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  1. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Release Schedule

    I guess they are going to gamescom, they put on Facebook a gif saying the black spirit needs a vacation and pax doesn’t start till the end of the month gamescom is next week
  2. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Release Schedule

    https://forums.playblackdesert.com/index.php?/topic/433-roadmap/ Already asked this. Didn’t get answered
  3. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Hopefully Fall means September.

    They are going to pax at the end of this month.
  4. Ayumii_Katsumii

    BD for new players and endgame

    No people are just babies and want easy gear. People will leave because of the grind because in order to enhance you have to grind the silver.
  5. Ayumii_Katsumii

    NA / EU or Merged

    Seeing as how when you go to register for beta now they ask NA or EU probably separate.
  6. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Remastered stream

    Tbh it’s probably done. They stuff they shown in the remaster showcase was from what we’ve already been seeing on the Xbox videos... like the e3 trailer. There were a few more things that we’ve already seen as well. I’m hoping since the remastered stuff is done now our game will come out sooner than later now. Seems like we’ve been waiting for our game because of this and other reasons of course. But pc is getting the new UI that we’ve been told they had to redo for console. Also here’s a link to them announcing the remastered graphics at gamescom last year. https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/pearl-abysss-q-a-from-gamescon.47302/
  7. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Remastered stream

    This was announced a year ago for Xbox. We will get this update at launch. Simon confirmed that on twitter
  8. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Remastered stream

    @[CM] Simon will we have an option to use the older graphics instead of remastered? I know streamers are saying it’s very intensive.
  9. Ayumii_Katsumii


    So on the remastered showcase they used the trailer from E3. Was that trailer of actual Xbox footage or just ripped from the pc version?! @[CM] Simon
  10. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Remastered stream

    The remastered stream will be starting in 50 minutes if anyone wants to watch. https://www.twitch.tv/blackdesertonlineofficial
  11. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Beta Email Clarification

    It says IF you are under 13
  12. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Xbox Beta Applications

    The email is for you to reply to if you are not older than 13, if you aren’t 13 they cannot keep your personal data in their system. That’s what I took from it.
  13. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Privacy email sent incorrectly

    No it’s saying If you’re under 13 to reply so they can remove your data from their system. That’s how I took it at least. You’re fine man
  14. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Button Mapping on XBOX - With the Power of 2

    Maybe instead of just having demos at gaming conventions actually give us players on console something so you can get proper feedback! We’ve been waiting over a year have gotten nothing at all!
  15. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Yo Simon AFK life skills?

    @[CM] Simon would love to know why this topic is still being discussed when the game is supposedly releasing this year. People are very doubtful now but once again the communities concerns clearly don’t matter as long as the people at gaming conventions are happy..maybe give some answers to the people who have been waiting since 2017...and we’ve been waiting patiently. Instead of the worst answers possible that just raises more questions. Like why rework the story now? And also why is that just beginning?