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  1. Yea it's pretty hilarious. Basically 1 shot 4 people with 1 ability.
  2. There is no audio. For some reason it didn't record and the music track I tried to put over it was too epic lol so I left it without audio. (Epic Audio Version: https://youtu.be/8XdvjDupYmM
  3. Thanks, I'm so ashamed.
  4. Let's hypothetically say you did something worth being banned over, they would ban 90 other players who never abused the system and leave the offender in the game to continue. Welcome to bdo.
  5. Also xb1 players might not know this but we were told that roughly 50% of main hand AP is added as hidden AP to awaken ap. The accuracy from main hand is also applied which is what initially made kzarka so desirable. What is important to take from this is that AP accessories are extremely desirable as they add both awak AP and main AP. The accuracy from main hand is also applied which is what initially made kzarka so desirable. With the addition of absolute skills certain main hand abilities are actually viable and may become filler for awake rotations. I know this doesnt directly answer your question but there really isnt a known awake/main AP comparison outside of just testing all skills and keeping those that prove worthy of pve/pvp. AP for different classes scale differently (have fun with this constant annoyance) so the ratio estimated for one class wont be the same for another.
  6. If xb1 has the same tax as pc you just made someone roughly 40k per black stone. Or @43mil per thou.
  7. That's an all around good thing for the game im sure even the zerks will agree. The zerk in the vid I know is ok with it lol he just wanted me to see how broke it is/was.
  8. It would be better to ask for a coupon for a swimming costume for when you get thrown underwater rather than asking for a fix. Fix in this game means event spams.
  9. Buddy of mine (zerk) using the ol' headbutt combo to obliterate a striker.
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