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  1. while I agree rewards should be the same I think the xbox version is too new to have 500m thrown in your face it be bad for business pc version is more advanced there for players need that little budge of income plus with the current exp buffs available on xbox it would be quite a slow process getting to 58 where as on the other hand pc has a exp buff that was part of a event few weeks back that gives you 530%exp and 530%skill exp so for pc players its the perfect combo to level shai and also very nice skill points for the new class
  2. bezerka loving the awakening true beast
  3. yeah u need a x for this game really I wouldn't like to experenice it on the normal console hell my high end pc struggles with 4k with remastered mode god knows what the xbox or xbox s is like
  4. as not importaint as it sounds I want rankings to be added along with this and the awakenings possibly NV too would be a good update for me since ive experienced most of the awakening classes on pc its not that great for me although the only difference is controller
  5. yeah whats not pay2win about buying costumes melting them for crons and attempting the same upgrade multiple times until it pops only a retards going to say its pay for convenience this guy has better gear then many players in this game simply because he payed real money to get it simples
  6. his accessorys are good for a long time! judgeing from the pc version creasents and orge and for sure still decent to have even on the pc version not to sure about witches or basi belt but possibly! as I use 2x narc tri and tet basi 2 items that I know will get outdated will be tree spirit belt and red coral earrings witches earrings are still pretty good on the pc version I wouldn't have got a rednose to pen though lol I would have tried to get dim tree
  7. ruthless wonder how much real money he spent its insane to think the game has been out like just over 2 month I play for 2 years on pc none p2w and and I am 10 ap less then him
  8. I know what u mean I recently levelled a wizard to 57 to try him in node wars and it was a disaster completely stunned and cc all the time It was super boring im bummed for classes for when awakeing comes as I don't even know what class I should play the pvp in general in this game seems complete bolox I really don't think bdo goes well with xbox one (even the x) pvp is naturally better if your playing with decent hardware
  9. dw I also attended kz twice a day no boxes 1 hunter seal everytime I got my kz from the CM it was just sitting there and quickly bought it
  10. even know ive done fairly well in pvp (recently rerolled to wizard) I have to agree there are far to many players that have better gear then u that eather payed real money to get it or have been playing none stop without a life! this game all depend on levels and gear if I player is higher level then you arnt going to have much accuracy against him same with gear even a retard with better gear then you can kill you in this game that's why I recently started playing pc again as I have 550 gs and atleast 90% on fights hes dieing
  11. haha even worse 255m to have a safe go at tet with zarka (insane) over a billion for 1 poxy attempt at pen its not even funny anymore this game takes the micky lmao
  12. dude! lol if you quit the game because you couldn't tri a yuria then I feel sorry for you with tet and pen boss gear lol but really you shouldn't feel to give up that easy
  13. well hey I care about it why? because it shows my progress with lifeskills just like the pc version I care about my lifeskills so I don't see why I wouldn't want it in the game
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