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    Did anyone else experience pop ins?

    It sucks, but nobody will fix it.

    Post beta updates - Y hold reduced to 0.2s

    Y is assigned to moves. You guys kept telling me to "get used to" the controls and now you want better controls?

    xbox one beta graphic issues.

    There is also currently a filter bug.(Stand still and stare at one object and watch the filters switch contiguously.) I'm pretty sure they know because PC had the same bug at launch.

    The Facebook Group for BDX

    It is all fanboi/fangirls, they don't invite ANY criticism. You've been advised.

    Visual Filter bug

    Game is constantly switching visual filters. Currently in 4k. Controls are all mixed up. Camera keeps following the left stick negating right stick commands and resets every few seconds.
  6. We need customizable controls before beta ends so we can test it properly. It plays like the worst versions of AC. The camera follows you with the left stick. None of the buttons line up with any other games controls. This is almost as bad of controls as mortal combat. I can't fathom what was going through the head of the guy who thought these controls were a good idea. It's like they haven't even played an Xbox game before. Having just come from the Xbox versions of Darksouls, The Division, and the PC version of Black Desert: I can say that these controls are just no good. We either need fully customizable controls, or a brand new schema.