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  1. Drifter667

    Can Shai catch blue grade or higher fish?

    I was catching gold colored fish with my Shai when I found a spot with seagulls out on my fishing boat. --Momentai :3
  2. Drifter667

    Cant mount my wagen there no option

    I feel your pain, I've been waiting for a fix since the class released and all I've been shown is that the devs can't even be bothered to switch on a feature that works for every other class just fine. Oh but we did get a whole new class, one with an awakening at that... and another region hahaha. --Momentai :3
  3. Drifter667

    Setting Waypoints is messed up!!!

    My wagons have also started taking shortcuts through enemy infested areas, might be related. --Momentai :3
  4. Drifter667

    Awakening - Rerolling or Keeping Main?

    I'm not really taking the game seriously until Tamer is released, until then I'm just messing about with classes I've no experience with. --Momentai :3
  5. Drifter667

    How is your Character Progression?

    I finally bothered getting to 50 on my Lahn, aside from that I just run my trade cart around. As for my gear it's mostly +15 now, Rosar weapons, luck armor of fortuna with talis boots. Same thing I used on my Tamer on PC. --Momentai :3
  6. Drifter667

    Please add block from chat

    Shouldn't be that hard, click the A button over someones name in chat and it'll bring up a short menu with various options like block, report, open GT... Any game with text based chat should have something like that. --Momentai :3
  7. Drifter667

    Graphical Options (mainly Blur and Bloom)

    I'd love the pre-remaster version as an option, used to run that on my pc at max settings with an FX 4100 cpu and a 760 GTX gpu. Ah good times... and I'd bet my og xbox one could run that version without stuttering constantly.
  8. Drifter667

    Fluctuating brightness

    Exactly how I feel. --Momentai :3
  9. Drifter667

    Cm shirna you need gm on the servers to monitor chat

    Wait until Tamer is released, that's where things are going to get both terrifyingly bad and sometimes hilarious. Personally I've just turned chat off. --Momentai :3
  10. Drifter667

    Can we get darker nights please?

    I see what you did there haha. --Momentai ;3
  11. Drifter667

    Can we get darker nights please?

    So long as the dynamic lighting effect is being used I'm happy with things as is, maybe even a little brighter. Actually what I want is some god dang graphical options, now that would be awesome. --Momentai :3
  12. Drifter667

    Xbox One low resources

    12GB of HD space, I close any app or game when I'm done with it, and I constantly clear my cache. Haven't gotten the warning since the crash occurred, might have been a one time thing. Even so it could end up being a problem. --Momentai :3
  13. Drifter667

    Xbox One low resources

    No it's not. As long as the game is advertised for my console it needs to work, that or the devs need to make it clear that older Xbox consoles are not supported. --Momentai ;3
  14. Drifter667

    Xbox One low resources

    My console just popped up a warning that it was running low on system resources and that I should restart or risk poor performance. Console is an old Xbox One from before the slim, if the message appears again I'll try to remember to snap a shot of it with my phone. The game didn't crash or anything, the system just seems to be worried or something. --Momentai :3 Edit: just appeared again. Edit2: Game finally buzz crashed back to dashboard.
  15. Drifter667

    Karma Should Be Removed

    So the OP goes and attacks players who probably had no interest in fighting other players and just wanted to grind, goes red, and then goes and tries to grind him/her self and has the same thing happen to him/her? Well to me it sounds like KARMA! Haha, oh I'm bad... sorry I'll get my coat and be on my way. --Momentai :3