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  1. What We're up to

    Lol I don’t think that will happen, but yes some of us are vampires 😂
  2. What We're up to

    E3 is like two weeks away..hopefully we get something good as we’ve been very patient for a year now. Thanks for the update though
  3. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    I doubt it will hurt them, the place they are having the presentation at is right next to the e3 venue. I know Nintendo have used the same venue in the past at e3
  4. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    No but I know they have a booth at e3. It’s on the e3 website with their floor plan. They are in the concourse hall. It’s confusing though because Microsoft doesn’t even have a floor at the e3 venue. I heard they are having their show at the Microsoft theater this year. Hopefully they have a trailer like last year during the Xbox show and a release date at the end of it. And then the meet and greet to discuss anything
  5. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    The Xbox briefing is on the 10th so only 14 days away
  6. Black Desert rated by ESRB

    Didn’t they say it was launching in NA/EU this year during the press conference? I hope it launches in more so everyone can play who’s been waiting.
  7. Plain and simple, just let me know when released

    We’ve had one dev note In a year...there was literally no information about this game for like 4+ months. They haven’t done a great job at communicating with their community, or promoting the game either. Hopefully we get a lot of information at e3 this year.
  8. E3

    Yeah I hope so, it’d be kinda a waste to travel all the way to Los Angeles for just a meet and greet. Hopefully on June 10th during the Xbox briefing they will have a trailer or something like last year
  9. E3

    I mean not necessarily. They never mentioned they would give a release date at e3.
  10. E3

    https://www.facebook.com/Pearl.Abyss.Black.Desert/posts/1800421139979935 i wonder if they will have an actual presentation during the e3 showing or a trailer during the Xbox briefing? @[CM] Simon can you share any details on this please
  11. Yeah that’s exactly what I meant. If they show it at e3 they will get a ton of players for the first few months which means a ton of revenue.
  12. I’m talking about the people who don’t know anything about this game and will play for 2-4 weeks and quit. Hence the reason I said the casual audience because that’s how all games work. Your starting population will die. The hype from anything at e3 will bring a lot of people back that had seen it last year and stopped caring or forgotten about it. And honestly to the whole you can’t play casually sure you could. Will you enjoy it as much? Probably not. Can you still play the game sure. All depends on how said person approaches the game. I have plenty of friends that don’t care about siege and they just enjoy the world of BDO. And vice versa. It’s just preference.
  13. Yeah I hope the same. If they would present at e3 and give a release date they’d get the hype back up from all the casual audience who have probably forgotten about the Game from last years e3.
  14. I mean we have to wait no matter what, but them ignoring our concerns for a whole year? Like cmon no one can be happy about that. Look at how little information they’ve given to their community...
  15. It’s frustrating that’s we have been waiting for almost a year now and not a single one of our questions can be answered. I understand some stuff can’t be answered, but it feels like pearl abyss doesn’t even care to address our concerns at times.