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  1. bumping this again time for answers PA
  2. They have released preorders already they have no need to respond to us we dont matter to them.
  3. All i want is to see a comment from either P.A or microsoft OFFICIAL STATEMENT. stating their was a mistake was made and we APOLOGIZE that is the one thing that has not been done through all of this is an apology to all of us gamers for a mistake made. Then this whole thing would die down and people would feel a little better.
  4. filtyou will notice this is what happenz when they are called out instead of reaponding they go quiet and hope it will blow past. I urge you the community to speak up and show them we will not sit back. We pay their bills by purchasing their content with our hard earned money.
  5. That is a full lie my screen shot was my male wizard and the chat was blank. Try again they were not just taken down or i would not have this nice big red mark on my account. Try again and get it fixed
  6. I feel like the jepordy music is playing in the back ground while waiting for a responce. These people seem to only care about money. They are acting just like Bethesda right now. This company is showing their true colors right now.
  7. It still shows as a penalty on your xbox account. Even if it was a takedown. I for one jave had my account for 10 year and never a blemish on it now i have one for doing what P.A said to do. This is as a buisness man myself when a customer has an issue with something your company has done you FIX it. You do not brush it under the rug and hope people will forget it. CM SIMON a responce is required my next step is to go to gamer magazines and report on your company and since the company does have a location in the U.S.A i will follow that by a report to the BBB.
  8. Time to bump this thread again seems everyone has forgotten that they jave negative marks on their xbox account. They are releasing preorders but not fixing this issue seems all they want is money and the rest of us can rot. FIX YOUR MISTAKES P.A THIS IS GARBAGE
  9. THATS COOL AND ALL SO I GUESS YOU ALL HAVE FIGURED OUT THE NEGATIVE MARKS AGAINST OUR XBOX ACCOUNTS FOR THE PICTURES POSTED!!!!!! I personaly will not and would not buy this game until you all take care of something this minor that you all caused.
  10. Change of location also represents growth of a company and that being said it brings fresh eyes and minds and a push for betterment.
  11. http://labusinessjournal.com/news/2018/dec/12/game-developer-pearl-abyss-moves-manhattan-beach/ 😆 congrats on the new building guys hope you all get nice offices.
  12. Well it is very simple and they better watch out. Bethesda is finding itself in a class action lawsuit as of now for their game and not providing what they said. Pa said to share pics and videos now we are in trouble for it.
  13. The festa event will reveal the 17th character next month. Lets hope it also is either start of game or reveal date.
  14. Holy crap thank you all so much for responce!!!!!!!!!
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