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  1. I have to agree with you. A lot of it is unfair and non open minded biased bs on MS end of things. However theyhave other games that show the same thing. So they realy cant sit there and complain about this. It all boils down to the MS is old fashioned prudes that are being over protective. As you said its 2018 not the dark ages and children start picking up on what cleavage is earlier and earlier. Un closing its up to the parents realy to decide what the kid should be viewing. Suffice to say if MS forces change on the costumes o forces some form of censorship. Then I will not support black desert on the xbox and will go back to pc
  2. Im sure it will be releatively soon the launch id say the latest buy December. Only thing I dont like is the fact they remain silent on it. As said Above the beta went smooth. A few quest jam ups. Issue with the camera and the beauty section not working as it should. It shouldn't take long to fix these issues including the 4k settings. Im guessing probley sometime after thanksgiving / early December. Time will tell.
  3. Thats is the most likely case scenario of what happend
  4. Going to be honest here. My thoughts are that screenshot is in no way vulgar or lewd in any way shape or form. If Microsoft gets offended over that. Then there is a problem. Lets talk some facts here. Looking at GTA 5 theres a full on scene where a charachter is having sex in the scene. And you the player are peeping on that charachter. There are also much worse games that have come out that have far worse revealing content or sexual content. Just look at mass effect for example. But yet Microsoft allows those yet when it comes to your screenshot its offensive. Seems to me Microsoft is two faced to its approach with games and the content it allows. This has me concerned for many reasons. 1 it could mean that Microsoft will force censorship and the complete redesign of costumes. 2. It could mean that Microsoft royaly screws this deal up with pearl abyss buy attempting what I mentiond above. And in closing if it indeed falls through befor the game is even launched. Then it means no Black desert on the xbox.
  5. Ok folks everyone so far has had this issue. Its ont he main page under news as well. What was supposed to be a 200 MB update. Bugged out and basically reinstalled the whole game. There is another thread on this same issue. They arte currently investigating why this happened and will be fixing this as well. The update was supposed to fix the camera issue. Agian it bugged out.
  6. I can agree the beta is good so far. For me the brightness isn't to bad. It is however understandable if its to bright for some players. I would say it might come down to adjusting your tv settings a bit. But in the case that it isn't your tv. Id definatly say a happy medium needs to be met there. The movement controls for the most part there fine. The only problem I had was the camera going out of wack when fighting. I belive a fix is coming for that tommoro. But having played with sensitivity settings it isn't as bad. for some this may not have fixed the issue though. I disagree with 1st / 3rd person controls however. This isn't an action adventure game. Its firstly an mmo and most mmos are generaly in third person. I will say however that the camera itself should be controlled buy the right stick the charachter buy the left stick. No need for a first person option. Crafting dont be to worried about yet. There will be plenty of that when the full game comes. As for my only other issue. Is the fact that the charachter editor isn't working when it clearly is accessible in the beta
  7. Greetings all has anyone been able to successfully change there charachter appearence in the beta at all. Ive attempted it multiple times but get a message this buff does not exist.
  8. I ran into this issue as well. but I notice that my camera isn't going out of wack when attacking mobs now. It may have been a fix for the camera issue
  9. aye many are affected buy this take a look at the other thread op
  10. Theblack spirt has been giving me quests fine. The only quest I ran into a problem was with a worried resolve theres a thread on the forums already if you have run into the problem with that quest already
  11. Just ran into the same problem. Understand that this is a beta but. why in the hell would you block off an area when making receiving the quest in an area that's no longer accessible? kind of a dumb design philosophy to do. Would appreciate a fix asap
  12. Of course you do but as you said on pc. On pc you need to have purchased an appearence change coupon from the cash shop. However this is the xbox beta we are talking about. The fact its in the game but when you go to change your appearence it states this buff does not exist. If the feature was unavailable for beta it should have been mentioned befor the beta even started. However since you can clearly access the Beauty menu then why wouldent we be able to access it during the beta?
  13. Just tried using it agian this morning I understand how frusterated you must be aswell. My question is why add in the feature to the beta if its unuseable. I understand its beta testing and a stress test of the serversas well as a means of finding bugs glitches and other faults with the game befor launch. But in all seriousness even if its a beta when you implement a feature such as appearence changes it should be useable even in beta
  14. Didn't no where to mention this but I relize the game is still in beta however the beauty menu though its showing as accessible when I go to change my charachters appearence. I keep getting the message everytime I apply the changes this buff does not exist. Is this intentional. Or can this be fixed befor the beta is over?
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