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  1. 1337carbon

    When does the beta end?

    Seems PA or microsoft are getting their wires crossed.
  2. 1337carbon

    Lock onto enemies

    Lifesaver, thanks. I'll give it a shot
  3. 1337carbon

    Lock onto enemies

    How is that done?
  4. 1337carbon

    Option to reduce brightness

    Try turning down the contrast enhancement on your tv. I had to due to brightness.
  5. 1337carbon

    Lock onto enemies

    I would like to hear some thoughts about adding in the ability to lock onto enemies. Even just bosses would be an improvement. I'm sure some people have had the issue with the 180 degree camera spin while fighting red nose. While the boss fight was fairly easy, all the players and monsters running around, along with the camera spin, made it more unenjoyable than anything.