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  1. Me too. I've gotta high enough level, and experienced enough, but I never got past the soft cap, or ended up defying the RNG gods to super epic gear. At least ganking is kept to a minimum in the game. Except in the desert, but it's easy enough to avoid people. Hehe
  2. Ahhhh, yes, the good old work contract. Haha. I'm really excited to give this a try on xbox. The combat is really made for a controller.
  3. Not just yet. Eventually I will be once the game goes into alpha/beta. I'll just wait and see for now. Thanks though! Dyfuryon
  4. Yeah, I think that would make more sense. I'm not sure keen to keep my xbox running on the game. I wasn't really all that keen keeping my PC on all the time either, but I guess we'll find out once they start some kind of alpha/beta. Either way, I'll definitely be playing. Dyfuryon
  5. Have they announced how the afk mechanics are going to work on xbox vs. what they currently have going on the PC? It'll be weird if we have to leave our xbox on all the time with the game logged in. Dyfuryon
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