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    Is it possible to do any of the afk things minimizing. If I go to different game or Netflix do anything other than quick exit and come back I get disconnected. I'm willing to try this to see just how much I gain while not playing but also risking overheating. Just hate to just leave the game on the screen all night or day and just watch when I could just play.
  2. Ok I read article stating open beta but also read still required registration. For access.
  3. Have y'all received code yet. Only thing I received was privacy policy agent email saying thanks for registering but unfortunately anyone under 16 can't play I accidently clicked wrong birth date unless everyone has received same email. If not how do I fix it.
  4. I received an email after registering saying unfortunately anyone under the age 16 can not play or something like that is this a notice everyone got. Or did I click the wrong birth date by accident. I have not received a code yet only another email thanking me for my patience.
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