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  1. Not sure if its just me or does Wrath of Beast not cast when upgraded to Ire of beast? Everytime i try to use it, there is a notification pop-up that says cannot cast skill because the skill has been upgraded. Has anybody else tried this skill and is not having a problem with it?
  2. played WA and Zerk in BETA and i can't pick between the two but i'll be starting off with a Zerk Where are all the zerk bois at? let's bash some heads in on release lol!! can't wait to start play already hehehehe
  3. Hello all! I’m Kenji, played the beta and lemme tell you, this game will blow your mind! Cannot wait for the official release! Been looking for a game of this caliber and i found it. Thanks Pearl Abyss for making it available for Console! Looking forward to meeting you all in game! 👍🤟🏽
  4. People have already cast their vote. besides, it's what were gonna say when either parties win. oh well.🤷‍♂️
  5. Easy. PK them. if they're stronger than you, then too bad.😈
  6. Kenji

    Skill Tree

    I agree, Its not confusing as you say it is but having an actual skill tree that was already available on the pc wont hurt either. I don't know why they would change it up so dramatically. +1 Edit: I am not a pc player @Jammer480 lol
  7. Yes this would be great. +1!
  8. Cool! since most people on Xbox are playing this game for the first time, it would help them to navigate and utilize the path-finding feature of BDO. Like yesterday for the Kzarka event, people were flooding the chat box asking where the Shrine is....
  9. You can already use a keyboard to play BTW just no mouse. GL with that... The precision of the mouse vs the Stick, its just not right for the console.
  10. Maybe add “Hold Y” for bulk collect and press once for individual looting.
  11. Would be nice to have some kind of location sharing even just for parties and/or guildies to locate each other. the drop pins on the map seem to move with the camera as you pan around the world map interface which makes it hard to locate your partner sometimes. Also for some reason they are always next to each other even though you and your partner are towns away from each other.
  12. A way to change chat from Server chat to w/e you prefer, Yes! Or, minimize the chat box that would be swell. But maybe they did it this way because IT IS the beta. i'm sure they have that figured out and will apply those on official release. Hopefully.
  13. but that beats the purpose of having the ring menu does it not?
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