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  1. It’s seems quest are moving ok once that cron quest got a fix....but none are showing complete. Might be because “a worry resolved” shows not complete....and it messed up the rest. I have attached two images to show lack of completion, but what quest I am actually working on atm.
  2. Sent message on Xbox would love to join (whitefire77 is the Xbox tag)
  3. Logged on today and his name tag dropped. So either I was really unlucky yesterday....or it fixed lol
  4. Not 100% it is a bug....but the Name tag for Ryan has not dropped for me. I even removed the quest and restarted...same thing. I leveled at least twice just killing everything hoping I would get it....still nothing. If I am missing something, then the quest does not make that clear.
  5. The Hold "Y" makes sense for interaction (it is tied to more then just looting). You have options you can scroll though, then hold to select. Same idea, but the only option is looting. Thus I would not want it removed because the idea works well with the rest of the game. The nice thing is, it sound like pets will resolve this issue......I just hope they do not cost and arm and a leg on console. The game seems fun, and would hate for the "greed" factor to take that away.
  6. same issue for me....he gone and I am stuck
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