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  1. Ayumii

    Is it possible?

    Renown was actually removed today in the global test server so that should be coming soon. Also the option to extract caphras in tri-pen gear
  2. Ayumii

    Might sell xbox one

    Path of exile
  3. Ayumii

    Release date

    yeah December is just starting but Xbox will also be out of office for holidays that is about 3 weeks away. The community just wants to know if it’s been delayed but from the looks of it we won’t get anything just like the last few times. They had good communication during the beta but it’s went right back to how it was before that, disappointing. I’m still hoping that the dev note Simon has been working on will mention release but I’m very doubtful at the same time.
  4. Ayumii

    Release date

    Exactly some of us have been patient since March of 2017 when it was announced on twitter and then most since e3 of 2017. They never give notice for delays until after the release windows have already happened.
  5. Ayumii

    Lets have a race!

  6. Ayumii

    Open Letter to Pearl Abyss

    If we could just preorder and have a set release date even if it was next year I feel a lot of people would be so happy and hyped. All I want is a solid date and not just randomly put up on the store. I was talking about this last night with a few friends it’s cutting it so close I don’t see it happening, especially since we already received our news this week. I know Simon said he has a dev note planned maybe that will come next week and have some information about release. But that’s just me being hopeful..
  7. Ayumii

    Open Letter to Pearl Abyss

    I would like to be optimistic about the game launching this year but with the time frame we have left it’s cutting it close for sure. Xbox takes off in December for holidays, so they would have around 3 weeks to get the game out. We’ve had no signs of a release and they have done this in the past with previous release windows..it’s always last minute and they tell us it’s been delayed or they dont even tell us at all. Now don’t get me wrong I really appreciate all the hard work that has been put into this game and it clearly showed in the beta and the beta changes video that they have been really busy, but after waiting for almost two years and still no information on release at all is kinda concerning. At this point I’m hoping for a January launch how SEA had last year.
  8. Ayumii

    Everyones goals for BDX?

    I want the doom horse coming to KR this week..and a unicorn.
  9. Ayumii

    Black Desert When

    Simon already said they aren’t attending this. He said they might be mentioned but he doesn’t know.
  10. Ayumii

    Black Desert Festa

    Well it’s still good to see what’s to come to the game so I’m still excited!
  11. Ayumii

    Black Desert Festa

    Not sure if the Xbox version will be mentioned but, the black desert festa event is happening on December 1st. They have a bunch of stuff they are talking about like enhancement revamp, vell revamped, art lifeskill, and the new region odilita and the doom horse etc. I’ll link the post below for everyone! Maybe we could possibly see Xbox here but I seriously doubt it. https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/black-desert-festa-2018.333333/
  12. Ayumii

    Starting classes?

    Yeah it shouldn’t be too long it took 5 months for all classes to be released on sea and up to Valencia. And they have said our updates will come faster than pc so I’m hoping we will have similar updates to sea. The game launched on January 17th and you could get a week of early access if you bought the most expensive pack and dk striker and mystic were released on May 17th so exactly 5 months after launch and their awakening came shortly after as well.
  13. Ayumii

    Starting classes?

    On sea servers it went tamer, ninja, kuno, valk, musa, maehwa, then dk striker and mystic all dropped on the same day. Dk will be before striker or the same time.
  14. Ayumii

    Starting classes?

    Simon said in discord launch classes are the beta classes. But like I said they could change their mind. But we will most likely see them in updates shortly after.
  15. Ayumii

    Starting classes?

    Beta classes others will follow in updates. Unless they change their mind and add more. But as of now just the beta classes