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  1. So much anger toward some one trying to help prove your point. Improbable vs impossible. More hard data is great.
  2. Wasn't the question. Asking you to lose 40 straight coin flips doesn't change 50/50. But with hidden mechanics you dont see the true odds. With a large enough sample size, tendencies can be shown that your 92% is wrong, and clinging to it is simple minded.
  3. Doktar

    Easter Egg ?

    There's a hunting quest in western guard camp , need to rent a match lock there and shoot it.
  4. Doktar

    Examine Heidel Plaza Statue

    Most of the statue quests you go 180 degrees exactly and zoom all the way in, auto win. This one I angle to look down by lifting my point of view, zoom in and spin till it updates.
  5. Probability. What are the odds(%) that some one fails a 8% chance 40 times in a row? There is a difference between improbable and impossible.
  6. Doktar

    Patrigio prices not halved

    Notice spam says discounted items, not just 5 or 6 boss gears discounts. Very misleading.
  7. Doktar

    New Character, full price character slots...

    Can have 13 total. Not free now to add.
  8. Doktar

    AFK Money Making Series

    You get 1 imperial turn in for every 3 CP. Unless this has been fixed in Last week. Boiled eggs are easy and 70% of servers are sold out, be prepared to waste time hopping 2 or 3 times a day. Find something to do 9 minutes at a time.
  9. Doktar

    Promoting apprentice to officer

    14 day probation still?
  10. Doktar

    Xian Merchants Guild Quest

    Talk to granbill with a box at his feet.
  11. Doktar

    Missing knowledge

    Are there any knowledge spots you cant find or solve? I know treasure hunter trin giving me a hard time. I have calpheon bell, riot area, everything in calpheon but he just won't talk to me. Best thing I found online had 3 pre reqs, and I have done them and have the knowledge entries to double check. Another is the lighthouse arc in sand grain, cant get the first one but did everything there to include val1 and val2. Figured out a bunch through trial and error, I can help with other ones if any one struggling.
  12. Doktar

    Buff Duration Time

    Never log out, so never noticed
  13. Well if you want giath and musk an, just wait and people will sell stacks of them
  14. The auto navigate is wrong. Put the box down next to granbill and pick the chat option, repeat.
  15. The advancement quests are skill based. 44 for artisan 4, 37 for professional 7. If you dont have it, won't show up. Also have to be done in order from easiest to hardest.