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    Stolen Names

    My name was replaced with a BDC template. Then after that you put in a TEMPNAME template because you didn't like what I picked, even though the system had no problem with it. Wheres my compensation for your incompetence? When we combine with PC, will PC players be losing their names too? Seems like a massive oversight.
  2. Dood on PC they didn't come out for several years.
  3. Yes exactly, your horse IS a donkey, didn't you know that? Why else would you be here if you didn't know that?
  4. The graphics were severely diminished to compensate for the poor performance of the ps systems. There's no fixing that.
  5. Shai can't use anything, but the donkey.
  6. Region: NA Character Name: Shailander Twitter Post Link:
  7. I listed weapon blackstones in stacks of 1000 and relisted them over and over until the price went from 194k to 120k. You are welcome.
  8. Low pre-orders are holding the market prices in place so no one can list for higher. Ex: Weapon Blackstones
  9. The BK recovery doesnt cost anything while the Sorc recovery cost a ton. I assume someone messed up and the Sorc recovery was done wrong.
  10. Combat zone notifications which are causing this, are constant throughout the roads. One cannot auto run AND use menus.
  11. Walking in and out of combat areas the menu switches to the first option.
  12. The Karma wasn't harsh, it was to punish murderers...


    With space they still do it I'm noticing. Since they are a huge part of crafting this seems like it should be in the next patch.
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