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  1. Doktar


    Luckily this is exaggerated. Just salty people trying to ruin it for you. The game is super grindy and you can get the same gear as everyone else with lots of time. People are used to Korean's blowing 10k a month on this game, so the hate is strong. Those people had max gear way earlier and could one shot you.
  2. Doktar

    This game is massively pay to win!

    Due to limits on silver from cash, you would be limited on what 3 days with unlimited funds can get you. I am almost full tet armor with tet kzarka and steel dagger. Accessories I was waiting on Valencia to start farming, so I have 4 to 10 months to break the casual stereotype. My limiting factor right now are hard stones. Pre order 10 blue and orange ones non stop and have 11 alts at or near artisan gathering. There just aren't enough coming into the game, and cant get enough on your own.
  3. Doktar

    Skill vs Gear Score

    I just want to insert a Jean Luc Picard meme that says, "It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose." As a wizard from time to time, I dont even bother right now, full TRI and asula doesn't help too much, even Tet kzarka only gets me so far, 1 in 3 wins with luck isn't worth my time.
  4. Doktar

    Unobtainable Topography Knowledge

    I did jump alts trying to have the one specific crossroad line clear glish of tasks. I forgot who did what. It wasn't accountwide unlock. I do have all the topography done for pre mediah so it's all in game. I think vitello was the same. I got it after the glish was done
  5. Doktar


    Looked like every one got a plus 9 bares. Take that and slam more blackstones (weapon) into it. Find a quick guide on how to enhance to plus 15 and that should be a nice boost. Just doing the black spirit quests and some of the town quests like the ones all over calpheon get you a few million silver and CP. If you havent done the black spirit quests, it's worth it to head back even to velia and just blow through the quest chain. Buy a plus 15 or a PRI weapon, do the roaring magic offhand quest. Then live in helms for asula ring/ears. Its decent xp, mines for neck and when your done do elric for a belt. Should get closer to 55 with that. Minimal pvp in those spots, just go around people xping.
  6. Doktar

    Unobtainable Topography Knowledge

    Make sure to turn on all quests. Fishing trade everything. Had several issues with quests like the wagon in heidel pass where it didn't show up unless everything was checked.
  7. Doktar

    Unobtainable Topography Knowledge

    I remember taking about an hour to figure out kanna. Will go home and check my notes. It was something silly like talking to the girl on the well next to her or doing one of the quests in glish. This was after I did all three cross roads on alts. Will check back in
  8. Doktar

    This game is massively pay to win!

    Groundhog is decent money maker, I have t4. Cooking outfit saves you hours s day cooking. processing outfit quadruples your afk time. These were not able to be bought with silver, honestly the only true P2W in the whole game.
  9. Doktar

    This game is massively pay to win!

    The P2W is just so expensive that it's not a realistic arguement. Unlimited costumes for crons, is expensive . Most people use money for convenience, good number of people. People point at the 1% and say that is the norm, it's not. It's just keeping the lights on, so we ignore them honestly.
  10. Havent proced an ultimate grunil piece of armor in the workshop since the change, 400 green armors. Just buy the 1k stone from the black Smith and extract it from same guy. Just be sure that you right bumper on extract page so you dont destroy and remove black stones.
  11. Doktar

    Quest Bug: Awakening: Artifacts of the Naga

    Did you talk to the guy behind you in the bushes that doesn't have auto run path ?
  12. Doktar

    This game is massively pay to win!

    Are you talking about the people who spend thousands on the 1% PEN chance or the people who sell costumes for silver and for 200 dollars make what I can grind in a day or so. Trying to picture massive advantage here.
  13. Doktar

    Afk on Xbox

    Can feed horses, just not workers. And there is no easy way to have remote access to your game like the computer did. I have all humans with some giants for the close nodes because of work and sleep.
  14. Doktar

    Extend Guild Attendance Rewards

    I would like free stuff in my guild of 1 person. I have plus3 gather and working on my second fishing. Doubtful any one will join my guild, so I guess I lose out.
  15. 7 tries to get my kzarka to tet which is pretty average I think. Think it cost me 300 mil in parts from base and some fail stacks i had left over from crafting grunil to sell. Doesn't seem worth it to use chrons outside of a PEN attempt. Maybe a green tet. But if you have the cash or silver to burn and it's your next upgrade then go for it.