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  1. I guess I'll have the game install over night then, thanks. --Momentai :3
  2. I used to boot up the game to check however I've since uninstalled so I could use the HD space for games that don't take half a year to fix something so stupidly simple, anyway it'd be nice to know if it's worth downloading the game again. --Momentai :3
  3. No Shai can't use wagons and I've been crying about it on Calpheon 3 since the class was released, and always was met with the same BS "it'll come with horses just be patient". Well here we are I can ride horses and yet STILL can't use my damned wagons.
  4. I was catching gold colored fish with my Shai when I found a spot with seagulls out on my fishing boat. --Momentai :3
  5. I feel your pain, I've been waiting for a fix since the class released and all I've been shown is that the devs can't even be bothered to switch on a feature that works for every other class just fine. Oh but we did get a whole new class, one with an awakening at that... and another region hahaha. --Momentai :3
  6. My wagons have also started taking shortcuts through enemy infested areas, might be related. --Momentai :3
  7. I'm not really taking the game seriously until Tamer is released, until then I'm just messing about with classes I've no experience with. --Momentai :3
  8. I finally bothered getting to 50 on my Lahn, aside from that I just run my trade cart around. As for my gear it's mostly +15 now, Rosar weapons, luck armor of fortuna with talis boots. Same thing I used on my Tamer on PC. --Momentai :3
  9. Shouldn't be that hard, click the A button over someones name in chat and it'll bring up a short menu with various options like block, report, open GT... Any game with text based chat should have something like that. --Momentai :3
  10. I'd love the pre-remaster version as an option, used to run that on my pc at max settings with an FX 4100 cpu and a 760 GTX gpu. Ah good times... and I'd bet my og xbox one could run that version without stuttering constantly.
  11. Exactly how I feel. --Momentai :3
  12. Wait until Tamer is released, that's where things are going to get both terrifyingly bad and sometimes hilarious. Personally I've just turned chat off. --Momentai :3
  13. I see what you did there haha. --Momentai ;3
  14. So long as the dynamic lighting effect is being used I'm happy with things as is, maybe even a little brighter. Actually what I want is some god dang graphical options, now that would be awesome. --Momentai :3
  15. 12GB of HD space, I close any app or game when I'm done with it, and I constantly clear my cache. Haven't gotten the warning since the crash occurred, might have been a one time thing. Even so it could end up being a problem. --Momentai :3
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