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  1. Doesn't work for me either. NA/C2 server/Xbox X
  2. Family Name: Fierce Region: NA Link: https://twitter.com/CunningGal28/status/1188048247371304961?s=20
  3. You can search for npcs by opening map, press down on dpad. Select npc (RT) and it will autopath to closest npc. (XBOX)
  4. You can see the materials for armor. Select the armor and it will show the materials below it. You can mouse over each one to see what it is.
  5. They gave a free character slot coupon as a reward. Who's to say they won't do it again but really... How many characters can one play at a time. Eso is the same way. Not a big deal imo...
  6. I've been getting this on my Xbox One X for at least a month. Has nothing to do with the update. Contacted Microsoft and they thought it was a security issue but alas it is still doing it (although it stopped for about a week). Glad to know my xbox isn't broken as I was getting worried. I've cleared cache, restored xbox (kept games), deleted save file for bdx, and done the security fix Microsoft told me to do (add additional email under security tab). It hasn't happened since deleting the save file yesterday so here's to hoping...
  7. It came up for me that it started at 5pm EDT (2pm pdt) today but so confused because according to notice it should start at 10 eastern.
  8. It was either Saturday or Sunday when I took the video and I just received the email yesterday and that's the date of the action from Microsoft. I never got shared it anywhere either because it wouldn't let me. I would check your email or check http://enforcement.xbox.com
  9. I had the same thing happen and didn't know it until after reading these posts and checking my email. There was nothing wrong with my upload either. It was a video of a horse crash. Anyone that took a screenshot or a video more than likely has received an email from the enforcement division of xbox. You should check your email.
  10. OMG after reading this I checked and I received an email too. The only thing I did with bdo is upload a funny video of a horse crash. This is really crazy and really needs to be checked into.
  11. I experienced pop ins but I guess I'm used to it from eso which also has loading screens so I'll take bdo every day. I did have a few times as I was traveling it would stop and load first but it wasn't often. This was on xbox one x.
  12. You would just greet them. Doing it multiple times increased amity. It's on the ring when you approach the npc. Pressing Y changed the interaction to greet.
  13. I had this same issue but I'm not sure it was at the same place. The npc was fishing and it was near the horse icon above Velia. I eventually had to swim and while swimming I would glitch. I explored a bit and found the purple pirate chests. Trying to get back to Velia or anywhere else was gonna take forever with the swimming issues so I had to finally use the rescue button in menu.
  14. Same happened to me as Rush above several times. It would take hours to finally get into the game. I tried restarting xbox but nothing helped. I also had trouble when switching servers and would be disconnected which led to the above all over again. I started having the first issue during day 2 of the beta I believe. I got disconnected during the evening milking event and started having these problems. I would also get a black screen instead of the main screen. I would have to go to my home screen and quit bdo from there and then restart.
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