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  1. Yeah I have I gave up trying to download it now and just changed back to my normal region it would of been nice if they said it's only gonna be n.a. when I signed up for it months ago instead of leaving everyone hyped with the emails saying the open beta begins this date and us finding out on the day it's only for that region good job on the info.... 👏🏻
  2. Would that actually work I did it just by pressing restart console on the same screen I'll give it a try now
  3. Im trying to download it from the store after changing my region from UK to US and I can't even do that so how can we still play?
  4. I'm still getting no joy I'm in the UK switched to us and I can't even download it from the store lol just keeps saying its a problem on there end...what kind of open beta is this?
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