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  1. **Update** Gained a few new players to the game, and managed to get +2 to Gathering Guild Buff. Still Open to new or experience players looking to for a chill guild to just get on and play but grow a group of players to look after each other. Add Maestre to in game friends or XBOX: RunoGaming for an invite.
  2. <UNITE> recently created, from the original PC Launch. We have formed from 2 friends, just want to play the game. We have no requirements and just want members who want to hang out and enjoy the game. We have no interest in Node Wars or ganking players with PvP. We just want members that want to chat and play. We have 3 years knowledge of the game and will keep mission u[ when members want them to help gain the guild more money, so in turn, we can pay you more with your daily pay. Leave a message here if you want to talk or message me in game Family name: Maestre
  3. This is an image of gear upgrades the community created back on PC launch which showed gear progression for each launch class, this progressed with upgrades once Mediah and Valencia launched too. This is a nice start guide for new players to help learn how gear progresses. You will learn more about gear as you play, but most has already been worked out as BiS as we have PC to follow. Hope this helps.
  4. Family name: maestre Unable to continue as stuck at the door. Don't have the item to port back up.
  5. When talking to a village by the door with the bar maid talking to him. There is knowledge to be gained by trading Dark Beer and energy. Terms of trade , ask about the farm people in balanos. Get a pop up saying "what story do you want to hear?" With a list of options but can't select it to scroll through it.when exit out of the conversation it stays up on screen and can't close it. I had to log out and in to remove it.