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  1. The real question is will you be releasing the game when you release it? You may not like it but this is forum moderation at its peak
  2. In my opinion, bdo urgently needs more classes. I believe it would be worth delaying until 2020ish if you can implement these ideas properly. They are only rough drafts and may not be the final product but they would add much needed diversity to the game. Deathblade This class would be a mix between tamer and berserker. It would be very mobile as seen in the picture and be able to infiltrate the enemy lines during node wars and apply ccs while still being fairly lethal by itself. Temptress This class mainly would be used as a support during pvp since it would rely on strong aoe debuffs for enemies and buffs for allies. Agility would be reasonably low but should be compensated for by the significant support abilities. It would be one of the weaker classes in pve since it would lack the offensive abilities of most other classes (similar to valk). Darkmage of Death This class would be very lacking in defense and mobility compared to most other existing classes which would be countered by having very strong damage dealing spells. It would be like a wizard/witch on steroids but may lack the self heals and mobility to focus more on pure damage. Technomancer This class would be one that relies heavily on technology to augment its abilities. Mobility would be very high and it would be an ideal scout. The offense and defense would be average and reasonably balanced but the class would be versatile in many different roles and be fairly competitive. Hopefully we get these soon, feel free to leave your thoughts below.
  3. Aye I don't blame you aha, couldn't resist though. I accept what is to come
  4. (It's a joke, pls no hate) Shoe memes are the future
  5. 1. I am a meme lord but I didn't understand what you were getting at with your meme and I'm tired tbh so my meme processor is offline. Sorry for being short with you as well. That's my bad. 2. I also prefer to avoid drama, drama seeks me out. Ima prove the avoidance bit by going dark in this topic though after this post. I agree with the last line, well put. I will see you at the grass beetles when the day finally comes
  6. On second thoughts I may just not respond further in this topic, I think @Dr INF3NRO raised a good point with his meme that it's meaningless trying to hold a discussion with people on here. I appreciate the insightful post.
  7. I'm thinking back to when Simon was interviewed and talked about one the biggest struggles of being a moderator being finding common ground between people with differing opinions. That was a good joke, he has forsaken me. I hope the spat doesn't get this thread shut down by him though, I think neferpitous post should be seen.
  8. Yours post didn't have insults, hypocrisy and overreaction in it so it's different from my perspective which is why I didn't link any memes threatening to beat you with a shoe (I make no guarantees though). I did question his ability to lead a guild after this kicked off and I stand by those concerns to be honest given his initial unprovoked behaviour. It's out of character from what I've seen from him before, maybe he's having a bad day or something, I dunno. If he wanted to apologise I'd reciprocate for my part and we could move on like adults but I'm skeptical that will happen. Aside from my shoe meme which was an attempt to bring humour into the conversation, I replied comparatively politely to his "cry me a river" post that kicked this off, it was an attempt at having a discussion that was met with a massive overreaction (I believe he said "spoiled entitled brats" in his response). I could have responded more maturely to his outbursts after that but I chose not to, it was clear he wasn't trying to have a discussion and was just venting in my direction instead. I don't think I could have gotten the conversation back on the rails from the start to be honest. I think it's clear from the posts who was hot headed and who overreacted but you're entitled to disagree of course. I can confirm I have no immediate plans on beating beond with any shoes at this point in time.
  9. Thank you, mature response. I'm not going to continue arguing with you. Go in peace, my son.
  10. I can understand where you're coming from and where beond is coming from on that even though I don't feel the same way about it being annoying. Raising that viewpoint the way you did now is fine, that's a very reasonable way to word it. Acting hypocritical, throwing insults and massively overreacting was more my issue with beond here. I don't know how you can run a guild with 100 people in it if you act that way over small things like differing opinions, there are better ways to voice your opinion (like you did) than acting like a child.
  11. With the way you react to words on a screen I'm not sure if it's for you either, I have no idea where that came from but that was almost kingspade level behaviour. When you fail a tet I wouldn't want to be within 50km of you
  12. Holy moly, that was an outburst. Feel better now? I'm sorry people have opinions that upset you this much I guess, it's very inconsiderate of them.
  13. Are we allowed to feel negatively over anything in bdo or is it just this issue? I don't understand why people want to police what people talk about on the forums and didn't expect it from you especially since you're normally more open and reasonable than I am. You've posted negative things about this game on the forums so you're just straight up being hypocritical with that comment. If you want to go into detail about why you disagree then go for it, you're entitled to your opinion like everyone else and the forums are where those opinions generally get expressed.
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