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  1. Ince you hit prof 1 and can delete greeens you will do better for your afk side. 5 skill on profile page to speed up hooking fish. Just manually work it till you get it higher. Fishing silver embroidered helps too. Gives skill points as do most guilds.
  2. You have the trent spirit 6 piece set and the blue Louvre armor, the roaring magic off hand from the black spirit line ? Once you get there, get a duo green off the cm, easiest way is to enhance yourself since it wont downgrade, just need level 0 weapons to fix the durability. Then farm asulas maybe at the abandoned mines. Then grunil/heve to duo, etc to get boss gear. Do things 1 slot at a time, and be patient.
  3. This seems super low. 150 minutes for 98 fish with a triple float must be 100 minutes of driving. Abundant at sea with 5 fishing is 1 fish every 45 seconds or so? I most I ever got with 1 rod was 162, but 120 is pretty average. That is with m20 fishing 4% pets and awakened skin (tin foil hat) also I use 10 energy on non grunts till my 436 runs out.
  4. If I hop for coels with 2 or 3 spots per server and respawns I could get closer to 140m. Banton sea hopping and hoping for tuna isn't a bad plan, but it's not super common of the spots that spawn there. Lots of.400k grunts more then likely.
  5. I think 95 to 110m for a full 192 is what I get for about 3 hours (INCLUDES LEAVING AND COMING BACK) With luck maybe smidge faster but that is fairly average and I am higher fishing then him. 1.5 triple rods per inventory. Not sure how you still burn 3 at your level.
  6. Random is random. Some days you get lots, I had 30 minutes between sightings.
  7. That the item on the glowy ball that is the floor or the table next to him? Haven't done that in a bit
  8. The free durability is on xbox now. Happens when you repair, no matter what you repair, a random item can gain 1. What people do is add 1 member frag, turns it into 10/11 repair to 11.11 then add another mem to 11/12, repair, repeat. This forces you to leave the max durability menu and repair inventory, then back to max durability.
  9. Every gold accessory I have gotten so far has DP on it. Not much better to me than crons but i can sell for a handful of mil. About what I can buy the same amount of crons for lol.
  10. You have the knowledge yet?
  11. Master gatherer gets you a shiny ranking on most servers, isn't that good enough?
  12. If you dont have patience, this is a lousy long term game for you. Overall it's a decent game, great time killer if you play numb.
  13. You have workers pathing through that node. Like calpheon workers headed to imp cave or something. It's like destroying a bridge on the road. You wait till cars stop. Stop all the workers, or connect a cheaper way.
  14. Was on list for luxury box. Doubt it was there.
  15. Rotate 180 degrees then zoom in all the way. Works on every type of these minus heidel.
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