or just invite guild members into the party. The list resets itself once any king of interaction is done by a guild member. Means, if you scroll down and another member writes in chat, login or out or do anything else, the list resets itself on top. I waited the last 2 patches and hoped this is getting fixed. I am really surprised that this was not fixed yet. It's terribly annoying.
  2. Sayier will be your friend for a very long time. In some cases it will even beat Nouver (Knot from Valencia World Boss). His massive accuracy will help a lot against evasion builds. But what the guys here writing is right. Saiyer for PVP and Oros for PVE. If you have a TRI Kzarka and TRI Bhegs, you can stay on Oros since they will provide enough accuracy.
  3. It would be great having a marketplace for your guild. So you can sell items directly to guild members. This way it can't be abused (not more then CM) and people could sell 2nd Kzarkas to guild members instead of ransoms. Same price as CM of course.
  4. Is this another accusation of being toxic without any proof. And another account which is just some hours/days old? This is a lot of effort for some wrong informations. I am really impressed. But never forget, the one who accuse has to bring proof. Btw, can you tell us what guild your in and what's your character name? No reason to hide, right? I am ManaREEE [Manarie] from Symphony. Most around on Med 1. What's your Name?
  5. Mana


    If I saw it correctly, you accused us of being toxic. So it would be your job to provide any kind of proof. Until now, you refuse to show any screenshot or video of us being toxic. You accused us, so bring proof. We do not need to show the opposite, your the one who must provide evidence. That's how it works. But let's be honest, you don't have any proof. You won't show anything because you don't have anything. You will reply to this the same stuff you wrote over and over. Beside your so consistent. What's your goal with all of this? The guild being deleted, without any proof of wrong doing? I mean, seriously? If you had bad experience with us, I am sorry ,leave a comment, say what happen (add a screenshot if possible) and I am curtain one of our officers will take care of. But you just won't stop. What's you goal? Anyone who has common sense can see that you just spreading some false rumors. You will now find a different argument or subject which leads away from showing any proof. I am in Symphony now for 3 weeks. Can't remember any toxic conversation. Maybe a bit rough after war but always on the limit. That's how BDO is, was and always will be. @Office, please contact a GM and let him remove this from this thread. It's for recruitment and not arguing about something he can't proof. Make your own thread and PM me once you have a screenshot.
  6. Do you have any proof of that? There is a lot of trash talk going on all day in server chat. And don't post a one liner, post a screen shot of a conversation or this PMs you mentioned. Out of curiosity, did you played BDO on PC?
  7. You have no idea how many casts this already screw up for me.
  8. What a shame that none of the devs will ever read this or even consider this being a major problem. This is beautiful and a great write down. I really hope all at PA get to read this.
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