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  1. Obv I want to hide it from window, not totally close. At least like this if there are notification or server messages them would appear on top of the screen like they do now. But without all the crowding place in the left quarter of the screen.
  2. I would like at least to set the chat only to party messages, but it put all in the same board and add them only with another colour in the same server chat as well. At least have different chambers for party or clan/guild.
  3. I would like to know if my carachters and progression on game in the beta will be transferred by account cloud within the final released game as well or we will restart from zero? 🤔
  4. Me too, I could like pheraps if there is an option to shut down when you don't want to read. I done too a post if you like to (y)
  5. please, if somebody wants to play SOLO doesn't mean I constantly have to read the server chat menu and I cannot shut it down or not view it. I would like to play the game instead of whatching all the blurb phrases coming out from all over the people of the servers. It would be much more immersive if you could only have an option to switch off it. And then, when you need it, open it and talk to whom you want. I WANT TO PLAY THE GAME NOT CHATTING WHEN I DONT WANNA! 😭
  6. WE ARE LOOKING FOR ITALIAN OR ENGLISH PLAYERS. We are new in the world of BDO and liked it very much with beta, we think to stay grinding this few days, and after going to buy the game. If anyone would like to join feel free to message me on Xbox with the gamertag of this forum. We could know each other better and get friends! CIAOOO! 💃🏼
  7. I cannot, after create a party where I am the leader, log out and let host the leader to someone else of my choice. If I go away and logout, the party got dismantled. Another thing is if could be emprovement the invite in a party mode, without requesting out loud on the menu party. If I want to create a party and let join only the friends I CHOOSE on the friend list, could be possible to have a button, like a "invite to guild/clan". It could be very very useful to not create every time a chamber on the menu party screen and ask your friends to join and search for it.. better if you can invite them!
  8. Me too, I wanted to change my hair and clothes, error: this staff does not exist! And can't change anything.
  9. I issued a little bug that was getting frustrating to create the body I want (particularly hands and face) because the blue part on the body doesn't seem to go where I would like to. If I choose to move from the hands to the nails I can't and it is really difficult. I suggest to fix this little thing because got me frustrated to do all again a few times because they lock at random moments and got into unnatural poses.
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