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  1. I moved about 800 million into storage to pay for 24 hour training dummies during my work week
  2. Missing sesame on my gathering toons. Got 2 in time I got 10 of beans and honey. I think some activities are weighted
  3. You can convert cash into silver already through outfits. You can create high fail stacks with silver or just buy items out right. You seem to think minor boosts to enhancing is a game breaking occurrence. Selling outfits already yields the parts or silver needed to accomplish anything you are hating on today
  4. Valencia now transports, and a trade wagon is there too. That's nice. Seems like you can move more bulk over all cause its weight based. Also there are times on how long till delivery too. I like knowing
  5. I like that you can afk scroll through the workers.
  6. Dont even have to sail there from altinova. You bought the trade item, then moved it on to horse moved it to alti and sold it to the guy who wanted it?
  7. Saw a guru 7 cook today. Curious if that guy, was first. Cooking is ideally spamable if you dont mind buying vendor tools, there is so much grain out there. I dont hop to every server, so might have missed some one, if so I am sorry. That is some dedication. I know I cant pop on every 15 minutes.
  8. Same thing with 2 second costume is 0.1 seconds? No. It's me not blowing 1 million silver every 900 combines on a utensil. Right now I have to farm and build my own utensils, so that 15 minutes for the second is 15 minutes I am not farming logs and rocks. Still come out ahead with costume. But not trying to side track. Every one should get a sharp stone or use spirit stones if you lifeskill.
  9. Not sure how this will close a gap for cooking, the p2w people will use it as well to stay ahead. Going to be hard limited by shining powder, hope you are sitting on a plus 4 alch outfit and tons of tools.
  10. I guess 0 would be decreased. I got 2 ogre rings during event. I got 0 relics afk fishing 16 hours each day. This was poorly done. And a bit of a stretch if this is the reason.
  11. You can see how much time the job takes when you first select the worker. Nearly all of my workers at each city have slightly different speeds. My fastest have plus 3 armor, looks at time, etc.
  12. Would be nice if you didn't have to manage space. I invested in storage to keep up with my plus 3 lifeskill clothes workers. I lose dozens of mats every day when it should keep stacking. They should remove the stop function if you have all the possible drops already since the stack
  13. Event fish seems to be in the trash loot table, I get more in velia then abundant Valencia where I get more real gold fish. Val isn't abundant now but was for a few days.
  14. Put 1 of the parts in transport. Repeat tasks, cancel transport. Or re assign worker. Or unbuild workshop.
  15. Happens when you dont throw away fish too. Leveling alts fishing since they aren't good xp.
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