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  1. Doktar

    Official Pearl abyss Facebook page

    I am surprised that they put that. If we cant get any information, I wonder how they came to that conclusion. The forumites would be happy if they said that here, save people the Christmas worries.
  2. Doktar

    Another Open Letter

    Soon! TM
  3. Doktar

    @[CM] Simon Date

    Why bring it out black Friday weekend. They dont want to sell it at a discount and the vendors would have issues with that. They can do full price in about a week without complaints
  4. Doktar

    Companion app?

    Keeping it on the xbox wouldn't be too bad. I always felt these kinds of programs enabled marketplace bots.
  5. Doktar


    My staff I have has a picture of the armor stone Have 10 weapon stones I can't even see if they work or not. Basteer staff.
  6. Doktar

    The Young Lion of Heidel ( Quest-Line )

    Doesn't seem to be any choices in these quest lines. I am not sure what you mean when you say you locked out do to choices. Was I supposed to skip a quest to get it?
  7. Figured it out as I went. I dont understand why it applies to bosses you only fight once.
  8. Doktar

    My little first pony

    Space yourself is a phrase to distance yourself. No bar in that picture
  9. Doktar

    Red Nose Boss?

    This is a beta for players trying this out for the first time. I assumed that this unconventional " feature" was a bug since I could see some hp bars going down but it seemed random. I have been reading the quest info as I get them and no where did it say that killing bosses would be a blind attack until you kill it 10 times etc. Honestly how many times do I come back to kill red nose ?
  10. Really annoying. Leveling a wizard and you can't see how dead things are. Did the entire red nose fight solo with him at 100 hp. It did change to orange and red as it went, but still bad. I honestly thought magic missiles did almost 0 damage but having goblins and things die to 100% them just let's me know it's a display thing.
  11. Doktar

    Few bugs I found

    During the learn the wizard spells, when it said hit down and r to fireball twice, I depressed the left button to turn on auto run and it took me out of town for about 5 minutes before I decided that I had to do it back in town. Not sure where it was set but a newb like me almost ended up lost. Good thing about beta is catching this stuff.
  12. Doktar

    Report on Stone Chamber

    I had to talk to the girl, then the man servant with the antlers to update this. I think roig was his name. Didn't do anything when I talked to him first, but third worked.