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  1. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Twitchcon 2018

    Kakao is a sponsor probably because they are hosting a tournament there worth like $10,000 and they are showing off the new region and new male archer and some more stuff as well. But pearl abyss is also an exhibitor there so I’d expect gameplay and a recap when they return. they did say the Xbox and mobile version will be there to play. I doubt a beta announcement will happen. Probably not till November now. Unless we’re pleasantly surprised.
  2. Ayumii_Katsumii

    A message to Pearl Abyss

    If you want to talk about silence let’s go back to this time last year.. after pax Australia we heard nothing until the beginning of this year..hopefully it doesn’t happen again. Maybe we will get news at twitch con but I’m very doubtful.
  3. Ayumii_Katsumii

    What is your Gamertag?

    Ayumii Katsumii
  4. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Twitchcon 2018

    Just seen this, male archer and black desert for Xbox and the 3v3 tournament...I’m excited lol
  5. Ayumii_Katsumii

    First major purchase?

    Will probably save the majority of my silver till awakening is out. Then depending on how quickly I get a box I’ll decide if I want to buy a sorceress weapon or not. Kinda just depends on when we get content for myself.
  6. Would be nice to know if anything has changed or if this is still the plan. @[CM] Simon
  7. Hopefully this year. @[CM] Simon hasn’t given any details yet so we have no clue if it has been delayed again. Hopefully not.
  8. Wizard is the male counterpart for witch. Basically the same few differences. Classes that have a male and female version are: musa/maehwa, Ninja/kunoichi, and striker/mystic, wizard/witch. The rest don’t have a male and female version. The male archer is coming out this winter but he looks very different than ranger, we will see more of him at twitch con in a few weeks
  9. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Young Wiz

  10. Ayumii_Katsumii

    More silence

    It does on every other version of BDO so why wouldn’t it? You can gift stuff on Xbox, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work that way.
  11. Ayumii_Katsumii

    More silence

    I think it’ll be $30 the cheapest and then go up depending on what pack you buy. Well probably get the $30 pc version as our lowest option but that kinda sucks for gifting the game to get the polar bear pet. So I’d like to see a cheaper option in the future for $10 for that reason alone
  12. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Wizard combat video

    Probably next week. We should get something Thursday but going off of the past few weeks it’s been video, then dev note. So possibly this week if they don’t do the dev note.
  13. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Wizard combat video

    They are both top tier in large scale but it just really comes to preference. Witch has more range and one less SA. Wizard has a grab and his 100% is better, there’s other stuff to but I don’t feel like posting everything. Wizardjust has to be in the middle of the fight as to where witch can position herself outside of the group and do her damage. Either way both are great in siege and node war and great grinding classes. And seeing as awakening won’t be in the game at launch it isn’t even going to matter much for awhile.
  14. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Wizard combat video

    If you think witch is good at 1v1 I’d like to play that version of BDO. Streamers will tell you she is one of the worst duelist classes in the game. But why does it even matter just play what you like and you’ll be fine. https://clips.twitch.tv/NaiveGlamorousPotSoonerLater
  15. Ayumii_Katsumii

    Twitch Streamer

    I don’t stream very often as of now, but once black desert comes out I plan to stream a lot more, at least through the week and on Saturday once we get siege. If you want follow and come hangout once the game drops. Everyone is welcomed as long as you’re friendly! ☺️ https://twitch.tv/ayumii_katsumii