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  1. PC can pack 1 blue instead of 3 greens for imperial delivery as I understand it.
  2. If you look in the item description, there is a tiny word branded mixed into the middle if it is. It will give a pop up if you try to put it in cm too since you cant sell it modified.
  3. Did this today on xbox. It's annoying to select/deselect each tool till right one highlights then hit X to pick up. Even if you lay them in order, it somehow scrambles the order.
  4. Eye know what you mean. Having to change the way eye chat over one word is silly.
  5. Seals are 60k each or so with stones now. 2 gets 120k minimum. Would have to be a pile to get anything good. Balance.
  6. You have to auto sort in single shots now. It's not automatic.
  7. Was hoping for a 19th slot for a 49 alt. I need the other 18 to hold up my 7k family fame. Still have 2 56s so I can 60 one and 49 maybe. Have a coupon waiting.
  8. 24 hour cooldown on delete for people who bought slot coupons pre maehwa.
  9. 18 pre patch 18 post maehwa release
  10. I remember some one in chat saying they park a 49 serker next to some mobs and elites and come back overnight to piles of trash loot and gold bars. Not seeing tons here unless it was a hex elite spot and you got witch ears too. Would be nice to know if rubber band was ok if you risk the chance to die.
  11. Or yesterday. Lag does suck. More players compounds the issue. You know there are server lags when the chat mentions the same pockets of lag as you. The only real lag I have seen is peak US hours on NA. It got so bad pets stopped looting on sunday.
  12. Hiding part of name would complicate some things like a search player function.
  13. Have done guru trading quests under suggested. I remember doing a bunch of node to node quests around velia quests too. Like buy casta and take to toscanni, etc. The only trade ones I have seen in game. So if there are more' I dont think they are in.
  14. You can tab over on quest menu to see the black spirit ones and suggested. Middle tab for now to see what you're missing
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