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  1. Ayumii

    What class will you be playing

    I’m so excited for DK..my witch is just to prep for DK release lol
  2. Ayumii

    AMA recap - PA done right?

    It’s not extra at all. If you were to go buy the game on pc right now your first character would start off with 300 or so weight and 24 inventory slots.. it’s actually kinda crappy for them to act like they are giving us extra when they really aren’t at all, but that’s just my opinion.
  3. Ayumii

    AMA recap - PA done right?

    There’s a website that shows most of the outfits and costumes and the weapons with that outfit, it used to be really great but it’s kinda glitchy now..you can still view them on there. It also shows the pets and such. https://bdo.mmo-fashion.com/ninja/
  4. Ayumii

    AMA recap - PA done right?

    There’s shudad for ninja. https://www.invenglobal.com/articles/3548/the-true-beauty-of-metal-armor-shudad-classic-sets-for-musa-ninja-maewha-and-kunoichi
  5. Ayumii

    before i preorder...

    I’m guessing twitch, but on the recap of the ama they said there will be a livestream this week sometime
  6. Ayumii

    before i preorder...

    They will be doing a livestream this week sometime, I would tune into it to see the new brightness and such!
  7. Ayumii

    AMA recap - PA done right?

    Yeah was thinking about it since they are Account bound, just don’t want to buy $50 of weight when I won’t play that class once dk is out months later. Would just be a waste imo.
  8. Ayumii

    AMA recap - PA done right?

    Either way 300 is much better than 150. But I really don’t want to buy weight on my witch since I’m only playing her until dark knight.. might have to though
  9. Ayumii

    AMA recap - PA done right?

    I mean on pc the base weight is 300 if I’m not mistaken so, unless they are giving us a 300lt pack then it’s the same as pc.
  10. Ayumii

    Dark Knight

    If anyone ever wants to see a high ap dk I’d suggest WishfulBDO on twitch. Is a 286 DK. Too bad her damage is bugged right now in pvp 😢
  11. The cap will be 55 at launch. Was confirmed in the discord by a CM.
  12. Ayumii

    Dark Knight

    Id@xbox games don’t have to pay for updates so that’s a huge bonus
  13. Ayumii

    Dark Knight

    I hope it goes the same way but we will see hopefully when the roadmap comes out
  14. Ayumii

    Dark Knight

    No it was released within 6 months on the sea servers. So I’d say 6-8 months after Xbox release!
  15. Ayumii

    Classes available at launch?

    Mystic isn’t a launch class. Classes that are available are Witch, Wizard, warrior, berserker, sorceress and ranger.