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  1. Region: Velia Server: problem persists on all servers. Bug Description: I purchased house 2-1 in velia and am now unable to enter it. I assigned it as storage after purchase. I was able to enter the house once immediately after purchase. Since then, there is not even an option to enter the house, only to visit others. I can still see "Velia 2-1(Storage)" written above the door but the game doesn't seem to recognize that I own the property. This is confirmed when visiting Shiel the marketplace director who insists that owning a home us a necessity. Repeatable: unknown.
  2. I have completed the necessary steps for the quest "The Report on the Stone Chamber" but can't actually complete the quest. The quest menu displays the quest with a red check mark as If completed but the quest tracker on the HUD says to check the quest window. When checking the window it says to inform princess jarette. When visiting jarette she just offers a small bit of dialogue and no options for completing the quest. Region:NA Server: Serendia Bug description:Quest bug Repeatable:Unknown Solved: Having checked everywhere a few times I noticed something that said "target: Roig Mills". There are many other things that reference returning to jarette and this is the only thing I saw mentioning Roig. It's just not very straightforward.
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