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  1. Doktar

    3/20 Scheduled Maintenance talk

    Maintenance notes for 3/20 on the main site said silver would be returned. That did not happen, maybe it meant the CM.
  2. Doktar

    Black Desert Version 1.3

    Have you tried logging in
  3. Doktar

    grinding for Black Stones

    Can you still buy plus 5 green armor and extract for a million Amy time you want? I need to check and see of I can, ran 5 alts to 51 to the grunil helms quest, and each came out with like 30 weapon stones and 45 armor just questing. 6 hours slacking on each, could have done the repeats much harder.
  4. I was looking for bonus Pearl's for buying in bulk. It wasn't there.
  5. Doktar

    Lifeskill quest quide

    I learned plywood from making planks I think. Was a proc after like 200 or so. I made plywood pre quest. The pure copper Crystal's need the keplan quest though
  6. Doktar

    Can't withdraw contribution points from node?

    If I send a calpheon worker to mediah, I have found I couldn't remove nodes along his path while he was out. Found him stopped him, was ok. Was a poor message to give me when it wasn't a node problem.
  7. Doktar

    ILLEZRA'S THREAT(Tarif quest)

    Valencia posted in the black sun seal post on general.
  8. Doktar

    Seal of the Black Sun

    I think the issue is we are stuck holding an item that was at the end of the current half of mediah line and have to not destroy it while we wait.
  9. It's only letting you bypass velia. Go talk to the dorf at heidel quarry and do his line through alexandro farm. Cant skip to ficy here.
  10. Doktar

    Crafting disapearance

    Is this stored in epheria and your using a worker you hired in epheria not just your best worker ?
  11. Doktar

    Rough Black Cyrstal

    It's one of the areas in the eastern part. Turn on the map, y flip to page with monsters and levels, find it.
  12. Doktar

    Crafting disapearance

    Storage connecting comes and goes.have to catch it in a good mood. I hope they fix it. This issue is only seeing partial. Means using the wrong worker. Here.
  13. Doktar

    Dim am magical armor exchange

    So you posted in the main thread first then made a new one why ?
  14. Doktar


    Must be on a different server, I see none of these complaints. Drop rate is fine. Economy based off supply and demand us fine. And i had size issue with my game, cut off the hp bar completely. Went into the xbox settings with game off and calibrated my tv. Turns out it wasn't the game. It was the TV even though other games worked ok. So it's just you not adjusting I bet.
  15. Doktar

    Energy system needs urgent tweaks

    Every time your pool goes up you go from 10/80 to 11/81. It's a free energy and at 20 an hour online you can leave it on at work or asleep with TV off and be full in 4 hours, or have 180 cap and have 170 when you wake up.